The Holiday Depression Truths

It’s the holidays again, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is happy. In fact many statistics show that depression can increase around the holidays in November and December. Remember to pay attention to yourself and those around you and be vigilant about mood disorders and general malaise.

As published in a Healthline article:

Depression may occur at any time of the year, but the stress and anxiety of the holiday season—especially during the months of November and December (and, to a lesser extent, just before Valentine’s Day)—may cause even those who are usually content to experience loneliness and a lack of fulfillment.

Part of the problem, according to Adam K. Anderson, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, is the bombardment of media during the holidays showing images of smiling families and friends.

“[People] may start to question the quality of their own relationships,” he says.

According to one 1999 Canadian study of patients treated by emergency psychiatric services during the Christmas season, the most common stressors were feelings of loneliness and “being without a family.”

We have to remember that not everyone has positive family and life relationships. While the idea of suicide at this time of year is a myth, mental issues such as depression do increase. Pay attention to those around you. Be safe and be vigilant to make sure both you and your children, particularly those with bullying issues, are checked on. You want these times to be happy. Maybe they can and maybe they can’t, but you can do all you can to change your negatives to positives.

On that note, I want to also promote a site I enjoy reading that helps clear my thinking when down. Check out the Tiny Buddha site. I have learned much about myself and life through this site and wanted to share it with you. I hope you find something there to help you think further about life. Best of holidays to you, whatever you celebrate at this time of year.

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