Bullied Boy Perserveres

I found this “Assignment America” piece on a bullied boy who finds a way to survive and move forward is an excellent piece to share here.

4 thoughts on “Bullied Boy Perserveres

  1. Unfortunately, some of us can’t see the videos you’ve been posting lately, aisenbe. This was a great and important blog when you were posting actual written posts, and has helped lots of people.
    Best regards,

    • I’m sorry you can’t see the videos, Paula. They are all YouTube based videos, so if for some reason you can’t see them on my page, please click them to go to the YouTube link and watch them there. I’m not sure why you can’t see them. I will continue to tell further of my story, but have shared all my personal stories and am happy to continue to post stories from anyone that wants to submit them to me. My goal continues to be to help others understand they are not alone and help them in their quest to recover from the long-term effects that bullying can cause.

      • Thanks for the quick response. I’m surprised you’re not getting in more personal stories from people. Please feel free to post a notice on my fb page or as a comment on my blogsite (authorpaulafriedman.com), if you like. The fb page, in particular, gets quite a few readers. People need to know these stories; you are doing important work!

      • Thanks, Paula. I will do so. In the 7 years since I started my site, it’s amazing how big this subject has gotten, so there are many outlets for people now.

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