The Cyberbullying Virus

There are some amazing creative artists doing powerful messages about bullying. This is one of the more creative approaches to the cyberbullying problem, as it ties itself to cyberbullying in the same vein as the current Ebola virus issue. It is great to see all the creative ways we can try to stop bullying and send messages out to stop bullying.

I was recently interviewed by The Verbal Villain and explained that the best way to deal with cyberbullying is really to leave the cyber-network for a while, so you don’t even see or acknowledge the bully. Of course, this is hard to do for a young person that is now very tied to social media.  I think this video, though, is one is one of the more creative approaches and hope you do as well.

5 thoughts on “The Cyberbullying Virus

  1. What are the theories that vividly explain bullying behavior among student
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    • That’s a good question and you might go to more study resources such as the Cyberbullying Research Center for answers. There is also some study data located on this site.

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