A Passionate Plea (A Personal Story)

This story has a plea at the end that really touched me. The true emotion of what isn’t said aloud can be heard loud and clear in this person’s personal story. They did not wish to share their name, but their story, particularly what happened in their personal life, is very telling about why they are sharing their passionate plea to stop bullying now. ~Alan Eisenberg

Currently the Luzerne County of Pennsylvania has lost about 6 teenagers in the past 2 weeks because of bullying.

The first teenager lost was a 8th grader from Nanticoke Area High school. Nanticoke had a very touching program about bullying 2 years ago. I thought the program changed everyone but as it turned out after a while people stopped caring and stopped making a difference.

The lower classmen started the bullying and making Nanticoke high school has a huge bullying problem. I am a senior at Nanticoke high school and as a teen who has been bullied a little bit I have ever bullied someone has come to a conclusion that the lower classmen are the problems at my highschool. All the upperclassmen are all very friendly and supportive but we do have a few people who still think they are better than anyone else. The younger generation does not care about anything all they care about is trying to be popular.

The popular students in my high school are the softball players and football players. As I think about it my school has more of a drug problem than a bullying problem but I guess I haven’t paid much attention to the lower classmen where all the bullying problems are at.

Anyway the point of this is that 6 teenagers ended their own life due to bullying in Luzerne county. In the past 3 days 2 teenagers from Pittison Area high school one female one male has taken their own life due to bullying.

Today I found out that the female from Pittison Area took her own life either this morning or last night. Another teenager from Hazelton Area High School taken their own life also because of bullying. Another teenager from Wilkes-Barre has taken their own life also. Everyone in the county is posting all kind of things on Facebook about this mess which is very depressing to see all this on Facebook

I always thought that Luzerne county had a bigger problems with drugs but now I’m finding out that bullying is the biggest problems. Honestly I think it’s about time for all this to end! As a popular student this affects me deeply. NO ONE should have to go through being bullied. Telling someone who is being bullied to just ignore it inst going to help their pain they feel inside.

My little brother is 11 years old he has Autism and ADD everyday he has some complaint that someone is bullying him. As an older sister I am very protective of my special brother. My mother and father who are very supportive and caring complained to the school as soon as they found out about the bullying. They took my brother out of school and started to home school him. My brother is doing so much better he is so much happier and that is all I care about! I was in a deadly car accident a few years back I lost my older brother who was my best friend!

I saw my own brother fly out onto the hood of the car and die as I laid there in so much pain. I had shattered both of my knees and other serious injuries. I did not get to attend my brothers funeral. I had to relearn how to walk. After I was bullied for a few months about my physical and emotional weakness  People made fun of my scars on my knees and made fun of the scars on my face arms neck and chest.

I’ve turned out to be a beautiful young lady. The joke is on the people who bullied me because I went to a dermatologist and got all my scars removed off my body. The people who bullied me are the ones who are now sucking the life out of themselves from drugs. I believe that what goes around comes around.

I can not lose my only little brother. Going to school is to get an education so you can have a good future school inst a place for drugs and bullying. The thing is everyone is too worried about themselves to care about anyone elses feelings. Is it that hard to be nice to someone? Do you really have to bully someone so badly that they have to take their own lives? It’s absolutly pathetic and so disgusting to buy some one so badly!!!!

As my community is having a terrible time grieving the lost of love ones there are still pathetic people out there bullying someone to death! I can not stress this enough!!!!!


Who ever is reading this MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

If you see anyone at all who is being bullied or is in emotional pain do that person a favor take a minute out of your life and be there for that person remember you can be saving their life! I would like to take this time to give my condolences to the families of all of the lost teenagers in Luzerne county and to anyone else who has lost a love one due to bullying! You can make a difference you can be saving someones life!

~Name Withheld By Request

6 thoughts on “A Passionate Plea (A Personal Story)

  1. There is no point in bulling in the first place, but you also have to figure out why someone is bulling, because its most of the time not just for fun.

  2. Sweet Girl,
    What a survivor you are! You would have been beautiful with or without your physical scars. My daughter and I call those “War Wounds”. We are two of the lucky ones who have the notorious “warrior gene”…only we don’t use it to inflict pain.

    I feel the power you possess from miles and miles away. I have a dear friend in your area so I am aware of the recent tragedies you speak of.

    Please know that I will do my best to answer your plea. I am trying to make a difference.

    Never, never lose your fight. You are an amazing, strong, incredible girl. Your little brother is so lucky to have you.

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