The Skinny Girl (A Personal Story)

Sometimes when you read a story about bullying, it seems like such a simple minor story and you ask yourself, “why is that person so affected by that incident”? Typically the answer is you really don’t know the whole story. Here is Kelsey’s story, which she bravely shares. She gives the back story of why this incident, while it seems minor, affected her so much. Kelsey brings up a great point about what the bullies don’t know about a person when they make fun of them and what that can cause. She also shares how a teacher, while probably thinking they were helping, actually caused more damage with their suggestion. I am dealing with this right now with one of my children, so understand her point here. Hopefully, with enough of these stories out there, we adults will learn to handle bullying situations a bit better. ~Alan Eisenberg

The first thing I would like to say is I am glad I found this website because after what happened to me today, I felt like I needed to get my feelings and thoughts out somehow.

I have always been the skinny girl in school. I get looks, comments (usually not so nice ones), and I know people talk about me behind my back. I wish I could just get it into their heads that I do not have any type of disorder (psychologically or biologically) and this is just how I am. The teasing started in 8th grade when a teacher actually told one of my friends to talk to me about why I’m so skinny. It escalated in 9th grade when a girl who was obviously worried about her skinny looks would always ask me how much I weigh so she could make others realize that I was skinnier than her. Also in 9th grade, a boy that had always picked on me since he moved to our school called me out in class one day and said that I should eat more. he proceeded to eat a Reese’s cup and explained to me exactly how to eat so I could learn. I left the room crying and never feeling so horrible about myself in my entire life. No one understands me and only my close friends knew that there was really nothing wrong and I am just the way I am because that’s how God made me.

But the story that led me to this blog today made me feel much more worse than Charles and his Reese’s cup ever did. It snowed all day today so I decided to walk out to my car to start it up so I could leave right at 5. It was getting close to time and there were a few customers left, but a group of teenagers (a boy and 2 girls) had just got into their car and were backing out. I minded my own business, brushing the snow off of my car, when a girl stuck her head out of the back seat window and asked me what my name was. I kind of just ignored her because i didn’t know who she was and i figured she was with her friends and was just going to say something to make me looks stupid. But she called out and asked again. So I told her. and she called back and said “oh. Your name should be Anna. Anna Rexic” and they drove off. The only thing running through my mind at the time was how mad i was because they didn’t even know me. i had never seen them in my entire life. at this point i was shaking and as they drove by up the road i gave them a sign that was very anti-Christian, and of course, they all gave it back to me. If I could find them right now and apologize for that gesture, i would. There is no way I ever want to be anywhere near their level of horrible. I just shook. I was so upset. i went inside and cried as i told my boyfriend what had happened. I cried all the way home. And the entire time i was at home until my boyfriend came and picked me up. I cried for about 5 more minutes in his arms until I calmed down enough to explain to him that what they did was so low.

I honestly don’t know what these kids think is okay. How do they sleep at night? Don’t they know that people who actually do have these problems kill themselves over little things that happen like that? I told my boyfriend I could never imagine doing anything like that to someone. i would never want to hurt someone like that. the fact that I don’t have a disorder is not even relevant. They said something to me that could have harmed someone who was not psychologically stable. and they didn’t even think twice about it.

I just want everyone out there to know that any kind of bullying is not okay. People have problems behind closed doors that they may be hiding and you would never ever know. I’m almost thankful that they targeted me and not one of those people that are potentially unstable and suicidal. I know that I will eventually rub it off my shoulder because they will have their judgment day. Just remember: don’t ever do or say anything that you wouldn’t want anyone to do or say to you; how would it make you feel?


9 thoughts on “The Skinny Girl (A Personal Story)

  1. I have always been skinny and don’t suppose I will ever change but I have learned to condition my mind to the injustice of society towards skinny girls. I have known relatives. close family friends to come up to me and say girl you’ve grown up to be a model, you look great, lovely legs. If only the outside world could be so supportive. No. My long, shapely legs are now converted to chicken legs, my petite chest looks looks like a guy’s bust and my narrow waist and hips make me seem like a stick. The world is a cruel place with cruel people but I’m growing and learning. Hey, I’m going to have a daughter and chances are she’s gonna take after her momma and trust me when I say that I will be there t support her every step of the way.

  2. The worst part for me I suppose is that I’m black and the stereotypical look of black women is to be full figured and voluptuous which at least right now at 14 I am not.
    I know I am beautiful and attractive and will grow into a lovely young woman, my mom assures me of this. But I don’t need to be battered in my rise to womanhood and slammed as less of a woman just because I don’t carry those race track curves.

  3. I know about this type of lash out from others. Strangely, that led to me eating a lot of things in an effort to gain weight. I thought it would never happen and truly didn’t think I was very small at all. I wore size 0 and with all the others wearing near sizes, I thought we were all pretty normal until it was time to graduate, and all the other girls filled out pretty well. I had no bra size, and I was pretty short too. I was teased, the students would say I was so skinny I could dodge the rain. At the office they teased me saying I wouldn’t be able to feed my children because they wouldn’t be able to chew bone that young. As they teased I saw myself as thin, I saw faults in my physique. I forced myself to eat beyond my appetite. Today, as a 32C, Size 4 at 113lbs… I wish I’d had the presence of mind then not to bother with the comments. I can’t say they didn’t hurt me, but more than that, I saw the need to fix something, because something had to be wrong with me. I yearn to workout to get back my flat stomach, to decrease to a B cup so I can fit into the dresses I love. Today I am heckled because of my hope. Having gone from a o – 2 – 4 – 6 – 4, at no size are you acceptable to all people. Skinny is a size, and its a size I’m most comfortable in. Last week a woman told me “you look like you’re getting fat! Definitely, you’re getting fat!” her face showed she solemnly disapproved.

    • I’m sorry you are going through this. I always try to remember that the only one that needs to love me is me. It’s hard on many days,but I just keep trying to say that.

  4. Every type of pain counts, and is valid. A lot more can be said and done to fat people though, including how they’re wasting food and government money.

  5. I know how you feel there is a boy that is bullying me because I’m so skinny he calls me anerexic and it’s not my fault I’m so skinny. I cry all the time becaus win so skinny when it’s not my fault. He sends me pictures of random skinny people off the Internet and says ” I found you on the Internet ” and he says how he would by me food. It makes me sad because I hate this feeling 😭 I tell him to stop but he doesn’t he thinks it’s funny when it’s not he says I am anerexic but I’m not that’s just how I was born. Hopefully it changes because I hate being this way being bullied just because I’m skinny it’s bullshit. He need to grow up and learn a lesson that it’s not okay to make fun of people that are skinny and call them names especially incicence people that are born skinny. Thanks 😭

  6. I know, right! How can these people sleep knowing that they hurt someone else? Anyways – if you’re underweight, It’s best to get checked by a doctor as this can cause many health problems (e.g. Stroke). Good luck! 🙂

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