Healthy University: Episode 41 – Dr. Felicity Lawrence on Workplace Bullying & Cyberbullying

Dr. Felicity Lawrence joins Healthy University host, Alan Eisenberg, to discuss her study findings on workplace bullying and cyberbullying. Dr Felicity Lawrence is the Principal of Stop Workplace Cyberbullying and has a PhD in organizational social psychology together with over 25 years experience in Australian private, military and government environments. Felicity is … Continue reading

Source: Healthy University: Episode 41 – Dr. Felicity Lawrence on Workplace Bullying & Cyberbullying

One thought on “Healthy University: Episode 41 – Dr. Felicity Lawrence on Workplace Bullying & Cyberbullying

  1. Bullying is becoming a major epidemic. One example is the school district of Choctaw, Oklahoma. Multiple children are being bullied there. One child has already committed suicide there due to bullying. I recently had a conversation with a parent of a child there who is being bullied, stalked, & threatened for over 5 months now. Nothing is being done to address the situation at this point. Here is a revised version of information gained from the parent as well as assistant superintendent Donna Cooper.
    It all started when the parent’s child refused to go out with another child. The child started rumors and got a group of other children to hate this parent’s child. The other children don’t even know this child the rumors were made about. The only thing this child knows about the other children is their names. The child who started it all told the group of children this other child wanted to beat them up. Everything just keeps escalating from that point. These Bullies have went as far as bullying the siblings of the child rumors have been spread about, because they are related. The Bullies have grown to a group of about 12 now. They stand outside this families home watching & waiting for the child to be alone. They’ve said if they caught the child alone they’d beat them into a coma.
    The parent has contacted Choctaw police & had the child show texts & screen shots of proof. The Choctaw police informed them they can’t do anything unless the child is physically harmed. The problem only gets worse every time this parent gets anyone involved. The bullied child has nightmares regularly of the Bullies beating them up, it’s horrible.
    The other day the bullied child was confronted by some of the bullying childrens parents. Telling the child they deserve the bullying they are getting. The bullied child is always staying in like the whole family does to stay safe & keep the peace. It is doing no good, the child gets blamed & told it’s all their fault even when the bullied child knows nothing about the Bullies except their names.
    One child in Choctaw has already committed suicide because of the bullying. The Bullies do not care what this is doing to this parent’s child they are bullying now.
    The Bullies are not only cyber bullying, they call and are ruthlessly mean. They come up to this families house looking to fight this child. This parent stepped out of their house in October to find four Bullies outside of their home.
    These children need to realize that bullying is not the answer and it is really bad in Choctaw, Oklahoma. It’s in every school there, elementary, middle school, & high school, it’s ridiculous.
    One mother said her children are going through rough times that’s why they are acting like this & being Bullies. The bullied child said they’ve been through the same stuff and you don’t see them bullying people. There is no good excuse for bullying anyone.
    I have for numerous reasons left out names & gender. I have sent emails to Governor Mary Fallin’s office, the State Board of education, 3 major news stations, Tulsa World, The Oklahoman, & Stop bullying now foundation.
    I contacted assistant superintendent Donna Cooper. I informed her of the police response as well as the cyber bullying, threats, & stalking. She wanted names, I responded I will give your contact information to the parent. I do not have concent to disclose that info. Donna Cooper proceeded to inform me nothing can be done by the school to get police involved or prevent anything at the child’s home.
    I am trying to figure out what to do to help this parent and stop the bullying epidemic in Choctaw, Ok.

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