One Million for Bullying

Today this website, Bullying – The Long-term Effects, hit one million visitors. I truly don’t know whether to say thank you to those of you that have read and followed this or continue to be concerned that bullying is such an issue that this little website that could has in under 7 years had over one million visits.

For now, I’ll say thank you.

Thank you for reading the stories of others and sharing your stories.

Thank you for reading my stories and maybe my thoughts.

Thank you for sharing this site on your sites, on twitter, pintrest, and many other places.

Thank you to the teachers that have shared this site with their students to help them understand the stories of others and maybe make them realize they aren’t alone.

Thank you to those people from where I grew up that found out that they weren’t alone in Lexington, MA and for sharing here as well.

And finally, thank you to my family and friends for helping me share this and through what it meant. But most of all thank you for coming here and reading.

We can make a difference. I think it can get better. Much has changed on the issue of bullying in the 7 years since I started this, but there is still so much more to be done. So back to work.


4 thoughts on “One Million for Bullying

  1. It is wonderful that you are so very passionate and caring about this issue and actually doing something, anything about it. You’re strong because, although I have authored a book about bullying, I can’t read through all of these stories because it is just too sad and too awful. It is very difficult for me. A movie on Cartoon Network called Contest premiered recently and I had to turn away from it throughout because it was just hard to watch. It is amazing to me that you are able to read through these stories.

    A question for you… Do you think that we, in our efforts, are reaching the people these stories need to reach? And if we are, is it making a difference in that aspect? Do you ever hear from the perpetrators? Do you ever hear from the bystanders? Is the change that you see with people becoming more aware of bullying and doing something about it, or are you seeing a decrease in bullying because of the change of the actions of the perpetrator?

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