“Standing By” – A Free Play about Teenage Bullying

Standing ByIn 2010-2011, I ventured into my first official writing project, creating a play about High School bullying with my high school alma mater, W.T. Woodson High School in Fairfax, VA and the 2010-2011 Drama 4 class, taught by my good friend, Terri Hobson.

The play called “Standing By” was performed at W.T. Woodson in 2011 to an enthusiastic audience and then was quietly forgotten for a few years. Recently, as I have started my company “Bullying Recovery, LLC” and began writing again, I pulled the play from the mothballs and am now offering it to everyone for free.

It is a 30-minute one-act play that allows discussion afterward and I hope that many High School and performing groups will consider putting it on. It is totally FREE to have as another tool to help teach about bullying.

I am very proud to have collaborated with my old Drama department from years ago and the teens of today to create this piece. To download the FREE copy of the play, you can go to my website page at: http://bullyingrecovery.org/publications/free-standing-by-play-download/

You can also get ebook copies at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/545617

I hope you will consider downloading and putting the play on or getting it to your local High School drama department for a production. It was truly a labor of love to create and the authors hope that it can change the way teens think about bullying in High Schools.

~Alan Eisenberg

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