This Emotional Life – Cyberbullying

This Emotional LifeI finally had the chance to watch PBS’s This Emotional Life, that you can find on Netflix and other on-demand services. It was a three-part series that covered many topics, including bullying and cyberbullying.

The segment below, which can be found on YouTube, covers the Cyberbullying segment of the show. I certainly recommend this show for those that want to better understand the emotions that go with the long-term effects and suffering that many feel due to what has happened to them in the past or just the way their mind’s process life’s inputs that happen to them.

6 thoughts on “This Emotional Life – Cyberbullying

  1. Why is it that cyber-bullying prevention and assistance mainly focuses on children and not adults? It can be as damaging as being in an abusive relationship. Cyber-bullying does not require that the person be online. Others can exchange insults, pass gossip and lies about them, and even impersonate them in social media and online comments.

      • aeisenbe, thanks for your response.

        Children who are cyber-bullied may experience disappointments with the adults they report to who do nothing about it.

        When I read the other day that charges were dismissed against the girl who bullied Rebecca Sedgwick, my heart dropped. Turns out that Florida has no law against cyber-bullying.

        So many other states however, do have law against harassment via all forms of communications, but they are as good as a blank piece of paper when prosecutors are not interested because penalties are insignificant.

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