The Crumpled Piece of Paper

My friend, Jon, on Facebook sent me this picture, and writing which I had to share here. It is an amazing lesson for a teacher to teach on bullying. I’m not sure who the author is, so I can’t give credit, but would like to find out who created it. Anyone know?

13 thoughts on “The Crumpled Piece of Paper

  1. I too love this powerful simple reminder of the impact of bullying. I will never forget what it felt like to be an outsider and socially ostracized in grades 7-11 because I looked different from everyone else. When I give my anti-bullying program I invite a student to crumple the paper.

  2. This blog is more evidence that bullying is a national tragedy affecting young people across America.

    We all need to take action against the source of bullying and let kids, parents, teachers, principals and politicians know that bullying is NOT okay. We all need to do something to make a difference.

    An amazing young singer-songwriter named Becca Levy is doing just that.

    She has started a music based anti bullying group called Right Now.

    Here’s a link to her video for a cover of “Right Now” by Van Halen. The purpose of the video is to promote awareness to kids using both music and the Internet. The video begins with a public service announcement and is full of statistics that people of all ages need to see.

    Becca lives in Washington, D.C. and just turned sixteen years old.

  3. I do this activity with my 4th graders every year but I use a large heart cut out of red construction paper. After we try to flatten it out I hang it up in the front of the room as a reminder.

  4. why does bulling happen well the bully thinks it is ok to make the other person feel bad so that gives them a reason to be mean to you becasue they think it is ok…

  5. You can do this with a dollar bill instead of paper. At the end, remind the kids that the wrinkled dollar is worth just as much and is just as important as a crisp dollar.

  6. My child’s 3rd-grade teacher just did this with portraits the children – including mine – worked on for a WEEK beforehand. DO NOT do this with portraits, please, I implore you. Dollars, hearts, I can live with that – although I have problems with the message children will get that if THEY are the ones being bullied, they will never be whole again.

    Here’s the story of how it affected my daughter:

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