Sibling Bullying Research Shows Long-term Issues

Time recently reported that sibling bullying has as much long-term damage as regular school bullying. A study by the University of New Hampshire shows how the bullying that siblings do to each other can have lasting legacy effects.

In order to study any differences between the effects of sibling bullying and those of being threatened by an unrelated bully, the researchers compared the effects of aggressive behaviors, such as physical violence, breaking or taking toys or belongings, and abuse, like name-calling or taunting, originating from siblings with those coming from children’s unrelated peers. They concluded that as far as mental-health effects are concerned, the relationship that the victims had with their bullies didn’t seem to matter. The findings showed that sibling bullying had the same association with increased anxiety, depression and trauma as peer aggression.

Read more of this article at:

You can also watch this segment from Good Morning America that covered the story as well.

It shows that the damage done is more about the action, then it is always about the people. It’s not just the corner bully, but maybe your brother or sister as well.

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