Today’s Bullying Message

Do you still struggle to believe that adults struggle to deal with the bullying that happened to them when they were younger? This video from Amir might help clear that up for you in three minutes. I find it very emotionally powerful.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Bullying Message

  1. i still remember when i was bullied over 30 years ago. But what i remember the most was the bystanders who were laughing and cheering on the bully. That is why for the past 10 years i have traveled across North America speaking to students. My company is called please also check out my blog at keep up the great work

  2. For some reason, the sentence “the teachers explained to my father that this is how children play” stuck with me the most.
    It’s probably because that from a ‘bullying’ point of view, teachers are an integral part in stopping and preventing it. And knowing this, it’s always struck me as both ridiculous and completely terrifying that teachers (and some – or maybe even many – parents) hold the view that bullying is something that happens, that it’s normal, that it should be expected and ‘what can you do’ and ‘it will pass’ and ‘they’re just being children’.

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