Key and Peele – The School Bully

Sometimes comedians use humor to tell honest stories. I was watching the Key and Peele show, which is on Comedy Central and thought this was maybe one of the smartest ways to use humor in conjunction with honesty on the subject of bullying. There is a lot of information and human story in here. I hope you get as much out of it as I did watching it.

2 thoughts on “Key and Peele – The School Bully

    • The video is one in which the actors/characters are saying out loud what is being internally thought. In that way it opens up the understanding behind the motivation of this particular bully and also the family life that leads the bully to victimize others in this scenario. In this way and with this use of humor, it also is a serious look at understanding the inner goings on with bullies and their lives. It helps us to understand why and maybe be able to look at that understanding as a way to help solve the issue.

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