The Importance of Sharing our Bullying Stories

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. ~George Santayana When I first started out on this adventure to recover from the long-term damage that youth bullying caused me, I decided to do it with a blog website in 2007 and write down all the stories I could remember about … Continue reading

Source: The Importance of Sharing our Bullying Stories

One thought on “The Importance of Sharing our Bullying Stories

  1. I definitely see the importance of sharing. I have definitely suffered some health problems over the years for not knowing how to handle the multiple verbal assaults that had been coming from my immediate FAMILY these last couple of years. That was a major adjustment. The lack of empathy was the bigger issue. What came out of me was to constantly try to avoid them and have this flight or fight response with them on a regular basis when I would be around them. This type of way of living crossed into my personal life and work life. It affected my sleep and breathing as well to date. Because I am Christian, I really began to pray this year and ask the Lord to begin to help me forgive them finally. Hate is what began to grow hugely regarding my family. I began to imagine hurting them. The thoughts were very strong. I began to isolate myself and constantly dwell on their behavior and how hurt I was. I know what the Bible says about “overcoming evil with good”. Because I love God first, I am willing to practice mercy and compassion. Apparently it’s some major pain in my family’s life that is causing them to be very negative and have a lack of empathy. This is now what is helping me to see them from a different pair of eyes. It’s helping me to react to them slowly with a different reaction. I know I want to be fully well. I am interacting with positive people are which helps. This is by far the best direction for me to go in. Having compassion that only the Lord can give for people who are angry and unthoughtful about their behavior is beginning my turn around from a victim mentality and extreme anger to loving and compassionate person.

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