Healthy University: Episode 3 – Stress Free Now

On this episode, Dr. Robert Wright Jr. and Mrs. Christine Wright from Stress Free Now ( discuss how stress affects our mind and bodies as well as ways to cope with the stress in …

Source: Healthy University: Episode 3 – Stress Free Now

2 thoughts on “Healthy University: Episode 3 – Stress Free Now

  1. I am a handicap gentleman. I had a stroke after a car accident when I was 16 and cannot use my left arm or leg well at all. My wife, my 8 and 5 yo daughters and I pulled up to a karate school in Fort Collins, Co this past Monday. One of the instructors came out of the school and began to verbally degrade me in front of my wife and children. Talk about being made to feel less than a man in front of people you love and have to live with. As a disabled person I cannot defend myself, and would never try against a man standing there in his third degree black belt outfit. Most people would say I am a nice guy. I am nonthreatening due to my physical weaknesses. What do you do when someone who has perceived and real physical ability and power verbally attacks you and makes you feel threatened for reasons you cannot understand? I tried the only approach I have which is to say” Hey you are making me feel uncomfortable, please stop.” That did not work so we had to leave feeling confused and abused. We are human beings, and not targets for those who feel the need to express their power over us. Just because I am not as physically capable as you, it does not mean my children do not look up to me and see me as their father and role model. I thought martial arts was supposed to teach restraint. We are also aware that this instructor teaches children in our Fort Collins neighborhood. Thank you for allowing me to guest post here. I just feel like a victim. I can be reached at

    • Hi Douglas. Unfortunately, the only people we can control is us. You always be a nice guy and remember that it is them, not us, that have the issues. Your feelings are very understandable and nobody deserves to be embarassed in front of others. Thank you for sharing with the community here. We support you always. ~Alan

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