Depression (A Personal Story)

Jacob’s story is brief and powerful as is the depression he discusses. I hope his sharing it helps further on his road to recovery. ~Alan Eisenberg

Sick for weeks and no answer, finally went to the doctor. A ten minute wait and the doctor walks in and whispers in my Mom’s ear. He said depression and that is what i had in 7th grade.

It was caused by three years of bullying. thoughts had crossed my mind of taking the easier route, but I said no and just tried to look to the better side of life. Depression is a horrible disease, People think that you are insane because you have it or you are a worse and it’s just in your head. I didn’t want to go back to the school so bad I made myself sick, literally.

No like sticking my finger down my throat. But just feared it so much that it made me sick. Finally I was able to switch out of my old school and go to a public school where i got out of my depression. But on some bad days it lurks in the distance ready to take over again.


6 thoughts on “Depression (A Personal Story)

  1. I was never diagnosed with depression as I was going through bullying, but I believe I was depressed. I completely shut down and felt unwanted.
    I was on YouTube, and I came across this video:
    She has overcomed so much. She is truly an inspiration. She helps to show that people, even if they go through dark times, can still pull through and work to help others. Please take time to watch this video. It truly is amazing.

  2. I have been reading a couple of these articles and I can’t believe that there are soo many cases of bullying. Bullying and trolling are destroying so many lives and I find it outrageous that we still haven’t found a solution for defeating those phenomenons. I have recently written an article about trolling and who should be responsible for its consequences.. who should do something.. is it the Police or the social networking sites? I would be really interested to see your views on the issue!

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