I Need Someone (A Personal Story)

I’m still currently in middle school where I’m bullied every day. I have my small group of friends. It’s Me Mackenzie Ethan Austin and Caleb. We are all misfits.

We are the only friends the other people have. I’m the only one really physically bullied in our group. I can’t tell them though. It would only make them do something stupid and then it would be wore for them. Kids everyday knock my lunch on me, steal my money, and some times the boys will pull me into the locker room and kiss me. I’m always terrified even though I’m pretty use to it now.

At a football game one Friday some boys from my school the year above me pulled me into the bathroom into a handicap stall and pulled a knife to me. They cut my wrists my chest my thighs and my stomach. I just started faking being sick after that. It didn’t really help though. I had to go back.

When I did rumors had already spread that I was out because I was pregnant. It sucked and still goes on and I’m terrified. If I go to the office or the police (which I have) they say I’m lying and need to stop being an attention whore. I’m so scared. It like being trapped in a box and being punched but can’t get out or do anything. I’m self harming now. My own parents don’t believe me.

I just need some one. Any one.


4 thoughts on “I Need Someone (A Personal Story)

  1. You are not alone. We are all friends here and went through the same as you and made it through to the other end. You will too.

  2. Hey, I’ve dealt with this too, both as a teen and later at work. And as a counselor, I have successfully been able to advocate for patients (in prison communities) who are dealing with large-scale harassment situations such as yours. It can and does get better when people work together and are able to grasp what is really going on instead of blaming the victim (you). You’re right, you do need allies.
    You are a brave person to advocate for yourself to the police, and I think you are doing the right thing. Keep being calmly persistent. A good goal to express is that you need separation and protection from specific people who are bullying or sexually harassing you. Second, that you need some support because people are treating you with a lack of respect and it’s interfering with your life and relationships. “Act professional” is a good rule of thumb when approaching people whose job it is to protect your well-being. You have every right to expect that of your parents, your teachers, and the authorities.
    If you want a vent, you’re welcome to hit me up. I think you also need some healthy outlets to deal with the stress–and self-harming will further demoralize you. You might actually improve your situation if you seek your parents’ help getting yourself into some positive activity such as yoga, a sport you love, an art class, massage, or therapy. People for some reason are more likely to help you when you are affirming yourself than when you are hurting yourself. Plumb the depths of your spirit and focus on those things that bring you the deepest joy. Share them with those around you. Remember how Harry Potter defeated the “Dementors.” 🙂
    Hold on tight to life, yours is precious!
    You can reach me at imuneekru at gmail dot com. I think you should also call the hotline above, as they can give you advice more specific to dealing with the school system.

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