Unequal (A Personal Story)

Sometimes I feel that, when someone writes me, I just have to share their words. Otis’s words are of that type. He speaks to the unspoken bullying that he feels has been generational in his life. I don’t know how to share that opinion, then just to share it here with you. ~Alan Eisenberg

Bullying is more of an issue than most people would ever understand , as a victim of such myself from insurance fraud which it began to being threaten as well followed a stolen properties. arson to a rental ,a home invasion shot in left femur , burglary’s as this has been many years that it has happen it has been a real life changing encounter, when one is target for greed a control in a way unexplained .

As equally unbelievable.as I understand many groups are in awe of have good intentions to address such matters . As slaves spent many generations fighting for civil a human rights I just wish that organization such as this one a many others were not limited to the real point of the understanding the hate an greed as well the shame placed a pond the people whom has endured such a crisis instead of made out as one should hide behind the hurt as over many years I have had to fight for my strengths of over coming, mentally as well physical . and all the organizations I seeked help in could not offer any avenue for help in healing the scares by these types of battles.

Again I guess my hurt. goes back to trying to understand how anyone of my race or other races that endured oppression an bullying to take everything from someone where able to not lose trust in asking for help . I recall the many times I have written to many groups for a way or a investigation and was turned away. when one is dealt bad things. why is it hard for this organization or others to simply help in finding a honest investigation why is it that one has to die from the hands of oppression an injustices before a group takes a stand . not questioning the way any help happens but adding the subject for understanding when we held in faith the power to group, as marches , as protesting … I still seek answers to a fairness of knowing the truth . from a malpractice law suite that was towards a law firm for settling my case without my permission to then be forced into a settlement to be fraud out of .

And  because I keep seeking answer to what I do not have answers to as what insurance company that paid the claim i could go on an on about what I have encountered as to this life changing matter. An even to address any other lawyers to help in such matter has been nothing but closed doors because the devil I aim faced with has power to stop any progress. from invasion of privacy to hacking my net work. so it comes to mind what are they afraid of . When I look through what was rendered in my file I counted over 17 lawyers with something to hide. But again I made it this far by the grace of God. I may not be perfect in my life but I not a thief, arsonist nor blood shedder . nor do I need to lie as this would totally be a loss . More than my physical harm. from this has.


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