October is Anti-Bullying Month

October is Anti-bullying month and it is ironic that this is the time when we witness an adult having to deal with bullying.

Having worked in the media world myself, I understand how hard it is to be in front of the camera. Now imagine you do this professionally and someone bullies you for your weight.  CBS WKBT Wisconsin News Anchor Jennifer Livingston is dealing with just this issue. And she has taken the opportunity to point out to this particular viewer that what they chose to do is a form of bullying. Here’s the video of her response to this viewer and their letter.

Jennifer is brave to confront this issue for her and use it as an opportunity to point out the bully behavior this is. Imagine what this does to a teenage girl?

In this month of October as we try to be focused on anti-bullying, it’s important to remember that youth and adults have to deal with the damage that bullying does. Even though Jennifer Livingston does it with a brave on-air confrontation, does not mean she doesn’t suffer quietly at home with the fallout of someone’s bullying.

Don’t worry, Jennifer. There are many more people who see you for who you are inside, I’m sure.

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