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I started this blog/website with the idea of sharing my personal stories about the years that I was bullied in order to both release them from my subconscious and help others who feel that they are alone in their struggle with bullying to know that:

  1. They are not alone
  2. There are many of us out there who have shared experiences
  3. That it can and will get better if you let it and seek help from friends, family, and support groups around you
  4. That you can turn around these negative times into something that gives you strength as you become an adult
  5. That we should all work to stop these things from happening in the future

In time, the website has grown to share more news and information about those who are working to help victims of bullying and also bullying stories that are going on in the news today.

While I sometimes think that I have told all my stories, I do find that some come back to me that I haven’t shared. I will continue to share them with you in the hopes that they offer some comfort and knowledge that many others, including myself, have gone through these bad times and come out OK.

You can start to read my personal stories by clicking on one of the links below. That will take you quickly to that story. I will add more to this page as I write a new one. ~Alan Eisenberg

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These are my stories, but I also publish stories authored by anyone that wishes to submit their story to me. Many other people have shared their personal stories as well and you can see them all by CLICKING HERE. Please follow these guidelines and standards if you wish to publish your story on this website:

  • Your story can be any length you want it to be.
  • You should write for a wide range audience from children 10 to adults.
  • Do not use foul language or sexual references directly. On this note, I understand and have received letters from people who feel strongly about foul language making a point. I think things can be said strongly without the use and don’t want to limit who can read the site due to it. I have published stories about rape, but asked the author to tone down the direct descriptions. I think it fair to be totally honest in your story, but also allow for it to be read. It doesn’t have to be G-Rated, but I ask that it be accessible to all age groups so it can do the most good.
  • No first and last names of bullies or others in your story. First names only are fine.

Please submit your story to me at email address: Please include how you would like your name to appear (ie – First name only, first and last name, name withheld) and I will post it. If you follow the guidelines above, it will not be edited prior to publication. Thank you.

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    1 day at school 1 of my guy friends Hudson got my bagpack and threw it on the floor. . .i dont know why!!! it was early in the morning,and i had no idea, he came to the basketball court and he said to me ” I tried to steal your bagpack but it was so damn heavy” i remeber his exact words. he wasnt a bully AT ALL. he was a good friend of mine. Until the 1st bell rang andi went infront of my class,i saw a bunch of 8th grader boys (i was in 6th grade wen i happend)around my class room, i ignored them.when i got closer, i saw them around my bagpack. i got closer and i saw the guy taking EVERYTHING out of my bagpack they found personal stuff and they were making fun of it ,i got so mad i punched the guy in the face he fell down.i got my stuff and i came in the corner and i started crying my eyes out, my best friend was there with me, she helped me and tried to put my stuff bak in my bag and then they friend after my other guy friend john. he was trieng to help me but they were choking him!!!!!! they punched him adn he got beat up cus of me,i felt so bad :(:( that day i was crying the entire school. . . all of the students were around me and were comforting me. . . when i got home i told my mom everything and she got mad . . . but later on i felt better . . . what happend to hudson? he came and apologized to me. . . what was supposed to say im sure he didnt mean it. . . so i said its ok . . . the 8th greader boys got suspended oh yea becaouse EVERYTHING WAS CAUGHT ON CAMERA i was saved phew

      • i just dont understand why people turn something that was a joke into something so mean and hateful!!!!!!!!!#hateful people#

    • sad cook lady make fun of me . today got one more week of work be out of work for three month. she laught at said be happy be live on street and said wish i was never around .that i am ugly and big . cant this much of this . got flash back from my past it hit. sad depress . i am alone in florida. got no friend i feel i am ugly and dumb . dont think people like me at all. . please stop bully it hurt me and everybody else and kid that pass away and adult to .feel my bad and hurt . my old job make fun of went i walk outside . have hard time go to store i am afarid be ther to make fun of me and hurt me . thank you for listen

    • my first day util now…

      wen i entered daycare everyone had already friends i was alone the whole year but i knew kindergarden i had 2 friends they were the 2 tornado whit a shy girl who was on a corner of the class wich was 1st grade a guy named jareck started making fun of me saying that i was chinese because i have smal was like this util 3rd grade wen my 2 friends left to another school and i becamed friend whit another girl who was realy nice.jareck still called me chinese util 5th grade i told every adult that i had confidence on them but they just say that is 6th grade i was scared of everything i wanted to die and 7th grade i was happier because i made a boyfriend but my friend from 3rd grade wen to a private school so i was friendless util i made friend whit another tornado who was scared of nothing and was pretty day i though it was over until my bf left me.everything started again but whit the whole class who was laughin at me everything i say is stupid to them they laugh and make fun of me. i am in 7th grade in xmas vacation i dont want to go back to this place again!!what should i do

  2. Every day im told that 7th grade is when people are finding there place and all those things that we are told all the time. Still it was the worst year of my life. I had freinds at the begining of the year at first but then turned out to make fun of me and make me feel like crap inside I always try to ignore it but everytime it happens it kills me a little more. This happens constantly people singleing me out becuase i dont do what they do and im told im weird (im not really weird with the clothes and all its just what they call me) and it always happens at least 3 times a week. Getting betrayed by formor freinds. In fact I played baseball with a travel BB team that i knew some guys on i played a weekend tournament with them and when i came to school Tuesday with the jersey on three of the guys had made a plan to make fun of me all day. I just dont see how someone can be so cruel and to make it worse i have a super populer cousin and he just makes it worse in that case like when i give a day to sit with him i have to sufer through the ridicule just to talk to him.

    • I’m sorry this has happened to you, Bill. 7th grade was a hard time for me as well, as you can see from this website. I hope that you have someone you can talk to, either your parents, a school counselor you trust, or someone else. Remember that you are not alone and that many of us deal with bullying issues and can help you. Thank you for sharing though.

    • That’s what they told me Bill. 7th grade was h*$^ for me. I was betrayed by my best friend of 7 years and basically by all of my friends at some point, everyday I was taunted/touched/pushed from the beginning of the day (even during class in front of the teachers) from the end, my once close friends spread nasty rumors about me, my clothes were constantly stolen, I was laughed at and glared it. This lasted almost 8 months until I finally broke down. I don’t expect people to believe me because some of the things that happened to me were so abnormal and cruel…

      • Nothing you wrote seems unbelievable, Keeks. 7th grade was by far the worst year for me as well. I share those stories here in the blog. 7th Grade stories start above at: “Ryan Is My Best Friend and Worst Enemy” and end at “The Weapon: A Decision of Fear”. It was a very harsh year for me and one that I won’t soon forget.

        But that is part of life and was certainly part of my life. I could have let it drag me under, but made an effort to rise above it. There is nothing fortunate about the cruelty others show, though and I am sorry you have had to go through what you have.

        I hope you know that you are not alone in what you went through. There are many of us who have had the similar hard times with bullies.

      • u should try to not listen to them and say something nice to them and then they r going to be like wat in their head i just said something mean to u and u said something nice to me try thatthats what my teacher told me try it and if it still go on try it agin keep being nice to them u will fing a spot at ounce
        it will take time u have to belive in your self belive in your self

      • I believe. i believe everyword you say because that stuff happened to me to it was horrible i didn’t what to say or do. it was h&^$ breaking loose on me. i was also sexually abused so your not alone.

    • I know how you feel it’s not fun to be outcasted like that. And if your former friends just ditched you. They were never really your friends. You will someday make friends that will last a lifetime. Maybe these people are just at that immature state in their life right now. Best wishes to you!

      • i feel like outcasted all time . no one talk to me and fell hurt inside and hard . live in palm bay florida. my life been get hurt and my family never want be with me only my uncle . sad and ask god please help me . been watch youtube about kid being bully i cry watch it . give me flash back . like every night dream about get hit kick and knock out . it has rude me . it hard to make friend. feel sad and hurt and sad get old and no one want me . pray gold please make me understand and thank you for listen to m

    • i ounce got bullyed they use to call me names and every time i walk by they would laugh at me some of my friends too they would tell me what to wear or u should dress like this but u know what i would say i would say i like the way i dress what about u and they would say okk i ounce bullyed a kid and kids i did in the but know i regert what i did in the past just dont say anything when they say something about u i know its hard to dont say anything when they talk about u just dont thanks

      • got bully lot at my job and my brother . my job would make fun of me of my learn problem and called me name lot there were day didnt want to live it was get to much this was happen 2011 2013 i work there for 16year . thet would take contol of me and make me work for free. i was doing everybody work . then my brothess hit punch me and hurt me everyday of my life . that was happen went i was ten and 30 yearold . iwant to died i ask god that . i have never been same i think about all time and it hard to make friend because your different . went to school people make fun of me i was in emh class. didnt like school at all people would make fun of and steal my money . i am sad and alone . try to hide the pain

      • We all here know it is hard, but hopefully this site shows you that you are not alone. Never be afraid to ask for is all around you.

    • hi i get bullied too and it hurts but to get though it ignore them if not just agree of what they call you you sound like a cool kid and i bet you are dont listen to them they just do that cause they think they are cool but all they are is mean and bill god made you like that because he thinks your handsome and cool so leave them to be mean because it may have or will happen to them

    • Don’t worry In 8th your at the top of the food chain they say. 6th grade was pretty bad and 7th got a little better. Heres some tips on how you can not be bullied and how to stop it.
      Tip 1:
      Just be yourself and tell the teacher. I know I know and you should not care if people think your a snitch. This is a serious thing!
      Tip 2:
      Yeah I bet you probably heard this before but if you see someone being bullied help them. NOT like fighting just get a teacher OR you can go over them and defend them like helping them up and saying ” Get out of here and leave her/him alone’! Also you could say ” This doesn’t make you cool or funny it makes you look bad”. and who knows you can make a new friend who gets you.
      Tip 3:
      The most important thing of all do NOT listen to them!!!!
      And find people you can relate with. I’m sorry this is happening or happened to you and trust me I get what your going through.
      Believe or not we all get bullied and its makes you feel weak and stupid. I have been picked on for maybe about 4 years. I’m very successful now and smart. I find them now as needing help. After seventh grade there are still some but I learned how to stand up for myself when needed. When I see people in need of helping I go and push the bullies away and say this ” Leave now you have ten seconds or else.” ha ha ha! just kidding but I did help him and now he’s one of my best friends!

      Hope this help,


    • I am 10 years old and I am going to say how to stop the bullying.

      You should not say nothing, for example: Ohh, yes thank you for your oppinion; shoul say this because the others leave you alone and you’ll be relax.
      You should not be clouser to this persons.
      You should go on Internet and search on YouTube How can you stop the bullying? or How can I avoid Bullying?.

      You are strong and do this for your problem.

  3. Hello, i was wondering if i could use these articles to help us present an anti-bullying scheme in my school.

    Thank you


    • yes i was thinking about that we have a bullying thing at school its a project im going to talk to people and ask them questiionds like have theyever got bullyed or have they seen people get bulldey stuff like that

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  5. When I was in high school I was bullied. I was tormented by a group of classmates from 9th. grade until I graduated from high school. I was born with a physical disability.

    They would call me names, put thumb tacks on my chair (we had assigned seats in every classroom, so they knew where I sat), they got my home phone number and would give me prank calls. One day I got to my locker and they had previously watched me and got my combination on my locker. They got into my locker (fortunately I had not left anything in it the night before). The lock was similar to a pad lock. They turned it around and locked it so I would have to do the combination upside down and backwards. That wasn’t good enough for them, they wrapped the lock with what seemed to be an entire roll of masking tape.

    They would cause trouble in class and make it look like I was the one causing the trouble. They would try to distract me while taking tests.

    The school faculty, principal, etc. were made aware of this by me and my parents. The school did absolutely nothing about it!

    One teacher would always call me out because he always thought I hadn’t done my homework. I was probably one of the few students in his class who did do their homework. By doing this, it just gave the bullys more ammunition.

    This has affected my life since. I have run into similar types of people in my life since high school. I cannot hold down a job any longer because of these experiences. This happened over 25 years ago.

    I had friends from grade school who turned their backs on me when we got to high school and this started happening. I guess they thought if they defended me, these kids would start bullying them.

    Today, I have no friends, only my parents and siblings. I have a miserable life because of the way I was treated in high school and since then. I have no confidence in myself, no self esteem and I am always worried that whenever I try to do something, another bully will surface.

    I have tried counseling, but the counselors just try to turn everything around and try to tell me that it’s my fault that all of this happened. So, I quit going to any counseling. I don’t need a counselor who is going to try to tell me that the bullying I experienced is my fault. I do not believe this and I never will.

    • I feel bad for you…….dnt let people do or say anything to u….hold your head up….I’ve been bullied so I know what you go through….btw my name is danyell and I just turned 13 just brush them haters off…trust me they going to hate…jus ignore them it might be hard but it’s the best way to say your life….stay strong

      Love danyell,

  6. No wonder why it always happens. The truth is that most bullies come from dysfunctional/abusive families or they think they’re smarter than those who are intellectually different. When I went to high school, I was nervous, scared and anxious. Every day I worried about it and thought, “I wish I could go back to grade school.” That happens to everybody, it’s normal. I also thought I would never make new friends. I have trouble making friends myself.

    I have LD and as the first days of high school went by, I saw my classmates making new friends or hanging out with their old friends and there was me all alone with no friends. I wanted to make new friends but I didn’t know how. One day when I was in learning strategies class, we were told to introduce each other and I was shy to do that and happened that I met and briefly befriended a girl from a Middle Eastern country. I was also briefly friends with a couple of girls from the Philippines and two other who were both white, one was Italian, whose last name means “fire” and may be the root cause of people repeatedly shouting out that word in front of me or just to bug me or they’re obssessed with fire, well this might be disputed.

    There was a time when I was asked by the same Italian girl if I wanted to go out with the Middle Eastern girl as friends. She rejected it. I’m not sure why but I think it was because I was different from my classmates. I suspect that maybe she was using me as her friend and pretending to be friends with me. This also happened with the Filipinas. I felt that either they rejected me because I was different or they prefer to befriend popular people. I was unpopular. I thought, “Are they using me as their friend and later dump me?” or “Are they’re trying to pressure me to do terrible things that most teenagers do and regret later; smoke, do drugs, drink, skip home to join parties and go out at night?” I suspect that they did it to me. I thought they were my friends but no, it turned out that they weren’t really my friends after all. They used me! How dare they! It’s not nice to use someone as your friend and later dump him/her and pretend to be your friends but they’re not. I sense that popular people do that all the time to those who are not.

    There was an incident in Religion class where three girls asked me to say curse words. I was shocked and hurt by this. Swearing is unacceptable in public places. Why don’t people say polite words like “oh my gosh” or “darn it”? Maybe they’re too lazy to say them or they thought there are no other words to express. Anyway I was deeply hurt when I was used as a friend. I was alone with nobody to talk to. That hurts. I have difficulty joining in any clique. High school can be tough sometimes, especially when teenagers naturally want to fit in, just like kids. What some may or may not realize that the cliques they join in pressure them to take advantage of other people. Some are lead to bully the weaker ones. Most popular kids are bullies and come from rich and sometimes dysfunctional families. Some join in, others are rejected. I knew I did not want to be friends with those kind of people. I prefer to wait and see if others want to be friends with me.

    I became lonely and depressed. As one year went by, I matured earlier than most teens. I was annoyed by those who act like 6 and 7 year olds. I thought they don’t like those who are more mature thatn them. That may be true. The cruel teasing begins and I was repeatedly called “fire” in the hallways. As mentioned earlier, a dispute that was the root cause of me being “friends” with the girl with the last name “fire”, the obsession with fire and might have thought of threatening to set me on fire, just to irritate me or I was different from my classmates. I hated school more than I hate winter. I wanted to get and as I was told, “You won’t be there forever. It’s only four years.”

    As the bullying went on, I fell into depression and became suicidal nearing grade 10. I had a little bit of a breakdown. By the time I went into grade 10, it got worse. In art class there was an incident where a girl who is half German and other race I’m not sure kept saying fire is sexy and this irritated me and started to throw water at her and others who were watching. They were enjoying the scene of me having a breakdown. I walked away from class screaming and crying for help. I couldn’t believe the trauma I was caught with. That girl pretended to be my friend when all of a sudden she turned out to be mean. She liked to say fire to get attention. The verbal bullying got worse and worse. It traumatized me so much I wanted to kill myself to escape the nightmare.

    I began to grow bitter, scared and depressed as grade 10 went by. I was so scared that I felt like vomiting or cutting myself. I had suicidal thoughts and I decided that if I felt scared, I rather hang myself or cut my throat. I remember the day a group of cruel teens teased me as I enter the schoolbus on the way home and got mad and shouted back. I came home crying after the bus driver dropped off a kid with autism home with his mother waiting.

    The taunting went by and more horrible than ever. I was terribly bruised by those cruel people. I had no friends through the half of high school. I behaved erratically and got so severely bitter. The brutal taunting left me depressed and I had difficulty recognizing that there are some people who try to be nice to me or help me. I cried each night before I fell asleep. I had a recurring depression as well as suicidal thoughts. The bullying continued until the end of grade 12.

    High school was the worst part in my life. The heartless people, the bullies and the ignorant people. I’m glad this is over but I’m still bitter and depressed. I hated everybody there! They made my life miserable. I’m left with no friends and no happiness. I’m worried that I might remain friendless and miserable for the rest of my life. Deep in my heart, I longed for friendships. I still don’t recognize those who try to help me and I felt like I was hiding from the world. The cold feeling I once had, but I can never get over my bitterness. Cold as a stone I am today. I hope the bitterest foes don’t try to tear me down leaving blood stains. I bitter I am, the colder I get. If I happened to look at my yearbook or look at my school, it would haunt me. I’m almost getting close to the journey of my new life. To the end of high school I dived for joy. Never will I be alright. Always holding on to God’s hand whenever obstacles come by. I’m alright and will always be.


  7. my son codys been bullied since the age of 12 by his own teachers and student hes been beatburned and totured today he is 16 years old we parents teachers student princapals can make a difference it i think starts with the parents tell your child not to bully but if he or shr sees abulling situation tell someone or try to help by stoping it

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  9. Marley :
    No wonder why it always happens. The truth is that most bullies come from dysfunctional/abusive families or they think they’re smarter than those who are intellectually different. When I went to high school, I was nervous, scared and anxious. Every day I worried about it and thought, “I wish I could go back to grade school.” That happens to everybody, it’s normal. I also thought I would never make new friends. I have trouble making friends myself.
    I have LD and as the first days of high school went by, I saw my classmates making new friends or hanging out with their old friends and there was me all alone with no friends. I wanted to make new friends but I didn’t know how. One day when I was in learning strategies class, we were told to introduce each other and I was shy to do that and happened that I met and briefly befriended a girl from a Middle Eastern country. I was also briefly friends with a couple of girls from the Philippines and two other who were both white, one was Italian, whose last name means “fire” and may be the root cause of people repeatedly shouting out that word in front of me or just to bug me or they’re obssessed with fire, well this might be disputed.
    There was a time when I was asked by the same Italian girl if I wanted to go out with the Middle Eastern girl as friends. She rejected it. I’m not sure why but I think it was because I was different from my classmates. I suspect that maybe she was using me as her friend and pretending to be friends with me. This also happened with the Filipinas. I felt that either they rejected me because I was different or they prefer to befriend popular people. I was unpopular. I thought, “Are they using me as their friend and later dump me?” or “Are they’re trying to pressure me to do terrible things that most teenagers do and regret later; smoke, do drugs, drink, skip home to join parties and go out at night?” I suspect that they did it to me. I thought they were my friends but no, it turned out that they weren’t really my friends after all. They used me! How dare they! It’s not nice to use someone as your friend and later dump him/her and pretend to be your friends but they’re not. I sense that popular people do that all the time to those who are not.
    There was an incident in Religion class where three girls asked me to say curse words. I was shocked and hurt by this. Swearing is unacceptable in public places. Why don’t people say polite words like “oh my gosh” or “darn it”? Maybe they’re too lazy to say them or they thought there are no other words to express. Anyway I was deeply hurt when I was used as a friend. I was alone with nobody to talk to. That hurts. I have difficulty joining in any clique. High school can be tough sometimes, especially when teenagers naturally want to fit in, just like kids. What some may or may not realize that the cliques they join in pressure them to take advantage of other people. Some are lead to bully the weaker ones. Most popular kids are bullies and come from rich and sometimes dysfunctional families. Some join in, others are rejected. I knew I did not want to be friends with those kind of people. I prefer to wait and see if others want to be friends with me.
    I became lonely and depressed. As one year went by, I matured earlier than most teens. I was annoyed by those who act like 6 and 7 year olds. I thought they don’t like those who are more mature thatn them. That may be true. The cruel teasing begins and I was repeatedly called “fire” in the hallways. As mentioned earlier, a dispute that was the root cause of me being “friends” with the girl with the last name “fire”, the obsession with fire and might have thought of threatening to set me on fire, just to irritate me or I was different from my classmates. I hated school more than I hate winter. I wanted to get and as I was told, “You won’t be there forever. It’s only four years.”
    As the bullying went on, I fell into depression and became suicidal nearing grade 10. I had a little bit of a breakdown. By the time I went into grade 10, it got worse. In art class there was an incident where a girl who is half German and other race I’m not sure kept saying fire is sexy and this irritated me and started to throw water at her and others who were watching. They were enjoying the scene of me having a breakdown. I walked away from class screaming and crying for help. I couldn’t believe the trauma I was caught with. That girl pretended to be my friend when all of a sudden she turned out to be mean. She liked to say fire to get attention. The verbal bullying got worse and worse. It traumatized me so much I wanted to kill myself to escape the nightmare.
    I began to grow bitter, scared and depressed as grade 10 went by. I was so scared that I felt like vomiting or cutting myself. I had suicidal thoughts and I decided that if I felt scared, I rather hang myself or cut my throat. I remember the day a group of cruel teens teased me as I enter the schoolbus on the way home and got mad and shouted back. I came home crying after the bus driver dropped off a kid with autism home with his mother waiting.
    The taunting went by and more horrible than ever. I was terribly bruised by those cruel people. I had no friends through the half of high school. I behaved erratically and got so severely bitter. The brutal taunting left me depressed and I had difficulty recognizing that there are some people who try to be nice to me or help me. I cried each night before I fell asleep. I had a recurring depression as well as suicidal thoughts. The bullying continued until the end of grade 12.
    High school was the worst part in my life. The heartless people, the bullies and the ignorant people. I’m glad this is over but I’m still bitter and depressed. I hated everybody there! They made my life miserable. I’m left with no friends and no happiness. I’m worried that I might remain friendless and miserable for the rest of my life. Deep in my heart, I longed for friendships. I still don’t recognize those who try to help me and I felt like I was hiding from the world. The cold feeling I once had, but I can never get over my bitterness. Cold as a stone I am today. I hope the bitterest foes don’t try to tear me down leaving blood stains. I bitter I am, the colder I get. If I happened to look at my yearbook or look at my school, it would haunt me. I’m almost getting close to the journey of my new life. To the end of high school I dived for joy. Never will I be alright. Always holding on to God’s hand whenever obstacles come by. I’m alright and will always be.

    And I began to hate myself! I felt that if I’m hated, belittled and teased, I planned a sex change as well as lighten my skin so nobody will know I was once a loser!

  10. Hi. My latest post on my blog tells the story (true) of a bullying incident I suffered through in high school. Please read at Thanks. it was very painful to recall in detail. Thanks. It’s called “I’m Jackin’ Beats”. All my titles are misleading.

  11. I want to tell you about something that happened just a few days ago that gave me a glimpse into what it might feel like for a young person to be bullied because of a physical appearance that is outside the norm. On Monday I found an anonymous, typed note in my mailbox at work. The note informed me of how bad my clothes look on me and that I really need to get some new ones. The tone of the note implied that this person cared about me, and therefore, thought I should know this.
    I have no idea who wrote the note, and I don’t know if this person is aware that I am a cancer suvivor. Perhaps they aren’t aware that two surgeries, radiation treatments, and hormone therapy have left me with a body quite different than the cute, petite figure I had a few years ago. Perhaps they don’t know about the challenges I have in finding clothes that will hide the deformities that will be with me for the rest of my life. And they probably don’t understand the financial challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis.
    When I read the note, I told myself that as a mature adult, I should just let these cruel comments roll off my back. Instead, I went home and wept. I cried to know that someone thought my appearance was so bad that they felt compelled to leave me this hurtful note. And I cried because the note was a reminder of the losses and changes that I’ve seen in my life since cancer moved in.
    But, as in all of life’s experiences, there was a lesson here. If I, as a 50 year-old woman, could be bothered so much by an anonymous note, then I thought about how a fragile teenager might feel when exposed to hurtful comments, especially when they happen repeatedly.
    Please feel free to share this in any way you like if it will help people understand the need to consider the potential impact before sharing hurtful opinions with others.

    • Your hurt in your words and feelings you wrote come out. I talk a lot about the need for Empathy and to try to understand others before you act (such as writing that note). Sometimes, when we see someone, we make many assumptions without realizing or learning. Empathy is all about understanding without experience. When you wrote this, I felt that empathy was the one thing this person is missing. I would like to share this as a post and will. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and talking of the hurt. My sister is currently going through final treatments for Breast Cancer. I know that she does not currently look like the sister I recall before the cancer. It hurts me as I know it hurts her and I work to give her my empathy and understanding. Others must learn from this as well and your words are very important.

  12. I was a kid who was very shy & therefore an easy target for bullying. But secretly i got my revenge.
    I stole a coat from one bullys locker in the middle of a snow storm. I called ones mom (pretended in my puberty voice) & told her he was skipping gym (which he was) & made an appt w/ her to come in & speak w/ the principle. I stole this fat bully term paper which made him almost flunk the course. I changed grades on bullies in teachers grade books….
    The point here is be creative & GET EVEN! These dumb asses never suspected me cuz i was sooo shy & timid.

  13. I noticed some similarities to some of the stories.
    I read a few where it started in 7th grade and friends in grade school were no longer really friends once 7th grade started. This is the same for me.

    I hated 7th grade and on. My life in school was pretty much go to school and come home. I didn’t hang out with any group or click. I was my own person, shy, quiet. I think thats’ what made me an easy target as well. I didn’t really have any friends. I got along with many in school but I knew that I wasn’t good enough for them. I remember sitting at this table during lunch time. One student told me “why you sitting at this table with us” I wasn’t wanted. I never really ate lunch at school after that. I never liked going to gym class when it was time for swimming cause I didn’t know how. I was threatened by a few that they would dunk my head under water if I didn’t stick my head under. One of the students that threatened me told me something that I’ll never forget. During homeroom he looked at me and said “I bet you will be one of those people that will end up becomong a child molester” How does someone respond to that? I said nothing.
    From reading some of the stories, it seamed that some had it much worse than me but high school was still pretty rough for me. It did effect me later in life. I struggled making friends even after school. I struggled with my self esteem which led problems dealing with women. Of coarse what man doesn’t have problems dealing with women? Lol! I trully believe that most of my family doesn’t understand me and probably never will. There is only person that understands me. That person is someone I met 5 years ago, my wife. She is the best friend I ever had and the only one that gave me a chance to get to know me. I will always love her for that.

  14. Thank you for this. I was bullied, borderline sexually harassed, by classmates (they were anything but mates). Teachers and other students were complicit.I felt I could not turn to my family or school teachers. Home life was no picnic, either. I had everything I needed, food/materially/education-wise, but my parents had a horrifically toxic relationship which stunted my intimacy with either one.

    Bullying scarred me tremendously. The sense of insecurity and lack of self confidence negatively impacted me in my 20s and to an extent, today. I cannot explain the dread and stomach pain I experienced every morning while in high school. I didn’t dare show my face in the lunch area at lunch time. I just darted to the library to be safe.

    I have advanced degrees and am comfortable, for the most part, in my skin and happy with my life and marriage as I near 40, but one thing remains true:

    To this day, I shudder at the prospect of meeting certain individuals and have avoided contact with all classmates. I just sense that even as adults, they would still taunt and bully me in such a setting.

    I have worked so hard to get away from these people that the thought of having the last 20 years of my life undone with a single taunt horrifies me.

    That’s one of the reasons I am not on Facebook: I want my past to stay exactly there-in the past.

    Thank you so, so much for bringing light to this. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t overcome such a horrific experience.

    The problem is school staff frequently don’t act. Why can’t criminal charges be pressed against perpetrators?

    Silvia JD

    • As you can see from this website and other comments, Silvia, you are most certainly not alone. There are many people who feel the same as you and they have been kind enough to share here and open up the conversation and issue of the long-term effects of bullying. As for criminal charges, the biggest problem today is that the laws have not necessarily been created for bullying issues.

  15. I’m nearly 30 years old and find myself thinking that it is time to let go and forget school, but even now it seems to be able to cast a shadow over my entire life.

    If I’m placed in or find myself in a social situation where a group of people has formed, I am terrified. I feel open to attack even when there is no danger of any. I find Personal relationships extremely difficult to cope with as a result also.

    Yes the bullies have gone, but I now find myself left with the after effects, which, when I think back to leaving school never occured to me that as an adult would still haunt me to this day.

    Evan as an adult though, I have found myself at the centre of homophobic taunts and insults which have lead to physical attacks.

  16. Thankyou for your comment. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in feeling this.

    I think, the worst part of all, is that I turned against myself at some point as well. My mum and dad paid for me to see a counsellor when I was 18 – it didn’t really work and as we lived in the same area as the people I went to school with the taunts carried on well into my mid-twenties.

    I seem to have fallen more of a victim to my own self hate rather than to any lingering comments and names that I have been called.

    I am currently seeing someone, but suspect that this will end soon because I just dont think he can cope with my over sensitive nature and to be honest I dont think I can blame him. He’s the first person I’ve dated that I can say has treated me with respect but because of school and the events that took place after I find the constant worry of his perception of me exhausting and heart-breaking.

  17. I am 34 years old , I gave birth to twins recently. I am chartered accountant and I am married for 10 years old. I am very proud of me . During 10 years, they called names about me , rejected me . I had no friends . In a nutshell , I was a target . I had physical attacks, they told I was lesbian but it was not true. When I was 15 years old , a gang of boys raped me . I could not identify them , I was so afraid but it did not really traumatize me . I had a coordination problem and I struggled with my marks even I failed one year but I got a bachelor degree. Despite of this , I wanted to be 100 years old and It’s still the case today. My secret is to remain positive. It’s really worthy. I don’t care about my bullies .

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  19. As a student throughout school, I was different and fortunately never got noticed very often. There is one incident that sticks out to me, occurring in fifth grade where a female member of my class decided to pick on me. The teacher eventually found out and we were separated and it stopped. For this, I was grateful to her, my teacher. Bullying is wrong, especially in school. And it would be a lie if you told me teachers and school workers don’t see it, I know they do and sometimes they do nothing!!! How wrong is this? What fresh hell is this for those who are different, the people we are taught to trust leave us to our own defenses, against the cruelest force on this earth, CHILDREN. Shame on you all!
    Schools should have a no-tolerance policy for bullies. In fact, I am shocked that more schools don’t have such policies. I have read through several LBGT sites, merely for research, and have found that most suicides in the LGBT community occur from bullying, something that can be avoided. Please keep our children safe from the horrors of the masses and the cruelty of children, whom anyone can tell you are the cruelest of them all.


  20. Hi my name is Tay

    I understande that bulling need to stop but it not .I sould know I have be one I became a monster because people where judging me the way I look and my size ( I ‘m very small for my age ) saying horrable things.

    But as I became this thing, I found out what makes up a bully, most adults think they know why bullys act out like this, I can tell you that it because they are scared and feel in caged with emotion with that the only way to act is by telling every one what to do. By tryin to scard bullys it not going to work.

    I learnt to come clean with my mistakes it may have taken me a long time but I ‘m tryin to help people understand that DON’T PUSH BULLIES because the more you do the further away the are to go, you need to make them feel safe and loved .

  21. One time in school there was a cute boy so i told my friend to ask him out for me but he didnt really reply he just said nice things about me so i felt really happy so i kept talking to him,but at lunch he said he wanted to talk to me so i though he wuz gonna ask me out……so i told my friend(big mistake!)and she went up to him and said u wanna ask her out and he said no i want to tell her to stop stalking me so he came up to me called me a stuped stalking bitch so i stood there crying and said im sorry but it kept going on and everyone laughed at me. So now i cant go to my locker, go to the halls, or even to my class withought him saying anything. I feel so crushed and now my heart is broken its still going on and i dont know what to do i guess i have to just deal with it.:(

    • hey abby im sorry that, that happened to you. i have been bullied a lot i have been put in hospital. it was very hard. im soory that you got called a bitch. i wish that i could of been with and could of helped you out. i hope they will stop being so mean.

  22. Im in 9th grade and my best friend is bullied all the time. He gets people constantly making fun of him, pushing him, making plans to jump him, and generally being mean to him. All the guys that do this to him are part of the popular crowd so im legit afriad of them (thats a whole other story) so im too afriad to do anything. (Im also afraid because i just have the feeling some of those guys have no shame hitting a girl..) So i dont know what i can do for him? I feel bad for him because im scared one day they will push him too far. They dont know this but hes actually a sensitive guy, and hes self concsious… It hurts me to see them hurt him like that

  23. Ever since pre-kindergarden, I was picked on in school. The top names I was called were fat ass, geek, and faggot. It confused me to no extent because I’m not even gay, but because I’m feminine and I had a high pitched voice, I was harassed. I didn’t mess with anyone. I just stayed to myself, but that didn’t help at all. They picked on me, took my belongings, ripped my drawings, destroyed my comics, made me the target of any gym game, and broke me down mentally. I told the teachers and the principal of my school but they didn’t do anything. The principal said something once but it didn’t help any. Now I’m a guy with pretty much no emotions. I can’t let anyone in emotionally. I always put up a front but my emotions are either not responding or a hurricane, always jumbled around. I can’t trust a single person because of those 10 years. I’m even extremely shy with my family. Imagine it, saying I love you without meaning it because your afraid to feel it and feel vulnerable.

    • Your story is only all too familiar. It is a very unfortunate part of being bullied that many of us who have gone through it feel. I myself find I need the acceptance and approval of others to feel good about myself. I have spent almost 30 years trying to improve on that and “get over it”. I hope you find that, just by writing it down and sharing like you have, you have made some progress to recovery.

  24. I was bullied in school because i was shy and quiet and school just got worse for me it got so bad that a lot of times i had no friends. The few i did have either used me or betrayed me in the end i was treated pretty badly so by high school i tried skipping almost everyday. But my family found out i was skipping and tried to make me go but they never knew and still don’t know about what i had to go through in school. It was hell for me mentally but i kept going as much as i could. But i couldn’t take it anymore so i dropped out in 11th grade im only 19 and my life is ruined. I’m trying to get my life back together but idk if ill ever be able to

    i cant this anymore…..

  25. I know firsthand the trauma of being bullied. My younger brother and I were badly bullied by the same group of bullies for 3 years in the school bus and in school. It happened when I was around 9-12 years old. They picked on my little brother as he was shy and was mildly autistic and nerdy looking too. They constantly beat him up in the bus, put thumbsticks on the bus seat and forced him to sit down and so on. While in school, they’d try to empty his bag and throw it into the dumpster or the girls’ toilet. Being d older sister, I would try to help and defend him, but I’d end up getting dragged by the hair, punched on the nose or face, slapped on the face and hands, kicked etc by these group of mean boys.
    I was too afraid to tell anyone about this when it was happening. Whenever I threatened to tell the teachers or my parents, the bullies would threaten to call their older gang members to beat my brother and I up if I were to tell any adult about the bullying.
    There was once when I tried to defend myself after being slapped hard by one of the bullies. I retaliated by hitting him hard on the arm. What I didn’t realise was that he just had an injection before that and I hit him right on the spot where he had the injection. He hollered in pain and got so mad that he started hitting me repeatedly on the arms and face and the other boys joined in. Later, he told me to watch out since he’d told his older gang members from another school to come and bash me up after school as ‘punishment’ for hitting him. I remembered crouching and hiding in the girls’ toilet each day after school after that, sobbing in fear. Thank God I had a friend who would come and tell me whenever the school bus came, else I would’ve missed the bus. This went on for more than a week.
    My Mom only found out about the bullying three years later. Usually my brother and I would’ve tried to clean ourselves up before we stepped into our home. But that day, the bullies beat my brother up so hard that his nose was too bruised and bloodied, while his shirt collar and pocket was too torn that my Mom suspected. My Mom brought us to each of the bullies’ home and told their parents about the bullying. After that, they stopped bullying us.
    But I became very angry, depressed and suicidal after that. I would cry most nights and had so little self esteem that aside from a few close friends and my family members, I was too afraid to talk to anyone. I became so suspicious of everyone and thought they were trying to attack me in some way. Despite this, I tried to make friends and ignored my problems. However, the depression did not get better. In fact, it got worse the older I got to the extend I began using a belt to hit myself or started cutting my arms, stomach, thighs because the pain inside would not go away. This problem went on even untill I graduated from university.
    Fortunately, my healing started when my family fasted and prayed for me everyday non-stop for 49 days just before I was about to start work. Miraculously, after that, my depression lifted although a lot of the other negative feelings still needed to be dealt with. Right now, I’ve forgiven all the bullies. I no longer feel any anger when I see them and in fact I feel sorry for some of them as I learned that some of them came from very abusive families whose fathers beat them up almost constantly.
    Of course, the depression and negative feelings would occasionally return to haunt me, but it is so much easier for me to not give in to them now. There will still be times when someone would make some innocent comment and I’d overreact by screaming or lashing out in such anger because I thought that he/she was trying to criticise or attack me in some way. This happens often when I’m with my family and it really hurts me when I see myself hurting them this way. What still gives me hope is the fact that I’m on my road to recovery and someday I’ll truly emerge free from all these oppression that has kept me bound for so many years!

  26. As a former victim of female bullying, I feel it is my duty to reach out to other girls who are being bullied. After extensive research, I have discovered that my story is not unusual. However, the female bully works through intimidation and bullies her victims into silence. This is why most of her victims are too frightened and ashamed to tell their story. I want the victims of female aggression to realize that THEY ARE NOT ALONE, which is why I must speak out.

    Here is my story:

    When I was 11, I moved to a small town close to a big city so that I could pursue my dreams of becoming a professional dancer. In grade 7, I went to school in the small town, and took dance classes in the city. The next year, I attended a ballet school in the city, and lived in residence there. Then, at the end of grade 8, I returned to the small town, and decided to attend the grades 9-12 high school there.
    The bullying began at the beginning of grade 9, when an extremely popular girl decided to turn on me because I happened to have a date. To seek revenge, she created a fake account on msn, and talked to me through it. At first she was sickly sweet, and she pretended to be my best friend. Much like the crooked politician, she had a talent for deceiving both her peers and adults (in fact, she was later recognized by the teachers for her leadership abilities). One day, she told me to meet her in the bathroom. I listened to her, and low and behold, she was there, accompanied by her followers. I hung out with them, but I noticed that they were very quiet, and they kept looking at each other. Then, they started giggling hysterically. I was very confused by their behavior, and I began to feel self-conscious and insecure. That night, the leader came on msn again. She told me that we WEREN’T FRIENDS ANYMORE, and she HATED ME. Then on the weekend, her best friend went on the computer and began asking who my friends were at school. When I didn’t have an answer, she told me that I had no friends. This nasty treatment was just the beginning of the worst 4 years of my life.
    After that incident, I tried to befriend another group of “popular girls” in my grade. At first they were very nice to me, but they would always talk about these parties on the weekend that I wasn’t invited to. After hanging out with them for several weeks, things went sour for some mysterious reason. When I was with them, the leader of the group told another girl that she had “become one of us.” After she said that, the leader and her group glared menacingly at me. At that moment, I realized that I would not be “one of us.”
    Then I tried to befriend some girls on the fringes. However, they were hostile because they did not want to be ridiculed by the “in crowd.” It was against the social code to associate with me, thanks to several girls who were ringleaders of their cliques. One girl, who desperately wanted to be popular, told me that cutting yourself is fun and I should try it. Nevertheless, I still tried to befriend her because the other girls had alienated me. One day, when we were talking on msn, she said, “NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU.” When I told her that this was not the case, she told me to “F*** OFF!”
    Since I had been rejected so many times, I began to think that there was something wrong with me. Nevertheless, I endured this hardship, thanks to my dance classes in the city.
    In grade 10, it only got worse. A new girl came to the school. Initially, she was very kind to me, and I believed that I had finally made a good friend. However, she wanted to be accepted by the cool chicks, and to accomplish this, she would have to diss me, which is exactly what happened.
    I noticed a sudden change in her behavior when she began to hang out with this popular and ruthless girl in my grade. Whenever the new girl saw me with her newly formed alliances, she would either burst into giggles or scowl at me. I wondered what I had done wrong.
    One day in Phys. Ed. class, her popular friend walked up and whispered to her. Then, they both looked at me and giggled. A few minutes later, I felt something hit my hair. I tried to see where it had come from, but by the time I had done so, my hair was hit again. Then, I looked back, and saw the new girl aiming another piece of something at my hair. The substance was gum, and she was giggling wildly at me. After that incident, she was very popular.
    The next week, she was in the bathroom with one of her newly made alliances. Her friend told me that my hair looked like straw, and the new girl roared. Soon afterwards, she and her friend began to get physical. One time when I was in the bathroom, they stood by the door, and tried to prevent me from leaving. Meanwhile, the popular girls were standing outside of the bathroom, giggling at me. At that point, I spent lots of time in the bathroom because I was trying to avoid the nasty girls at all costs. But even the bathroom had become an unsafe place.
    One day at lunch, I caught the boyfriend of the new girl’s friend drawing a cartoon of me with my side ponytail. The boyfriend and his girlfriend were looking at me and laughing hysterically (ironically his girlfriend wore her hair in a side ponytail at grad).
    My very astute English teacher began to notice how hostile the girls in her class were being towards me. Ironically, the most vindictive ones weren’t even in there. To combat the problem, she held a meeting with my teachers to inform them about the way I was being treated. At that time, she was very concerned about me.
    Due to my teacher’s concern, I was asked to join a group called the “Circle of Friends.” This group was devoted to helping students who were having trouble making friends. One day, the older students in the group took me to the mall, where we happened to bump into Taylor Swift. For some reason, Taylor Swift put her arm around me, and we had our picture taken. There seemed to be an unspoken understanding between us. Later on, I learned that in high school, she was also bullied by the other girls. However, at that point in time, I never would have believed that someone as popular as her would have had the same problem. After that day and until graduation, the girls who bullied me kept saying how unfair it was that I had had my picture taken with Taylor. Little did they know that they were the very reason why I had met her that day!!!
    Another day in Phys. Ed. class, the most popular girl in my grade (who would later receive a leadership award and become a leader of the student council) gave me a malicious smile and threw a ball in my face as hard as she could. I told the Phys. Ed teacher what she had done, and the teacher said it was just an accident. If that girl had not have been one of the “leaders,” perhaps the teacher would have believed differently.
    By the end of the year, I had become a mouse. I was afraid to express my opinions or show any personality, and I had become very self-conscious about my appearance. Girls who I falsely believed were my friends would either glare or giggle at me. Furthermore, whenever I tried to talk to them, they would ignore me, or start talking to someone else. I rarely had a place to sit in the cafeteria, and when I did, the girls would automatically move away from me like I was a parasite. One time, I took a seat, and a girl who happened to be a dedicated peer helper said, “Seriously F*** OFF. You are such a B****.” A girl who wanted to be popular even formed a hate page about me on myspace. These girls wanted me to believe that I had a problem, so I would lose my confidence and never succeed.
    Nevertheless, I got through grade 10, thanks to my supportive parents and proactive english teacher. I also continued to take dance classes in the city on a regular basis, where I was able to socialize with other girls my age.
    In grades 11 and 12, I continued to be a mouse. I would walk through the halls, and go to class without saying a word to anyone. However, I realized that I had a future after high school, and I became a serious student. Whenever I happened to show a keen interest in math and science, the girls in my class would laugh at me behind the teacher’s back. One time, in calculus, the girls who were recognized by the teachers as the leaders and star students, giggled, whispered, and glared at me, for no apparent reason. It was so bad, that my calculus teacher noticed, and talked to them after class.
    Since I was dancer, I carried myself with very good posture. A girl who was trying to impress her popular friend, told me that I walked funny. She said walk like this, and she started walking with her back hunched over like a monkey. The other girls who were walking with her agreed, and they told me I would look much better if I walked that way. Furthermore, I spent hours working on a life sized drawing of a dancer in art class. My art teacher liked it so much, that she put it up in the hall for the school to see. However, after it had been up for a day, it mysteriously disappeared. I asked my art teacher what had happened to it, and she said that it had been defaced.
    I realized that what was happening to me was wrong, and with time, I grew to be strong. Due to all the great people I had met in the past, I knew that not everyone would treat me that way. I began to ignore the perpetrators at all costs, and when they tried to intimidate me, I looked right through them and kept going. I can now say, I was lucky that I wasn’t accepted. This is because I developed my own interests, and unlike the majority of these girls, I did not turn to binge drinking and promiscuity for kicks. I managed to keep it all together, and remain an individual with confidence and direction. I was a dedicated student, and I began to spend my time at school tutoring other students and volunteering in school-based organizations. However, if I wanted to do anything enjoyable in town, such as going to school dances or to the beach, I would have to go by myself, and face much ridicule by the other girls.
    Nevertheless, in the end, I was rewarded. I graduated from high school with the highest grades along with the biggest university entrance scholarships. When I walked up on stage to receive my diploma, my fellow students (mostly the guys) gave me a huge round of applause. The funny part was, barely anyone cheered for the girls who had tried to bring me down. Through my victory, I demonstrated that even the underdog can become the champion.
    At the graduation ceremony, many of the bystanders gave me big hugs, and told me that my success was well deserved. I believe that they had had good intentions all along, and they had only joined forces with the bullies to survive. Furthermore, a group of very tough girls in my graduating class also hugged me, and wished me the best of luck. One of them said that I was beautiful and brilliant, and I had a very promising future. These were the girls who the teachers thought were the bullies, but in reality they were much nicer. I believe that they became the tough chicks because they were too nice to fit in with malicious girls.
    Looking back at what happened, I’ve observed that you can’t control the behavior of others. You can only control how you react. You don’t react by feeling worthless, and giving up on life. Instead, you react by being strong, and succeeding despite what you are going through. High school lasts for a short period time, and a girl’s ability to be a bully does not determine her future success in life.
    This past year, I had a totally different experience at university. I met lots of interesting people, and I had the time of my life!!! No one told me that my hair looked like straw or threw gum at it, and there it was actually cool to be an intelligent individual. Now, all I feel is empathy for the girls who bullied me. I WOULD NEVER TRADE PLACES WITH ANY OF THEM. Just remember, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, bully.”

    For more information about the female bully, go to:

  27. Thank you so much for this blog! i was Severely Bullied all throughout middle school. Im 16 now and still Dealing with the phycological scars that this has left me. Your blog has helped me Learn how to deal 🙂 at the time of the bullying i felt alone. Whats even worse is That my circle of “Friends” where the ones doing this to me. They used to sit me down and Point out “Flaws” in my Personality and on my body but at the time i was convinced that, that was what friends were soppoused to do. Im about to be a senior in High school now and I want to thank SHANNA LOPEZ & Her GODSISTERS. if You ever See This I want you To Know that I Pulled through it and Thank you for Making me the Strong Young women that i am Today.

  28. Thank you for putting this blog up, i was bullied this past year by my “best friend”! i believed she was my friend, but she used my sexuality against me, and had almost all my friends against me. she told me i had no use in life and that i should end it. she told me i was an annoying “witch”. when i went to the counsler at my school abput it, he listened to me, but called the girl, Brittany, into his office. she monipulated him, and he believed her! i never got my justice. but my mistake was not printing out what she was telling me on Facebook, because i deleted the stuff so i didnt have to look at them again. now i know to print out the bulling to take a stand against it, and now i am stronger because of it(:

  29. Expand I’m a 16 year old african american girl, I was bullied in school. I literally only had one friend and we would hardly talk. kids would call me names all the time no one would sit with me or even talk to me. People acted as if I had a disease or somthing. Even when I had gym I never went into the bathroom to change intell almost everyone was gone.I never ate in the lunchroom and I would say I was sick so I could go to the nurse and avoid the people and my bullies in the classrooms. In school I would sit in the corner far away from everyone .I couldn’t even go out in public without thinking the worst! . People called me a lesbian, ugly,stalker,weird, and any other name they came up with. I even tried to tell my school counselor in 9th grade and my other counselor in 10th grade but they bassically callled me crazy saying that I heard voices!! WHICH I DON’T! They thought I was hearing voices because when they called my bullies into the office -WITH ME THERE- and the bullies would tell the counselor that “they didn’t know me” or,” I never bullied her”. I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone so I told my mom she believed the counselors for a while and had me evaluated in various hospitals. The doctors just told her that I was depressed -and not crazy- One day I said “I’m having suicidle thoughts and want to just run out of school”, I only said that because I wanted to leave school so bad. Yes I got bullied but I would NEVER end my life.For saying that I wanted to kill myself my counselor -who already thinks I’m crazy- puts me in a mental hospital called Valley Vista! I spent 9 days there. I got better and I was happy I ,made 6 new friends and I used to wear my hair all in my face to hide but now its all pulled back! THANK YOU Valley Vista for your support! -no sarcasm-. Finally my mom decided enough is enough and sent me to online school but before I went my school counselor told my mom a lie saying I did all that to get attention and that I was lieing about being bullied!! I WAS NOT! Please dont let your kid go through what I went through if you suspect that counselor is like mine tell your kid to tell another person someone trustworthy! Now because of my counselor my mom thinks I’m a liar and our relationship is ruined, I don’t know what to do?! I just want to say there is hope! Online school was the best choice for me. Thanks k12 -no sarcasm-

  30. I was bullied, from the kindergarten to 10th grade. Im old as dirt now. and im still having issues about it. Im like totally anti-people. I dont want people around me, I cant talk to people face to face. I drank from about 9yrs old to 10yrs ago. I cut to feel. The first time i tried to kill myself i was 9. still think about sometimes. I was adopted so that didnt help. and im a minority who grew up in a ultra white neighborhood with a white german family. This all lead to being bullied. I had a soccer coach…he used to hit me. and other things. Most days i can soar thru. but some days things or people bring up memories. or just a look from someone….and i think they are gonna say something mean or spit on me…or worse. maybe if i read more of your site here it’ll help. umm thanks for being here.

    • It is so true that some days some trigger just brings back these memories. Please do read the site, you will see you weren’t and still aren’t alone. And you are welcome to have an ear here that will listen any time.

  31. I was a target for bullying in grades 7 to 11 ( I graduated from high school a year early to get away from the school) because I looked different from everyone else. I was called names, attacked, and worst of all: shunned and ignored because I looked different. I HATED going into the cafeteria or any situation where partners had to be chosen. It left a scar that took therapy and workshops to get over.

    I can tell some stories… In fact, I tell some stories in my program, Fowl Behavior an antibullying program for k-12 in Massachusetts and New England. I present this program with my helper, Mooey, a live chicken who got bullied last winter and became a bully!

    I tell Mooey’s story, then I get my heart together and tell some of my story to educate kids and teachers to be more empathetic to those who are different. Contact me to come to your school. Go to my website,

    • This sounds like an excellent presentation, Susan. I too tell my stories in live presentations and share others stories both good and bad. The experience for all has been very worthwhile for me.

  32. Do you ever feel like you lost some or all of your childhood because of bullies? i do. i had to grow up long before i should have. now im in my 40s and………i just dont feel i belong…anywhere. I never had friends. There was this cop. All the parents and adults thought he was the greatest. taking time to help the less fortunate kids. what joke. He did things. who would have believed us if we told? no one. he was a COP! he once dislocated my shoulder and now its getting to where i cant use it without severe pain. a reminder every day. i guess what bugs me the most is that some of my bullies were adults…people who should have helped me.ill never trust again. i just dont know….anymore.

  33. That Girl

    First day of school I was called THAT GIRL
    Walking down the hall I was called THAT GIRL
    While getting teased I was called that THAT CRAZY GIRL, not my name Sydney
    They called me CRAZY because I said I can see the future 
    And I told them they will all DIE at age 20
    They called me THAT CRAZY GIRL everyday after that day until the day before my senior graduation 
    That day when everyone was getting ready THAT GIRL got ready too
    But for different reasons 
    When people was walking to the stage to get their diploma I was home,
    Getting ready to kill myself
    I took 30 pills then yelled I AM NOT A CRAZY GIRL and then i took a breath and hung myself in the closet
    The next day I was in the papers ,”GIRL HUNG HERSELF”
    All the students at her school said I knew THAT GIRL WAS CRAZY only crazy people hang theirselves
    2 years later……
    All those students from THAT GIRL’S school said It is know January 1st I  am now 20 years old and not dead I knew THAT GIRL was crazy
    On January 20 all her classmates died, they died on the twentieth because they were twenty,
    They died in january because that was the start on the new year,the month I started school 
    They all went in the sky thinking THAT GIRL really could see into the future she wasn’t crazy she was just misunderstood, we were the crazy ones if we would have listened maybe we would be ALIVE, THAT GIRL killed herself because of us I will tell THAT GIRL, THAT I AM SORRY, I mean I will tell SYDNEY THAT I AM SORRY 


    (not a true story, made it up, tell me if it is good)

  34. Yeah I’m a victim of bullying too it all started in school one day he threw amarker at my forehead so I defended my delf and it broke into a fight and wen I got bak from being suspended my freinds me he’s gnna keep messing with and I didn’t believe them and wen I went to class with him he threw stuff at me and toldmy freinds to tell me that he was gnna beat me ups after class or after school but I slipped off when the bell rang and wen I went to lunch he came up to me and told my freinds that he beat me up and he pushed me but I just stayed quiet and I was so emberassed and every class after that my freinds told me he was going to beat me up and after school he was chasing me but I ran on the bus and the next two days I didn’t go to school because I was nervous and wen I went back to school my mom went with me and tld the officer but he couldn’t do anything document it and the second time in the morning hetold me heat beat me up and cuzzed at me and I went to tell the officer again he documented it and sent me to meet the assistant princepal and he called my bully and we were sitting next to each other and I told him wat happened and he told me to grow up and the bully gave me a mean look and the next day we were in lunch and he followed me in line and was yelling into my ear and I went home to tell my mom and I begged her to transfer me to another school so my next I was nervous to go there because I heard a lot bad stories so I told my mom I was nervouse and my mom switched me back to my old school and wen I went back every body was telling me I switched school because I was scared of my bully I was but I didn’t want tell them that so I started going to library during lunch and got my schedule changed and one day he came in the library and he saw me and ever since then I havnt went to the library and iv been walking around during lunch and I can get in trouble for it and I dnt know wat to do any more I also have a lot of hair and everybody tells me to get a haircut but I’m afraid they will make fun of me if I do and he also called my cousin a lesbian and bulyd her and he touched her freinds private part and they both reported him for bullying and all the school did was changed there schedules and my cousin still has him for a class! And the principle told me if u bully twice u go to an alternitive school he is still there following me and bullying me and I missed school today because I’m nervous can u help me please I need help I’ve had some thoughts of suicide but I need tips please help.

  35. Yes I’m a victim of bullying to I need serious help he bullys my cousin and her friend too they both told the principal and so have I but they just changed our schedules and my cousin still has him for 2nd period! I missed school today because of this I m nervous right now and my principal said if u bully twice u go to an alternative. School he’s done it 3 times! I don’t know wat to do anymore itryed transfering but it was too hard for me please help I need advice sometimes I have thoughts of suicide too I have the full story but its wayy to long.
    -Leonardo Rodriguez

    • i wish i was there to help you. i wish i had the right words in my mouth to tell you, but all i say i don’t give up. don’t be scared of him, i mean if he’s bigger yeah, but if there is a law in your state that is against bullying you can press charges you. i did. and she backed off. the bully is just a show off. don’t kill your self. i may not know but i CARE and i can relate. Violence is not the best option. Seriousely. and your cousin can have him be suspended even because what he does to your cuz is sexual harrasment.

  36. My name is Eva. I’m 33 going on 34 this year. Since 5th grade I had to fight Bullies. And Every-time I get in trouble to the point I had to go to the alternative school. Then to my Adult years it got worse. Now I’m with a 36 year old Man that use to be a Bully all threw Elementary to Collage. I’m 5’2 130 pd.. He’s 6’2 245 pd. He can just yell at me and I start crying. And what’s really F@$K up. My Best Friend for over 10 years is dead. I’m so tired of fighting. I’m so scared. Now he wants to get Married. I gotta get out

  37. I know how you people feel, being an outcast isn’t how we should be treated at all. I have been bullied before and can place myself in your positions easily. If you have any stories or problems i would be glad to help.

  38. hi my name is Anna
    i am 17 years old
    for all my life ive been called fat, ugly, stupid, or even a terrorist
    im a musluim and when i was in 4th grade i had a teacher who had a students write things they hated about me on the bored then read it out loud to the class
    that same year a kid beat me up in front of the whole school and the office didnt call my parents for 3 hrs
    i will never forget that day

    • hi my name is chloe and at school i got bullyed by one kid he whoed cyberbully me and bully me in person and more anyways i was hurt and i dont know what to do help please

      • i haven’t been cyber bullied but try to tell somebody. if they make your life worse get. them. back. see how they like it. and if it gets physical defend yourself your parents will back you up but tell them if you can before the fight.

  39. I had a problem with my sixth grade teacher. She sent me to deliver a message to the office, then told the entire class that I was a retard, which is of course untrue. And even if I was, she would still have no right to tell everybody! Now, in the ninth grade, everyone still calls me a retard. Unfortunately, I still have years to go, and possibly have to endure it through uni/college as well.

  40. hi , ive never done anything like this before but i’ve had enough and need help.
    My name is Jessi Power and im 16 from Australia.
    im in year 11 and i have been bullied terribly since i was in year 8. i would like to know when does it stop? i’m well known at my school and town , liked by many. Good life , still in school , go to tafe for beauty and have an apprenticeship in hairdressing. Happy family, great mates and amazing boyfriend.
    but people still manage to make me think , fuck the world. Im called horrible rude names, while there walking past, or on facebook and shit like that. threatened to be bashed , stabbed , even killed.
    Im a very outgoing person ,i have no shame at all. i love to have fun with my mates , who doesnt?
    people always say ” they’re just jealous cause you have all this and they probably dont” I have blonde and black hair, tall , long legs , toned body , true Australian chick. i love and care for anyone who needs it. but im still treated like i shouldnt even be alive?
    about an hour before i started writing this , i was considering , lets just say , i wanted to leave the world. cause someone said on facebook from my school that i shouldnt be alive and i dont deserve a place on this earth. i ended up having a fight with my boyfriend but he is my bestfriend he showed me i belong on this earth.
    1st of feb , i lost my friend to suicide , thanks to bullying. in my town alone only this year , 4 people have commited cause of bullying.
    i dont wish and pain to the people who bully me , i would never , i just want it to stop.

  41. Hello my name is Katie,

    I can say that i have been bullied, it was the day after my boyfriend had broke up with me for some other girl, we had been together for about half a year, and everyone was picking on me, calling me all the swear words you could think of. I was in so much pain, i’d walk down the halls in my school, people were yelling names behind me, yet my best friend didn’t even know i was being bullied, how sad is that.

    The person that i thought was my best friend hurt me the worst part of all, telling everyone all my secerts. Every single one of them, like my whole life was turned around. My ex, the guy that said he was always going to be there, left me, alone, to fend for myself. My parents hated seeing me crying, every single day after school, just coming home in tears, that just wouldn’t stop falling, no one would stand up for me.

    Until my sister found out, then she and her boyfriend, started helping me, posting things, helping me. I don’t think i’d be here without there help, even thinking about my bullying is making me tear up.

    I even would skip school, it got bad. everyone was against me. They would keep me in the school office so I wouldn’t get hurt, by such rude names. I cried a lot in the office too. My parents got involved.

    It has been five months now, and it has cooled done much. But, people are still talking about me. It hurts badly, i’ve cried so many times because of it, I even seen my dad start to cry because i was crying so badly, he never wanted this for me, then again, what parent would.

    Everyone needs to find out about bullying. its a horrible thing. No one should ever have to go through it. I never even did anything but date a guy, and it got tooken out on me. I really don’t see how that is fair. Please people i beg you, stop bullying. It is killing many people. We reallly need to stop this.

    This was my bullying story, help others like me. Please<3

    • OK that is just wrong i dont think anybody should have that happen to them for such a stupid reason. by stupid reason its a stupid reason to bully some one
      There are boys calling me b***h when i walk by them every morning…

    • It’s ok everyone is afraid of somthing i hate hights and my friend is still afraid of the dark. And as for you being skinny better that then me i’m being teased for being overweight.

  42. When I was a Junior in HS and in GYM class we were playing volleyball, there was a ‘less’ than athletic boy in my class, who… oof course was picked last for the team… then when the game started he made a mistake and people started ridiculing him (really bad!!!) I BROKE OUT IN TEARS, and left the gym floor telling my teacher I would NOT play until the ‘assho#@!’ apologized!! I hope I helped that boy in some way…..
    I was ALWAYS an advocate for the ‘bullied’… always rallying!!! and making sure everyone had a fair shake…

  43. My name is Elia and I am in the 9th grade. I have a smile on my face everyday. If you ask they would tell you that I am a cheerful person. But as much as I hate fake people or things, I do put on an act. What people don’t know about me is I have been bullied for so long. For the longest. And my tears are my only companion at night. Bullying didn’t’ start for me until the 6th grade. When I had just moved. It was horrible. People used to talk about me. Tease me because of where I was from. When people ask me that question, I first say I’m Jamaican, they act like its all cool, but I’m also part African. That’s when everything gets messed up. They started saying that I stank, and I was dirty, they said I was ugly and I should go back living with the bonobos. I was shattered but I ignored them. I didn’t have many friends I kept it most to my self. When 7th grade year started, it was as if I told them to add more to their bombs. They exceeded their insult; I used to get jumped so I just stayed home by myself. African booty scratcher. Ugly ape. Then a new girl came and she made everything worse.
    She added to the pain the others caused. She came up to me and said everything that was already said about me. She even brought soap one day. I never smelled. Never. I took 2 showers in the morning. One when I came back from school and another when going to bed. I had two different deodorants and a cupboard of perfume. So how could I smell? I didn’t put too much nor did I put one too little. Just the right amount. I became a clean freak. But it kept on coming. I was so insecure, I hated my body. Everyone told me I should model but some said I should go to a hospital because they thought I was anorexic. It was never like that, food was my refuge, and then later on it was useless, so I started to cut. The insult, a whore, a skank, the threats. But all I did was keep quiet. That same year, my step dad took advantage of me. I was so young. I was only 11. Not even 12. He got kicked out but the scars are still there. In the 8th grade, she called me an African booty scratcher again, that Africans should only marry Africans, and for my case she doubt s an ape would even want me. She laughed. I was so done with it that I told her she got African in her so why does she say those kind of things. For all she knows I could be her long lost cousin. We could be related she doesn’t know if we are. She snapped and grabbed for my hair. I fought back and apparently I “won”. She became unpopular in school and I got more respect. I tried to be friends with her but then she told me she wanted a rematch. And I said no. so she’s still there. But her friends were still on my case. They posted things on my face book wall. They sent me email. They did all those things. I blocked them, I got a new email. But they still followed me.
    I moved again freshman year. I thought I could get a fresh start. But I guess not. Ppl were still on me calling me the same thing. And they even told me once that I looked like Kony. A Tutsis cockroach. Hutu killer I was shattered to pieces I didn’t know what to do or say. And I was like why? What did I ever do to you? Why. But it seemed as if they cared less what my thoughts were or how I felt. I was talking about a fresh start but it was continuous. I think of killing my self everyday. The thoughts cross my mind. I even almost killed my self. I slit my wrist and almost cut my artery. I almost jumped into a river but I random man stopped me. Keeping your head held high is hard. You can, but it takes time to heal. They break your brick wall of self esteem that you’ve tried so hard to build up during the summer. It’s stupid. What can you do though? Walk away. I try as much as I can to but I lay my burden before God, for he is my helper. I would have been dead but I just let it go, for his sake.

    • Hey Elia,

      Be strong but, most importantly be YOU! Keep being who you are and never, ever take any crap from anyone. Sometimes it’s hard to walk away and say nothing. Keep your head up…you are worth it!

  44. Hi my name is Aria, Im 16 years old and in the 11th gr. I’ve started my sophmore year at a high school, but in Febuary I left for a while and started homeschooling. The reason i left for a while is because I was bullied and i tried to commit suicide because of being bullied.
    The people who where bullying me where my best friends and their friends. And let me tell you they where some fake people n everything but i didnt tell them a lot of stuff about me. So they bullied me because I was best friends wit my friends’ ex-boyfriend. But i was already really good friends with him before they got together.
    So these people were getting others involved and trying to have them jump me, fight me and everything. They talked a lot of CRAP behind my back, when i went to face them. They lie to my face and say they did say this or that. But once i leave they start running their mouthes again. Everyone was starting to believe those lies they said and not me.
    The presure was so much, i was tired of everything; life, people, EVERYTHING. i told my family they said to ignore them, etc. i went to the school, they didnt care,i even went to a police officer, they didnt do crap. So i decided to try to commit suicide again.(I tried twice before but i was not succeesful my family stop me. So i’ve been cutting myself.) So instead of cutting myself again, i was going to do an over dose. So i got one of my family members to buy me ib profin so it can help me sleep better. But i was gonna do it before i went to sleep so i can die in my sleep.
    The day i was going to thank you so much

  45. Each day you wake up hoping for a better day then the one that you had before but it only seems to get worse. You’re almost ashamed of what you let yourself  deal with, yet fear prevents you from telling someone not only because you are ashamed but also the dread of the repercussions that will occur after it’s been let out. What will my peers think about me? What will they say? Will I be laughed out? Will I be bullied even worse than before? So fear gets the best of you & you keep it all in. What does that do for you though? I’ll tell you it makes you a mean, bitter, and overall angry person. I’ve had to deal with being bullying my entire life & that’s exactly what I’ve become. After being bullied I expect the worst in everyone I encounter including people who have always giving me their best. Bullying completely warps your mind. If you don’t handle bullying now it can affect someone for the rest of their life. Speak up, do the right thing, help put an end to bullying. 

    • i agree with you completely. I haven’t been bullied my whole life,but its been on and off from 1st grade to 5th. i changed schools in 3rd grade because i was being bullied so badly. My friend was at this new school and guess what..she was being bullied to. so the bully at the new school bullied both of us…..The teachers found out…..must i say more?

  46. First I wanna say,great website.

    Okay so..I’ve always been the quiet type.From grade school up until where I’m at now.It kinda got worse as I got older,because in grade school I still talked,and had more than about 8 friends.But now,as I entered Middle School.Everyone changed,including myself.I started wearing all black,old school heavy metal blah blah you know what I mean,those alternative type of kids.And of in a small town,everyone loving the mainstream scene,and they see some chick rocking the 80s metal scene,its like”Hey,look at this freak” in an instant,I was pretty much an outcast.And I mean,don’t get me wrong I could really care less about what anyone thought of me,because I knew I was gonna get crap for it,I know how kids are these days,they target anyone who is diffrent.What got me going though was the fact it was the same kids who I thought were my friends,they were the ones sticking names at me,and it really hurt,I thought they’d stick up for me no matter what choices I made,I especially didn’t think they’d turn on me for something so stupid as clothes and music,and maybe a little darker sense of humour.Because let me tell you if the shoe was on the other foot I would of stand by them either ways,reardless of what they wore,listened too,or their interest.Because that stuff doesn’t matter to me,it doesn’t make who you are inside.Anyways,as I was saying,I was pretty much a loser,my grades weren’t all good either because of the stress..and it was really hard to make friends with people who actually saw past my looks and just saw me as a cool chick,I just didn’t know how to return the friendship anymore,with all the mocking and lack of social activity that was going on I didn’t know who to trust..I was way to insecure to be around anyone,my voice was pretty much tooken away.Eventually,I found a good group of friends,about 5.Its not much but they’re pretty cool.No,they aren’t really heavy metal freaks like me,but I don’t care I like being around them,even though I’m the quiet one in the group.I can be myself around them and they won’t think its weird.Though what worries me is that I’m too quiet sometimes,they even told me once,and it kinda bothered me because I know if I’m too quiet,I can become boring to them and they’d start hanging out with others,and it sucks because its been sorta happening lately..I mean we still talk of course but its just fading away slowly.And Freshmen year starts like in less than two months and I’m really freaking out,because I’m still really shy,and I pretty much have no clue how to talk to people…so I’m screwed basically.

    Anyways..long story short.I’m pretty much an outcast with really bad social skills and I get called names by almost everyone except my friends.Whome I’m starting to lose because I’m to damn quiet.

  47. I know it doesn’t seem like much,I mean from what I’ve read on here I know I could of had it way worse man,and I’m really sorry for you all,I seriously hope for the best of you’re all beautiful people with precious lives,don’t give up.

  48. I was bullied by the same person from 3rd to 5th grade. I was afraid to tell somebody about her because I didn’t want my life to be more miserable. This was a bully where she was an angel to adults. She called me names,Whispered about me to her friends,pushed me over,and did the exact same to my friend. Somehow i was paired up with her in everything. She was on the teams I was on, in the school groups i was in, and when the teacher put us into threes i was in her group. At the end of fifth grade she ended up losing all of her friends because she started bullying them too. She just ended up sad and miserable then. Now i’m in middle school and she is still in all my classes…. but she says nothing to me.

  49. I used to see two girls at Eothen School at Caterham bullying a little kid called Lomond, because of her unusual christian name and she was very small and skinny. Every day I watched these two girls Pamela and Susan kicking hell out of her but nobody ever stopped them or said anything. The staff knew it went on but they looked the other way.
    That was over 60 years ago.

  50. Bullying can change childrens lives. I have not gone to the media in my case, I have a fear his school experience could get worse, if that is possible. My son is scared to go to his school. His principal has tried to bully both my son and myself.
    My son was bullied at the latch key program his first year, to the point where the other child was finally removed from the program. Now my son is afraid to go to the school.
    His teacher tells him he cannot see the nurse when he says he is sick . When I drop him off the security guard tells him he is going to call the principal in a threatening manner. When I took my son to the nurse myself, she tells him he doesn’t want to go to a different school because those schools are bigger. After we left the nurse’s station, the security guard grabbed my son outside the station and drug him down the hallway. The whole time my son was crying and screaming for my help, this in front of over 20 people. The principal called me upset, not about my son, but that I had videotaped the event. I requested a meeting with the principal and he refused. The following day, the principal grabbed my son by the arm and pulled him out of my car.
    When I finally got my meeting with the principal, neither of his teachers bothered to show up, even though I requested they be there. The principal did not remember yanking my son out of the car. In fact he did not remember the many times my son was lying on the ground crying not wanting to be bullied at the school He said he was not aware of any problems at the latch key program. I showed him violent pictures my son was drawing and the principal and the social worker said they could not help and were not aware of the pictures. The problem being they were drawn at school and his teacher even put a good job sticker on one of them.
    My son told me he felt safer if I would go into his class with him. His teacher told me I could and they encourage parents to do so in the school handbook.
    I took my son to the classroom and they told me I had to sign in at the office. I did and then they told me I also had to sign another form. It was a hold harmless letter saying I would never sue the school. When I refused, the principal told me I could not go into my son’s classroom. I told him my son was afraid of him and his pediatrician said he had stool holding patterns related to his fear of the principal and the school. I also told him that I had been a volunteer before at the school and never had to sign such a form.
    The whole time the principal kept trying to bully me to sign the form. After making my son wait 30+ minutes for me to be there for him, the principal finally said he made a mistake.
    Now when I take my son to see the nurse she leaves and the principal comes in and hovers over my son when he is on the cot. He keeps telling him “I will check on you just like I always do”. The following day basically the same scenario, the nurse leaves without seeing my son and the principal comes in. This time taking my son’s temperature while my son is shaking afraid of him. When I asked the principal to leave the nurse’s station, he put his hands on his chest, like your typical bully and said “this is my school.” That same day, when I picked my son up from school that he had to go to the nurse, another child punched him in the back of the head and then he fell in the cafeteria. No email to me, no phone call just the note with the wording addressed by the principal. So my son got to deal with the principal he is afraid of one more time. The principal then sent me a letter telling me I could not videotape at the school, ( even though I have seen many parents doing exactly that) and that I am not allowed in the nurse’s station.
    The Superintendent sent an email to parents condemning bullying behavior and what the dangers were. I sent him a response email of how his staff had bullied my child in May of this year and requested a meeting, but he has not responded.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, is what they have done assault and battery, bullying…

  51. Before I go further on in this story, I should tell you that I have epilepsy. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. Bottom line, it makes a person have seizures. So, on with the story. In 5th grade I learned I had epilepsy. It was awful! I couldn’t remember anything from how to count to 10 to tying my shoes. So, when I moved to a different state when I was going into 6th it was pretty frustrating since I forgot everything I ever learned. I moved into an area with a very large Hispanic population, and on the first day of 6th grade all anyone saw was a “cracker” and not a human being. I had several seizures during that year and missed a lot of school. I was called stupid, useless, weird, white girl, and many other rude things that made me cry myself to sleep every…single…night. It continued in 7th grade. I got much better and was doing well in school. But was still being picked on. In 8th grade, everything got worse. I had friends… That slowly turned their backs on me… One stayed though. I graduated middle school at the top of my class but was still being called an idiot by people that can’t spell idiot. So, over the summer between 8th and 9th grade, my mom got married to her long distance boyfriend. So, we moved to a different state where I met some new people. I havnt been bullied yet…. But it has started slowly. I’m a clutz and tend to trip. So, I missed a step and tripped up the stairs one day “There’s a stair there idiot” said a senior. The word idiot set me off. I turned and punched his face… Detention was so worth it 🙂

  52. I was bullied as an adult. Yep, my husband and I moved to a new state; hundreds of miles south from where I lived most of my life. We left our best friends behind but never far from our minds. Growing up I thought that inanimate objects had feelings so it was natural that I had no fear when it came to defending someone. I’m not proud but, growing up, I used my filthy mouth to defend myself with words that would make a grown up blush. We both found great jobs. My husband worked with great guys. One of these guys was a real southern gentleman. He and his wife met us on the day we moved into the house we had built to help us move. We were moved. Little by little our friendship developed into hanging out constantly and drinking together. Don;’t get me wrong, we had a ton of fun. It didn’t take long for either of us to realize that the wife was the consumate alpha dog. She planned things that were beyond fun. We were always together. If familarity breeds contempt, we soon found that she had gone through friends but weren’t sure why. She knew I had the best of friends where I was from. She was 10 years older than her sweetheart of a husband. He was a handsome country boy; laid back and funny as all get out. Over a few years I saw the ugliness and even walked away from it when it was directed at me. She didn’t have lifelong friends that were still around. We knew that was odd. Long story short, she was incredibly mean and jealous when her new “best friend” got engaged. This sweet girl was 10 years younger and new to the area as well. We went on many trips together and had great times. I thought I could stand the ugliness and still be me. I thought grownups were responsible for their own actions which was why I didn’t intervene when it got nasty with our friend. So much was going on with people we knew that just the four of us went away this last year. She got nasty with me on a cruise and it took everything in my body not to grab her by the face. It was a side of my 47 year old self I thought was only reserved for my sisters when we were growing up. I think she knew. When we returned from the cruise she invited me over to check out something she had done to her house. I fawned over it and made nice. Then…I never saw her again.

  53. I’m in 7th grade this year and its hell for me! I am constantly getting picked on by boys and some girls because I was absent alot. People dont understand how easily sick I got and that I have asthma, eczema , allergies etc. they always come up to me and say why are you always absent huh ? Oh this is the first time I’ve seen you at school ! And they always point and say hey look the absent girl decided to come today. I only had 1-2 true friends but that’s about it. I now know how bullied teenagers feel, it makes you feel worthless. But I guess you really can’t do much.

  54. I’m in 7th grade this year and its hell for me! I am constantly getting picked on by boys and some girls because I’m absent alot. People dont understand how easily sick I get and that I have asthma, eczema , allergies etc. they always come up to me and say why are you always absent huh ? Oh this is the first time I’ve seen you at school ! And they always point and say hey look the absent girl decided to come today. I only have 1-2 true friends but that’s about it. I now know how bullied teenagers feel, it makes you feel worthless. But I guess you really can’t do much.

  55. I’m also in 7th grade, my story starts last year. Me and this girl were friends, we were, no are neighbors. Anyway, we carpooled and we would always poke fun with each other, Literally poke, but we never hurt each other… We always laughed and had so much fun! We had one other girl a grade ahead of us in the carpool. We had so much fun! We almost never fought! One day we were joking around and I shoved a cupcake in her face.. but for fun! And we all laughed! She didn’t freak… She laughed also! Something you should know about this girl is that she has a disabled sister, and does not get much attention at home. The point is… I got in the car because her mom was driving us to school that day. I said good morning and neither of the responded… I guessed that they didnt hear me, but I wasnt sure so I did not repeat myself. We got out of there driveway and her mom said “: what the hells wrong with you” and I thought ‘ I guess there just having a bad morning, and its about me not sayign hello’ so I said” Sorry I thought you herd me.. Sorry” Seh said ” What the hell are you talking about” I said ” I thought you were asking y I didnt say good morning…” I was so confused… What could I had done? She said ” why would you bully my daughter!? YOU are not going to go around being all sweet to me and then bully my daughter when Im not looking! You will NOT hit her push her, call her names, ( a ton of stuff I dont remember but I did not do…) and you will not shove cupcakes in her face!” I was so confused I started crying… I couldnt understand why she would tell her mom all this stuff I didnt do… and that she did not do anything… I went to school crying and when I got home my mom asked why her mom was syaing this stuff and I said that I didnt do it and that she had full on yelled at me in the car that morning. My mom believed me and told me she did not know she had talked to me about it and thougth it was very inappropriate for her to have yelled at me. She said thatg I did not hve to be her friend but I did have to carpool with her… I tryed to help things go back to normal but her mom kept being so mean to me… Eventually one day she picked up from school instead of dropping off. and she yelled at me again ( not going to get into detail about it) and I told my mom and I started just carpooling with the other girl. Things went back to normal ( I thought) but one day My best friend said ” why is ____ (not going to say name) going around telling people you bullied her, I know shes lying but why?” I told her about everything, but everyone kept askign why… I kept telling the people I honestly trusted the whole story and then the others ” thats not true she keeps tellign that lie abiout me I dont know why but I didn’t people believed me and eventualy it started to die down a little, I mean some people here and there but luckely not as much. I just stopped contact with her completely and the one day the vice principal called me out of spanish class… I couldnt think of what for… i thought he was just giving me something my mom dropped off for me or something. But when I got in there he said that she had told him that I was bullying her and telling people not to hang out with her of sit with her at lunch! I had not told people that and I was so confused… I then sent her an email apoligizing for what she felt I had done to her and then she went to the principal again telling him I was harrasing her! He told me she didnt want to work it out and I said ok. Then I sent another email saying sorry for bugging you and she went to the principal again and I was called out of class again! i was in there other times for simply bumping in to her or by acident looking at her and the vice principal had not herd anything bad about her, so he thought I actually did do these things! Soem people still think she is telling the truth and I lost an old friend and a lot of my new ones because of this stupid thing! I hat ehavign to deal with it because we live 2 doors down from eachother and its very stupid! I always feel so alone about this and like I have no one to talk to! ;(

    My case is not as serious as others but I just needed to say this…

  56. I’m a girl; I was bullied for about eight years. I always went to religious schools. I was bullied by all the boys and the girls too. (mostly the boys) It started with petty names and stuff i didn’t care or mind. I remember in 3rd grade that i ran out of the classroom crying and locking myself in the bathroom stall. I lived a pretty shelter life so I was a bit gullible, too honest, and really nice. I told them how i used to hide behind recycle bins in my old school because i was being picked on there too. A girl told me that people we’re being nice to me because they felt sorry.
    There was one boy who did the most bullying. He always made fun of my grandmother for taking care of me. When I hit puberty, I didn’t have anyone to go to talk to, so during class he ask me ‘why do you have hair on your lip’. I felt so embarssed because he said it loud enough to the whole class and kept picking on me about it. By the time I was in 5th grade I invited a girl over to play but she never showed. The next day, she told everyone that i lived in a box and that i was homeless. It took forever to get me out of there.
    So by seventh grade i got really into anime and manga. So i decide not to talk to anyone or react to what they said. It worked but still it was hard being bullied by two whole classes and having no one stick up for you. That year I got stuck with dissecting a frog with the guy that was always picking on me. He starting calling me troll because of the whole homeless rumor and because i had long hair. I had to dissect the frog and since it was a female frog i had to get all the eggs out of it first. So he screamed at the top of the lungs that i got it all in my hair and i had to put up with it through the whole year.
    I asked my grandmother if i can go to a different high school for my last year. She agreed so I deiced that I would be me for the last year at the school.
    My last year of middle school was the worse for me. My classroom wass filled with all the boys who bullied me in the years before and five other girls. They never could pronounce my name right so the same guy from before starts calling me ‘Aid’ for the whole year. I don’t think you understand how horrible that was. I tried out for being a cheerleader because it was something i always wanted to do. Every cheer game they would chant ‘Aid’ from the stands whenever I did something. Over and Over with other people there. My grandmother had to work concession stand one time and they were making fun of her right in front of where she was working. My grandmother came from Germany during the War time so it pissed me off when they starting talking about her. They ran away but still…
    It gets worse so we had to have a abstinence class for a couple of weeks till gradation. So since we had six girls including me it was perfect for this lesson. Three girls helped out already with something so we get to the part where one girl gets up and one boy gets up. They hold bags about the sexually transmitted disease and one about waiting. I of course was the last one to go and guess what I get….the AIDS bag. The boys starting chanting ‘Aid’ and I wanted to hide. I thought it was over when I was done but no. Through the hallway they had to shout ‘Aid gave Aids to Jim! Aid gave Aids to Jim!’ (that’s not his real name of course) At the end of the year we write nicknames for the yearbook and they wrote ‘Aid’ for mine too.
    When we were in class they would make fun of my grades and poke me when I did homework. They would close my locker put they’re stuff in the way and make me late. They pushed me down the stairs. Push my seat back and knock my stuff off my desk. One time I left the room and they empty everything from my bag. Every time someone was partner with me they would groan and moan then make me do the work but yell at me if I did it wrong.
    I mention that I like anime and manga; well we had prayer sessions at the start of the day. You would say who you pray for and the teacher would pray for it. So this was during the huge event 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, so i prayed for them. I did this every day because it was the right thing to do. The boys would come up to me and told me that they wish that every Japanese person should die. They did this just because I like manga, they kept saying that all of them deserve it and America shouldn’t help them. I got mad and told them to rot in a ditch and the teacher yelled at me for saying that. In my whole year only one guy tried to be nice and invite me to go to the movies with his friends. I politely said no and this girl told him ‘oh you want to be Aids boyfriend?’ and he never spoke to me again unless being a jerk to me.
    I was at my breaking point and then I would go home and argue with my grandmother. I tried to commit suicide so many times that I lost count. I harm myself many times too but I remember that I couldn’t leave my grandmother by herself. I was being bullied by kids at school and by some family too. It sucked and when I felt sad I would remember all the hurtful things I heard people say. I would remember my uncle’s death and how I didn’t say I love you to him and how I didn’t cry at his funeral because I thought it was better to hold it in. I would also remember how my grandmother hurt her knee in the zoo because I ran off and she was looking for me. I blame myself for the disability that she still has today and having to act mature at grade 3. It was weighing me down so I starting to write about it and keep it as a journal.
    Not until July 4th 2011 did I actually reveal it to my grandmother, it felt as if a weight was lifted. I felt so much better but the biggest problem was yet to come. My grandmother told the church about and they’re answer to me being bullied was this and i quote ‘This couldn’t happen in our school, the teachers would have seen it.’ They said I was lying and they never investigated to see if it was true. I still can’t believe that was they’re answer. I found out it was because most if not all of the parents of the kids were major contributors to the church. -_- I’m just relived that I never have to deal with them again.

  57. When I was in 6th grade, I was bullied by popular girls who were in the 7th grade. They made fun of my bushy hair and teased me, and generally made me feel ugly. I felt bad about myself and unloved, up to the point where I was afraid to socialize I felt like I needed to become like those girls to be accepted. Fortunately, I couldn’t. I stayed true to myself and kept doing the best I could, treating people with kindness and respect.
    When I began 10th grade, my acne disappeared, my hair sort of fell into place and became quite silky and tidy, and I lost weight. It never got to my head, and I never thought of myself as superior because I knew they were only external things, but what made me realize how much I was worth was finding an old friend of mine who I had lost contact with. He made me see how beautiful life was, and that he would be leading me by the hand through the difficult times. Next to him, I feel loved and I’m no longer afraid to get out there and reach out for people, and love them until the extreme, without the fear of being rejected. He really changed my life for good.
    His name? Jesus.

  58. My name is Lily.
    I used to be bullied a lot in middle school but when i got to high school it got better, I’m very out going and loud, I’m friendly loyally and happy…..or well I used to be, but then I started getting bullied again….. Last year I had a friend, lets call her Sally, whom I trusted and protected from other bullies. Over the course of the year she changes and became vicious, crazy, manipulative, and cold hearted, she told me not to talk to her in school and spread horrible rumors about me. She hid behind a vie of kindness and innocents to get people to trust her. I tried to keep my distance from her to think things through, when I did though she waited for me to leave my house then knocked on the door and told my mom i was a horrible person and should be punished for not being around her, I couldn’t take it anymore so I told her I didn’t want to be her friend anymore. That was the worst mistake I have ever made. Shortly after she attached herself to all my friends and told them lies about me, she told them that I had said she should die (which i never said), she said I was a whore, and a part of a cult! Every time i try and talk to them she comes into the conversation and talks over me to get attention, when I talk to one of my friends she runs over and pulls them away, she went to one of my teachers and “warned” them about me. When i made a new friend she came out of no where and started talking to her and bad mouthing me to her. I couldn’t stand it I went to the office to tell them all this but when they pulled her to the office they saw the perfect, little, innocent Sally acting like the victim, They told me i was over reacting and sent me away. When I was going to class one day she stopped me in the hall and said, “You’re trying to take your friends back, it won’t work, they’re mine and you are alone and worthless, you bit*ch!”, She spat at my feet and proceeded to class, I went to the office again in hysterics begging them to do something, anything! but they didn’t, they said if I ever talked about this again they would suspend me for making a fuss. I called my mom from the bathroom at school and told her what happened, she was very angry and called the school, they denied ever saying this and said they would do something, they never did. I never told my friends because i didn’t want to seem needy,but I couldn’t take it and thought they might be able to help. When I told them what was going on they all said, “we know you are being bullied by Sally, but we don’t want to get involved, you’re on your own.we are staying neutral, We’re sorry.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, if they were in this situation they would be asking for my help, but because they weren’t they didn’t care, My boyfriend tries to help but he is in college now so I don’t want to bother him. I found a way to get through the days,but its not exactly healthy… I’ve been cutting myself for about a month.. It helps but its not good. I don’t know what to do anymore, i’ve contemplated suicide and other things. I’M SCARED. No one is there for me and my friends keep saying they are “neutral’ and don’t really care to help me. I’m so lonely and I don’t know what I am supposed to do. Sally is in 12th grade.
    -Lily 11th grade

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  60. I am bullied but the worst part is that my cousin who knows this is friends with my bully and she is a bystander when I get bullied i already talked to adults and friends they tried whatever they could but I’m still bullied tough over the years it’s gotten a tiny bit better. My advice is keep your head up and smile dont let them get you down because that would be like letting them win always think about better stuff

  61. “Everybody goes through hard times but through this video we hoped to show those who are despaired that it really does get better as you continue on. We hoped this video motivates anyone whos struggling with bullying, physical abuse, or emotional abuse to keep on living strong.”

  62. I am a victim of bullying and I know how many people feel I got bullied all my lufe and still am in 6th grade I was walking to class and was stopped by a kid and just because I am different and not skinny like everyone that goes to jackson middle school they think its okay to bully me they told me that I am a worthless peice of s*** and that nobody wants to be my friend so I should just go kill myself and I wanted to and still do I dont know what to do but I cant talk ro my parents because they don’t understand my family thinks that it is funny to always say something about ny weight and they now how much that I hate it I even told off my mom and because of it so my dad said fine maybe you should die no one would miss you and my mom didnt even say anything about it. I have thought so many times about dieing that I want it to happen or about cutting I just would know if could do it bc I dont want to talk to anyone about it since all they say is just watch what u eat but nothing works and im tired of everything and everyone I just want it to end

  63. Hi my name is Steven Mann.

    I got bullied through my entire childhood from the first day of school
    right through collage. I am now 28 years old and due to the unfortunate situation of being victimized by various groups of bullies. I found it hard to make friends or even keep the friends that I had made and the simple conclusion to this is I lost who I was and tried to make myself into a person that was socially acceptable which led to drink and drugs, thankfully I caught the habit before it was to late and I can safely say that I have found myself again after all these years as hard as its was but now at 28 years old I have come to fight bullying again for my 8 year son within the first month of letting our son out to play I noticed similar trates in my son that I had when I was being bullied as at his age and his joyful little soul was being crushed, for example one night we was shouting our boy for at least an hour when his mum decided to go and find at a place he called the green where found him curled up against a fence with two lads kicking his own ball at him and calling him names.

    Now for me this took a lot to swallow because my worst nightmare, as a father, was for my son to become a victim of bullying like I did because he was different. so me and his mum helped through it by showing him how to be himself and helping realize that he is important to us and this planet with that sometimes
    bullying still gets to him but everyday its getting a little bit easier for him as we are there to help him realize that he as a person and the things he has to offer is more important than what bully can to do to him.

    The point to my story is there are millions of victims out there like myself in the past and my son presently that fall into this dark world of bullying by people who for some reason take it upon themselves to demoralize such kind and gentle people to a point where we know longer know or are too scared to be ourselves and I have scowled the internet for organisations and charities who can help the victims find their identity and to reclaim their purpose in this world, there are zero. We as a world have become obsessed with trying to stop the unstoppable directly fighting the fight for them. When instead all the bullied want is to be strong enough to fight the fight themselves and to be strong enough in themselves to fight the harsh race of society knowing they know who they are and this is what I want to start. A group or an organization to spread the be yourself spirit to all the victims out there and make them strong enough to fight back and say ‘stop’ themselves to these people because until these people stand up and fight for themselves. We will never concur bullying or cyber bullying

    so please give your views and feedback to my purpose


    • Steve, you are so right. My worst fears were always that my two boys would suffer through bullying. They luckily didn’t have it as bad for them. We must both pay attention to the bullied and the bully and try to intervene early to help them.

  64. For me every thing began on a hacker forum called which no longer exists. I enjoyed that forum since there was at least one really helpful person there called, “Sunjester.”I wanted to learn about computer security, hacker tactics,…and I did to some extent. I was not doing any thing bad on line and had no bad intentions but that is not how some one else saw it when I changed my nick to, “cy83r7r0n.”
    At that point I was contacted by this low life called, “Nacky.” I guess it appeared like I was too hungry and she requested me to crack into some e-mails. Now I refer to her as a non-entity as that is how she referred to her self in one of the e-mails that she sent me over the years when writing to me in order to confuse me and get me to believe that she was some outside observer. I think the term fits her well and others who are coerced into this cyber crime group. I believe that she has mental issues as all e-mails that I have received from her show that she has an enormous problem to write any thing with a head and a tail. It always comes in rambling sentences with grammatical errors. I believe she is an individual who has been coerced into the abusive world of these cyber bullies who are using her as a proxy to hide there illegal activities behind her as they are involved in various cyber crime activities such as cracking into peoples e-mail accounts, they put peoples personal information on the doxbin site that is hosted on the tor network (last year three Finish teens were arrested for that:,… Of course not enough is being done here and I am infuriated that I am on my own here. For now they are attacking my on line personality but they are determined to figure out who I am in real life.
    So when I refused to oblige to crack into some ones e-mail account and instead I decided to post the entire conversation on line and what followed were two hate blogs that are still on line, two abuse reports to Google, a whole bunch of e-mails filed some times with confusion and statements that just angered me. So if any one is wondering why I am writing this it has in part to do with Nacky as well who writes in a way that equates me with some low life.
    So any how she was trying to shut me up her self but so she could not get Google to delete my account but then others steeped in. Who ever was behind all this wanted to shut me down. These cyber bullies do not want to see me post on line the conversation where I was asked over and over again to crack into an account by Nakcy because that is illegal as it is a solicitation to commit a hacker crime but it goes beyond that. They do not want to hear any one talk about there techniques, individuals,…they try to censor all posts including this one. So I would ask the admin already at this time to do take note of that as this page is going to experience a lot of heat and I do not blame any admin who feels the need to remove this post.
    Nevertheless as I am going to continue my campaign to shed light on these cyber bullies in spite of being aware that they are going to try and censor me and fill my e-mail in box with abrasive messages. I believe that I need to do so as they keep a very low profile so some one has to do some thing other wise they are just going to go around hurting people unhampered as too little is being done to stop cyber bullies as such but especially against an organized group who may use proxies to log in to there e-mails and stay in general clear of social media sites. In fact I have been active on twitter no one dared to attack me there as they stick to shadows instead and lurk on those stolen e-mail accounts.
    Shawn is another non-entity that came after Nakcy failed to shut me up and tried to intimidate me even further by threatening me in an e-mail where a picture of a dead snake and a picture of who he believes is me were included. His e-mail he was using ended in “ucide.” It is not difficult to figure it all out and in my abuse report to google regarding the threatening e-mail I wrote that he may want me to commit suicide. Google seemed to respond quickly but after he received the message directly from the abuse department he wrote from the same e-mail account again to me the following, “I am cheering for you to commit suicide.” Apparently what ever google abuse department had to say to him did not hamper him a whole lot and that is why in part I need to take things into my own hands as to me this non-entity has proven beyond doubt that he is the lowest scum who has anger management issues and the only thing out of his mouth is disdain and rage.
    Many times I have received e-mails from these non-entities who seem to believe that they can trick me some how to stop exposing them down to outright threatening me. However, I feel it is my duty to bring to light a group that not only cyber bully and crack into e-mail accounts but they solicit other people into doing this for them by using other coerced individuals as proxies so that those few cowards can hide there identities behind proxies of non-entities.

  65. My name’s Elizabeth.

    I was bullied in year 7 and 8, and only two years changed me forever. It wasn’t even the kind of bullying i could’ve called anyone out on because it wasn’t physical. I was the shy, quiet little kid in a public school with kids who were loud, outgoing, and desperate to fit into social cliques. I was basically alienated in the very first few days because i was quiet and didn’t take part in talks about fashion, celebrities, sex, and all that jazz. It went on that i was excluded from everything, and no matter how i tried to be included, no one would speak to me. I’d be trailing behind my so-called ‘friends’ every lunch who’d try and walk fast to get rid of me, and excluded whenever there was any group work or when people picked teams for sports. I was cut out from every conversation, conveniently forgotten about when people organized parties and gossiped about behind my back; but don’t they know their whispers aren’t quiet enough that i wouldn’t hear them from two meters away?

    Sometimes they’d make fun of me as a ‘joke’, and people hated being categorized/related to me so much that they’d deny having black hair because i do even though their hair clearly isn’t ‘dark brown’. It was that bad.

    Why, you may ask? I was a polite kid. I was kind. I helped people with their schoolwork despite their subtle bullying because i thought that they would see that i could be a good friend. But i was quiet and shy, i didn’t like to gossip about guys, i never swore, so i didn’t fit in. With anyone. I only wished for one friend. Just one. And i tried so hard. See, in primary school, the only friends i had were guys. I literally had one female friend, the rest of the time i hung out with about twenty guys because back then, gender didn’t matter. My three best friends were guys who i had known from prep. We basically had a sleepover at each others’ house every week, hung out in parks, played soccer, rode bikes everywhere and played video games forever. Going into high school, the guys and girls were split immediately; it shocked me to be honest, and i guess i had a late realization that oh, girls normally hung out with girls. Doh. And guess what? I had no experience hanging out with girls and all of a sudden i had cooties so the guys were a no go too even though they were the only ones with who i had things in common. Eh?
    The worst part is the girls actually pretend that everything is cool between us, haha. The thing is it wasn’t just one or two kids in my class, or even three or four. It was every single girl in my class. This class never changed, was never mixed up. I was with them every school day for two years.

    All i remember from those two years was overwhelming, crushing loneliness and embarrassment. But deep inside, there was also a festering anger i never let out because in the end, i was stuck in my image as the quiet, polite kid who would always finish her work on time, never be rude to others. I didn’t want to change, and at the same time i desperately did. Time passed.

    In the end, i received a scholarship to a private school. But by then, i had indeed changed. I’d acquired a new, deep sense of fear. Fear of being alone. I had no friends for two years, no one to speak to and no one to understand. My parents weren’t in the best financial situation so i didn’t want them to know; i was a responsible kid who wanted to handle things herself, silently. There was nothing they could do but suffer with me, so it was better that they didn’t know. They couldn’t change things because the bullying was purely psychological. But i knew i had to leave that place–i couldn’t stay there for four more years of aching torture. It really was torture. Not a single person stretched out their hand to me. When my hard work paid off and i could change schools thanks to my scholarship, i made a vow to myself to change completely.

    I threw away who i was. That quiet, polite kid? Gone. That rule-abiding kid whom the teacher never had a sharp word for? Gone.

    I pretended. I went to my new school and acted like i was extremely outgoing, social, like my life was the most interesting thing ever and ‘fuck’ everyone who tried to look down on me. Because these people didn’t know me and didn’t have expectations for me yet; so i’d show them all up first. I stopped trying so hard to do well at school. And because of this, people accepted me straight away. I had many friends. And i kept pretending until my new personality wasn’t pretense anymore. When you live two years silently, you become very good at observing others. This proved very useful in my new school; determining who to be friends with and who to steer clear of; i forced myself into the popular ranks. A complete, perfect 180degree change. No one from my old school would have recognized me.

    Those kids who bullied me? I don’t care anymore. I’ve let go. Forgiven them. Because i’ve grown stronger. But not entirely. See, i can never forget that pain that i went through everyday, to the point where i’d sometimes have dizzy spells in school back then. Recalling those feelings are as easy as if it was something that had just happened yesterday. And deep inside, from the point i left them, something else fell into place. I didn’t want revenge. But remember that anger? I didn’t want them to suffer like i did, but i wanted to show them. I wanted to show them that because of them, look who i’ve become. Look how strong i am now. You can’t knock me down now. And look what i’m going to become. If you ever meet me again, i will be superior to you in every sense, be it my standing in society, my skills, my worth as a person. I won’t ever do to you what you did to me, i won’t ever try to take revenge through any underhanded means, or deliberately throw your job application form in the trash because i recognize your name and remember your actions. But i want to show you, at the very least, how many things i have that you never, ever will. You made me strong. Look.

  66. I have been bullied since 3rd grade and it is physical and mental bullying I got called stinky girl I got told I need to take a shower that my parents should’ve had an abortion and that I’m an embarrassment of a child I should go kill myself rude things about my weight people starting rumors that I’m pregnant that I’m elesbian that I have s** with my female family I also get told that I need to have a body transplant that I’m so ugly if I looked at freestyle Kruger his face would break I go to the bathroom and cry my eyes out I cry in gym I don’t have friends I am not popular my parents are divorced everyone picks on me about everything it is hard and my grandma just died in front of me and It’s hard

    • Heaven – I know and empathize with you on how hard it can be. Life is made up of many peaks and valleys. I wish you weren’t having to go through this, but things do get better. The only person you need to be happy with is yourself. Others say hurtful things, but you are in charge of how you feel. It takes lots of courage and practice to learn this, but you only need to be beautiful to you. Know that there is a whole community of people here who are behind you and share any time you feel the need.

  67. I was a victim of passive-aggressive anti-gay bullying at DePaul University. The correspondence with the gentlemen I had with was the part of that fraternity that was involved in ostracizing/bullying gay guys. Before he joined this fraternity I was friends with him and his friend. I even helped him sometimes, for ex, once I gave him inside resources to apply for scholarship to grad school. What I got back in return? When I got depressed I asked for help. His friend would not want to return my emails, return my phone calls after once calling me sometime before that “my brother and you are always welcome”. His friends acted strange. One of his friends who had a computer science class with me treated me weird. I knew this was due to gay rumors. However, instead of doing anything about it, he copied/pasted some website I could find in 2 minutes myself and TOLD ME to never contact him again despite that I was at that time lonely and had no other friends. The second time, he even threatened me despite that what he accused me of was pennies on the dozen, nothing serious really and what they did to me was far more dangerous. The whole time they were concerned only about themselves and not how their action and inaction affected me. I realized they were no real friends but scumbags who only pursued their agendas at cost of others like me. It did not matter to them that I could have killed myself. Who are these people. Passive-aggressive sociopaths.
    P.S. I accept your apology but you can’t keep contacting me like this when I don’t want you to.


    I received both your e-mail and the letter you sent to my house. As I have made it very clear and even stated in my May 07, 2009 email to you, I no longer wish to be contacted by you. There should be no misunderstanding here and moving forward; do not contact me via e-mail, phone, mail, text, or any other form of communication. If you continue to contact me I will be forced to seek legal advice and move towards filing a restraining order and/or harassment charges against you. You undeniably sought to publicly embarrass my friends and I (i.e. the video you created about my fraternity) and that is by legal definition considered defamation and libel. The court of law allows legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism.

    It would be in your best interest to cease communication with me or face possible legal consequences.

    Thank you,



    If you have having mental problems and/or struggling with depression I suggest that you take the prescriptions that your doctor offered to prescribe you and/or seek counseling. Counseling is a great way to overcome your feelings and move on to bigger and better things in live; rather than thinking about the past which can’t be changed.

    I searched on DePaul’s website and found information that may be helpful to you:
    “DePaul has a host of resources available to address the mental health issues of students, faculty and staff. The Dean of Students Office at 773/325-7290 is available to faculty and staff who identify potential student mental health issues. The Dean of Students Office can help facilitate referrals to on- and off-campus psychological services and other resources. University Counseling Services has walk-in hours available every weekday for students who want help. Lincoln Park hours are noon to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Loop hours are noon to 1 p.m. If you or someone you know needs help immediately, call 911 or Public Safety. For details on how to make a referral, check out the counseling center’s brochure called “Helping Distressed Students” or visit its Web site at

    Please don’t take offense to me looking up the Dean of Student’s office information for you. I wanted to provide you with information on how DePaul can help and then you can take the proper action to best figure out and overcome your situation.

    I appreciate the e-mail but I feel it best that we don’t communicate anymore; whether it be via e-mail, phone, or text. The more we communicate the worse it will be for both of us. I feel it will just make you feel worse as it apparently reminds you of past times. I have no hard feelings against you, but at the same time I feel that by me talking to you it just makes the situation worse.



  68. I am a Singaporean. If you think Singapore schools are bully-free and prestigious, you are wrong. I am the best example as a victim of a long 6 to 8 years of bullying and it will cause me my biggest nightmares for life.

    Since 6 to 7 years old , I was bullied because I am different and I have no one to depend on in school. I depend a lot on adults and I dont feel safe in school.

    When I was 8 years old , I almost died of strangulation and my birthmark was smashed by a badminton racket. It leave me with the immense thoughts of death for life.

    When I was 9 years old , I thought of suicide as it was the only way to release my suffering. However it failed and things turn for the worse till the extend i was insulted from a male classmate back then who came from a family of doctors. My parents eventually draw me out of school after PSLE and I had to stay at home till the release of results. In a meanwhile , a trip with my family to Europe which only do a little help with my recovery from bullying.

    As i entered secondary school , I am unlucky to make friends who dumped me aside when I need them the most. I am unable to recover from bullying and even more bullying came in with harassments from boys and scandals. I thought of suicide but unfortunately I didnt attempt it as i am worried about the effects and the strain on my family who loved me the most.

    The effects of bullying have drove me partially insane and I am currently seeking help from school counsellors.

    I am fearing of a day that i will eventually be driven nuts from bullying. Anybody can help??

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  70. You know, this reminds me of a bullying incident years ago back when I was in high school, there was this goth girl named Rachel, who had moved from Long Beach, California to Beverly Hills, MI, during my sophomore year. I have to admit, she was cute, she wasn’t fat nor too skinny, average weight that a girl should be, about 5 foot 9, and a roundish face, and I can say, she was a very pretty girl. She smirked a lot, which made her more attractive, but she was an absolute witch. Everybody, from staff and faculty to the entire student body cowered and trembled in fear every time Rachel set foot in the building.

    She would always were these oversize cargo pants with chains all over them, Steel toed boots, a black hoodie – the teachers had to tell her several times to remove the hood, after which she terrorized the entire class – and black makeup and lipstick…and had beautiful black hair……well, she had the typical goth look.

    Rachel ended up in four of my classes after she had arrived from California. Whenever she walked into class, everyone would literally go silent. About a month after Rachel arrived, she started bullying my classmates. This one girl, I remember, was shoved by Rachel and told to move out of her way. The girl told Rachel off. Around lunchtime, I was in the commons, eating lunch, and I suddenly hear screaming. There’s Rachel, in the middle of the hall, pummeling away at this girl’s face, and screaming at her. Her face was contorted into one of pure hatred and rage. It took four other guys to pull her off the girl.

    I got a weird vibe from Rae from then on.

    Me personally, I went on about my business and ignored her, which in fact gained her undivided attention. One day, myself, another student and my teacher were outside the trailers (Part of the school was undergoing renovation on that dark and horrible September day in 2001) and Rae happened to walk by. She flipped the girl and the teacher off, to which effect I said to them both “well, THAT’s rude”.

    Rachel heard this, of course, stopped in her tracks, turned around, then glared at me. We both maintained eye contact with each other before she stormed off back into the building.

    Later in the day, I heard her gleefully reveling over how many people had died in the attack.

    That afternoon, I noticed her following me home. Still, I didn’t think much of her figuring she lived in the same subdivision I did.

    And a week later in class, she asked me why do I ignore her. I told her exactly why. I said she isn’t a nice person to deal with, and after seeing you pummel that girl’s face in last week over nothing, and flip all three of us off three days ago, only to hear you gloating about the deaths of 3000+ people later on in the day I’d prefer you stay away. Far away. From Me. You’re sick.

    That’s when Rachel’s right eye began to twitch, and I knew I struck a nerve. She grabbed be by the throat and shoved me against the wall, prompting the teacher and another student to intervene. She then screamed in frustration, stormed out of the class, slamming the door so hard the glass pane broke.

    She assaulted me every day after that, be it throwing food at me in the lunchroom, slamming the locker door shut and breaking my hand between the locker door and the frame, tripping me, then kicking me with every ounce of force she had with her steel toed boots, fracturing eight ribs.

    By January, Rae was stalking me every chance she had.

    One night, when taking out the trash, Rachel came out from around the corner of the house (She was watching me and my family eat the entire time) and tackled me. I had the little hatchet with me in my hand, as I had to break up the old wooden table we had just thrown out, so I gave the girl one nice hard whack on the skull with the blunt end. At the same time, my mom heard the commotion and came out onto the carport.

    Rachel had her hands around my throat and was trying her best to strangle me with her bare hands, but I kept whacking her with the butt end of the hatchet. By this time Rachel had let go, was screaming, then started crying from the pain, she looked up to see my mom with the .38 in her hand and ran.

    The next morning after I arrived at school, Rachel slapped the ever-loving shit out of me.

    I noticed that she was singling me out more and more, than the other kids she usually picked on, and I continued to ignore her more and more, and finally, one December day, I had enough and told her ass off. This only served to piss her off. I didn’t see her in the rest of my classes that day……until i left to use the restroom.

    Things took an almost deadly turn that same day I unloaded on her, I had left class to use the restroom. I had gotten to the boy’s bathroom door when I got a whiff of an off-type musky scent (and it wasn’t weed). I sniffed again, and i hear a “thump”. I turned around, and there was Rachel, barreling out of the women’s restroom at full speed, snarling and high as hell.

    The last thing i remember thinking is that this girl is three hundred times worse than what I endured from the multiple ignorant apes back in the Detroit Public School system.

    She tackled me full force, she and I hit the wall and I ended up cracking my skull on the floor, knocking me out. I didn’t remember anything else after I came to in the hospital. I was later told from other students that Rachel had waited for me, she had been watching me, and had stabbed me about eight times, then proceeded to beat me senseless with some thick iron pipe (She left it behind when she fled the school) until I was an unrecognizable mess on the floor. The principal had said that there was blood everywhere, and that Rachel was literally drenched in my blood as she ran past him. I died twice on the operating table, but was brought back. The police and the FBI got involved, and they hunted for Rachel for a good two months before she was found renting a motel somewhere on Woodward. She had bludgeoned her dad and her younger sister back in Long Beach, after she and her dad got into it over another violent bullying incident there. Apparently that’s when she fled here to Michigan.

    She was charged with 3 counts of attempted murder, (me, her dad, and her sister), felony assault (for the freshman kid back in California she beat in front of the student body in an attempt to humiliate him) and sentenced to six years. The last i heard, she was released in 2007, and was looking for me, but does not know my whereabouts. I pray to Agni that i never come across this homicidal bitch ever again.

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