Bully Incident #6: The Principal (1977)

When I watched the movie “Bully” by Lee Hirsch, I saw this same scenario play out 30 years later. It really upset me that there are school administrators who still don’t understand the ramifications of the action of bullying. Maybe one day a new education program will be created to help train school administration on how to advise and handle bullying situations. ~Alan Eisenberg

Bullying Stories

During the years of Bob bullying me, there were many moments where the adults let me down. Looking back, I would chalk most of that up to either a lack of understanding of the issues of bullying or just the “kids being kids” mentality that I think a lot of adults hold about issues of bullying and fighting.

One of the most crushing blows I can remember that made me realize how alone I truly was in my battle with bullies occurred after a rather brutal confrontation when I ended up with a bloody nose after Bob bashed me in the face. It’s hard for me to believe the teachers outside the school did not see that happen, but I have to admit that many of these fights probably only lasted a minute or two. Since I was not fighting back at the time, it was pretty much one punch…

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