Bullied for Professional Morals (A Personal Story)

Workplace bullying is most certainly another reality in the larger scope of bullying. But when that workplace bullying happens within our own legal system, then it seems more heinous. We trust our police forces to be of a higher moral level than others, but in some cases, as with the story shared below, that is not always the case. Although I believe that most of our protective agencies take good care of our citizens, sometimes these stories shed some light on some that are not so good. ~Alan Eisenberg

Nations should collectively unite to legislate bullying as a crime with jail time! A scarred victim, my heart is with Amanda Todd in her struggles to fight `low caliber people’ bent on harming others with abhorrent antisocial misbehaviors. Over 18 years ago the education system felt, if you were bullied and told teachers – ` school closes at 3pm, you deal with it`! Like their crazy ways, that was trailed by Canada Safeway bosses demeaning verbal abuse by two Vancouver area managers and their “weak puppets asst. managers” that distressed you in a 2-vs-1 pathetic blasting without a union representative, it was an ugly time without workplace regulations. The managers played favorites and ranted and bullied good ones while endlessly flirtatious chasing some consensual cashiers who acted inappropriately like they enjoyed the negative attention. The two stores I was at had a bad reputation and 4 years later, I left to go to college. To the aggressors who `tarred and feathered“ me because I was good and honest, some are “pushing up daisies” – no loss to humanity as they persecuted me similar to unsavoury clowns in the BC Sheriffs who smeared me to decay my career because I would not join their shame.

After Safeway, I was agonized by seedy acts by BC Sheriffs who preyed on me because I had true blue professionalism that made them look weak. My skin crawls with taunting memories as their names and faces are etched in my mind. A solid young man, I saw degenerative racism and observed misconducts from scoundrel staff whose childish pranks and bad ways spread like cancer throughout the ranks of this outfit congested with misfits. Over 18 years ago, I befriended a colored associate who was subject to unyielding hypocritical bigotry. I was threatened “to stick with my own color – white” if I did not stick to my own kind and the “seedy people” kept their word! Disparaged for my values, my plate was full of daily stress full of profanities from old brute misfits from the prisons to hear sexual innuendos instigating me with my friend with immature jealous treacheries that was unfounded and repulsive. It was an ugly scene to watch your back always on edge and work with hairs on the back of your neck raised. Going against the grain, I was disrespected, assaulted, ridiculed, my file deliberately tainted by a noticeably white evil monster racist boss (happily deceased) and cohesive buddies who fabricated untruths in my file with “black heart” retaliation because I would not be a boozer or racist. I did not bow to their whims and a retired Mountie even saw their slanderous backstabbing lies against the garbage in my file. It took guts to face burnt out “retread” street cops and “regurgitated penal guard dinosaur relics that should have been put out to pasture” with juvenile peer rookies who absorbed their ideals of booze, bullying, transgressions and racial animosity. It was shocking to see liquor consumption around Xmas and other times while jails were full but I never stooped to their immoral level. There was a widespread ubiquitous culture of gun slinging mentalities of boozers, distressing prisoners, job harassment, inferior leadership, no discipline and no honour. It was a mickey-mouse outfit with no vision.

I did my job with pride and honour and mock some of the adolescent clowns who wrongly got hired by idiot recruiters in police forces – same warped culture just different uniforms. After job losses and improper recalls by a scary white old boss (now in the grave), I got reliable insider word of “slimy vindictiveness” with my police applications as backstabbers were bent on lying to dumb a$$ cop recruiters who failed to do proper reference checks to see my work written appraisal from the same slime ball sheriff supervisor was different from his sneaked in lies that were uncovered and shown to our unintelligent provincial government union. Connect me to a polygraph and it will show the truth: I kept a dark secret for over 10 years, saddled with the indefensible crimes committed against me by reprehensible individuals who tarnished the badge. There was no recourse including reporting it to the city police as they all drank together and the gutless BCGEU union cowardly betrayed me when confronted with hard core evidence that made me a beleaguered scapegoat. If I bowed to their ill ways it would have rippled into a secure deserved career. Far more educated than my peers, I saw uniformed and ranking cops drink on duty and sheriffs who slipped across the road for daily nips. I even phone taped one ex-deputy (now in government) who stated both he and his partner went to the bar while on duty with prisoners in the van, not an unusual event for those wicked unruly times. A few times I bumped into ex-support staff and retired deputies who shared similar stories, but bad ones get ahead at the expense of the cream of the crop and society rewards, not reprimands misconducts, to defecate on our values and send a wrong message to the public and aspiring professionals! We think our badge people are all solid characters – wrong! It is a twisted profession full of scandals.

You do not know what goes on behind clandestine doors including unfit hiring of low qualified mongrel cadets in Ontario and Alberta with discriminatory hiring against out-of-province applicants, cover-ups, racism, beatings, boozing, pitiful promotions and sleazy nepotism including weak tokenism in the absence of public scrutiny, are the best hired or retained – nope! The recent female RCMP lawsuits in Canada, countless police scandals, lawsuit settlements, unfit joke cops being allowed to keep their jobs after criminal convictions by useless judges or serious police indiscretions that deserve firings, asinine disciplinary rulings with slapped wrists, baseless aggressive shootings/killings, widespread job oppression, sexism, members afraid to speak out, sex on the job, poor morale, inferior diluted hiring standards, etc. is “sweet karma” after I undeservingly stressed it long ago without any support to predict a justifiable law enforcement image downfall far before the public’s mistrust towards our legal system that lacks uprightness within the last 12 years. Often, it is hard to tell the good ones from the bad!

There is no excuse for bullies whether it is in the school, work, sports or law enforcement and we need adapt serious tough measures to protect innocent lives. To fund community support groups is not enough- it is a Band-Aid on a deep festering wound with too many tormented victims suffering and unmerited lost careers destroyed by spineless devils that need jail time and firings. There is not a day that passes that I pray for god`s revenge on those betraying mugs or others who mindlessly peck at good people or negative indifference out of insecurities or sick ideologies. I learnt that, if you are straight arrow many will try to railroad you so they look good – like the sheriffs did with me. I have more qualifications, more skills, more experiences than most rookies and seasoned people in law enforcement and it is a dirty shady business because no public watchdog looks over their shoulders and the government goes to bed with them and unions are spineless to do the right thing.

We all die, happy times to those who fill graves who victimize others, let them face their creator without mercy! We should not feel powerless against lowlife bullies but need enforceable laws to proactively and reactively punish those who scar others for life. Amanda Todd’s life and others should have never been extinguished as there are more options available now than when I went through my enduring private hell. Countries need to unilaterally target bullies now and beforehand to bring them to justice as they are remorseless slug blights on mankind. To forgive your enemy is divine, they do not deserve it! In the end, when a coffin is dug for these punks it is some closure but too late for those maltreated because of their immense damage to our lives that affects job histories, trust, friendships, aspirations, relationships, etc. I know what a rape victim goes through as they robbed me of my career, for that – I can never forgive the slime.

How many have to suffer, how many must commit suicide to escape vile evil doers? The victims are not weak with low self- esteem; the opposite is true of our horrific tormenters. Even an ex-friend from the RCMP-Mounties who was in the outfit polarized himself because he wanted to fit in with an incurable repulsive cancerous culture of silence in protecting the backs of others at all costs even if it goes against core values. We have gone forward in many ways but not far enough. We see far too many examples of morally bankrupt people getting ahead in life when they should be turfed in many professions, government and law enforcement. We are tougher on bad teachers than rotten apples in the justice system. We lack a willingness to promote respect and fairness in the workplace without tough consequences. Sad – the wrong people are in-charge and normal folks have more brains and class than those in authority. I have my dignity, my honor but lost a loved career and police avocation because I was not crooked like those who disgust me. My father was an ex-cop and he echoed nightmarish stories of long ago before he passed away prior to my brown uniform with bullies with “black hearts” who would make anyone crippling sick. I did the right thing at all times, and inside me my heart bleeds because I did nothing wrong while scum got ahead.

~ex-deputy, (Anonymous as Bullies are Dangerous)

2 thoughts on “Bullied for Professional Morals (A Personal Story)

  1. I’m an eleven year old girl and my mom is watching me post this. I go to school everyday, scared. My teachers all hate me. I have 1 friend who is constantly making fun of me and then saying its all a joke. My family makes me do all the work. My brothers always tell me that m weird and ugly.crying usually puts me to sleep. A bunch of people in my grade put up a paper on the wall saying who hates so and so the fatso. I have a problem and I blow up from gluten. One day there were a group of girls playing jumprope and I asked if I could play and they said that they already called “no joiners”. So I went to some nice girls who I don’t even know and they said “oh fine whatever” after a fe w minutes I saw whe first group allowing 3 new girls to the group. I went over and asked the girl in charge why she let them play, and she told me ” because your just a fatso loser. That broke my heart. I cry every day and I always think that there is no body to guide me and when I said my I’m is watching me, she isn’t. I dont have a mom. I have a dad who is always at work so I live with two boys. Why am I so fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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