Music Lyrics #20 – Dreams I’ll Never See (Molly Hatchet)

I’m sure as you read the title of this post, those of you that know Molly Hatchet’s music might be saying to yourself, ‘OK how is this song related to bullying recovery?’

As you know, I have been doing music lyrics for a while on the website and this is number 20 of those. I have discussed, partially, the reason why, but also one of the biggest reasons why is that music has been tied to helping in the recovery of depression and anxiety. Think about hearing how a certain song makes you feel when you hear it. Many, like myself, are transported back in time when they hear a song from the past, reminding me of how much I appreciated hearing the music during tough times and good times. Psychology Today has a good article about music as therapy.

In the article, they discuss how long music has been a part of therapeutic help:

All forms of music may have therapeutic effects, although music from one’s own culture may be most effective. In Chinese medical theory, the five internal organ and meridian systems are believed to have corresponding musical tones, which are used to encourage healing.

Types of music differ in the types of neurological stimulation they evoke. For example, classical music has been found to cause comfort and relaxation while rock music may lead to discomfort. Music may achieve its therapeutic effects in part by elevating the pain threshold.

So, now on to today’s music choice. A few years ago, I was driving and this song by Molly Hatchet came on. It is good ole Southern Fried Rock and I started to tear up when it came on. It had been many many years since I heard it, but I wasn’t sure what memory (happy or sad) it was bringing up. What I missed, yet again, at that time were the lyrics. So the music evoked in me something deep and maybe I did hear the lyrics then for the first time as an adult.

I went back and studied the song and lyrics. They are lyrics for “Dreams I’ll Never See” were written by Greg Allman for the Allman Brothers Band. When the Allman Brothers Band recorded it, it was a slow moving ballad and not a big hit. Molly Hatchet had other ideas. They turned it into a great rock song with great guitar rifts, but still it retains the original message that is so important. It reminds us, in between the rock, to remember that we all have dreams, many we’ll never see, but to be satisfied on the success of the dreams we do see. I think it’s a very important message, and I think Molly Hatchet turned it into a staple of late 70’s and early 80’s Southern Fried Rock ballads.

“Dreams I’ll Never See”
(originally by The Allman Brothers Band)

Just one more morning, I have to wake up with the blues.
Pull myself outta bed, yeah, put on my walkin’ shoes.
Climb up on a hilltop, baby, see what I can see, yeah.The whole world’s fallin’ down oh babe, right down in front of me.Cause I’m hung up, on dreams, I’m never gonna see, yeah.
Lord help me baby, dreams get the best of me yet.Pull myself together, gonna put on a new face, yeah.
Gonna climb down from the hilltop, baby, Lord, get back in the race.
Cause I got dreams, I got my dreams, to remember, the love we had.
I got dreams, I got my dreams, to remember, the love we had.Cause I’m hung up, on dreams, I’m never gonna see, yeah.
Lord help me baby, dreams get the best of me yet.

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