Bullied By The Jock (A Personal Story)

Some stories are just short and I believe are there just to get it out of the system of the person telling the story. This one I received from David, I believe, is just that kind of story. No extra part of analysis from him, just that it affected him still to this day some years later. ~Alan

Hello. I am a 22-year-old male in upstate NY. When I was a teenager in high school I was bullied by a jock. He was a pea brain but very muscular. I was neither. I guess you would call me a typical nerd. He came to our house one day to pick up my sister for a date. She had not arrived at home yet. I told him I did not like the way he treated her and that he should show respect for her. He responded by beating me up, badly. All thought I didn’t know it at the time, my mother had watched the entire incident from inside the living room. Long story short. It turned her on so much she ended up in bed with him. Only thing she said to me was that I should learn how to defend myself.


2 thoughts on “Bullied By The Jock (A Personal Story)

  1. So many jocks seem to think that it is their birthright to bully those who are not one of them. I am sorry this happened to you. And is this for real? If it is, then, I think your mother played a worse role in your being bullied than the jock.

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