Bully Incident – The Rocket Ship

As I think back and revisit these stories, I can see how I would be labelled the “Strong Sensitive Boy”. Sensitivity is not a trait that men are “supposed” to have. It doesn’t justify the bullying, but makes me understand further how I was targeted, due to this personality type ~Alan Eisenberg

Bullying Stories

There were many more minor incidents with Bob after the last story I told. You probably have a good idea of how the story goes. Not all of the incidents were big, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hurt. I would get pushed or they would just call me “iceberg” on the playground. I was mostly in avoiding mode and trying not to get in their way. Remember, Mom told me, “don’t fight back” and I didn’t.

It was hard to avoid the kids at recess. There were too many places to hide or corners to go around and I really loved playing with friends. But, I remember one day I was with my friend Jonathan on a metal climbing piece of equipment that was shaped like a rocket ship. It was cool looking and at age 9, we could come up with all sorts of adventures we could have…

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