My Bullying Life (A Personal Story)

Andrew shared the story below with us and his candor and honesty about what bullying caused his life to become is one that many people I know share and can understand. He talks of ADHD, drugs, and stealing and as many of us know, there are many aspects of lives of victims of bullying that lead them to try to gain acceptance by, in many cases, doing not good things to both themselves and others. Andrew’s story shares these aspects in a very honest and up-front way. ~Alan Eisenberg

Hi my name is Andrew this is my story

Since I was a young boy I have had it hard. from an early age i was doing stuff for myself my mother wasnt around she was always at work or over east. My dad was lazy he wouldn’t do much for me but he was always there. From year 1 when I properly first started school I was Diagnosed with ADHD, This meant it was harder for me at school I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t concentrate I was always doing the wrong thing and always getting in trouble. School was hard for me I was never happy there from year 1 was always seen as a freak by kids always the one that people didn’t want to be associated with. I remember for half my primary schooling i would walk around the school by my self just waiting for someone to ask me to join them, no one ever did I would eat lunch and recess by myself I was an outcast. I was always a small child was always the smallest in the class. when I was younger the immature insults that I used to get everyday was because I was small, had curly hair or had a big nose it really hurt. I put up with that sort of bullying till about year 5 I was alone no one was there to help me or stand up for me.

Year 6 was my hardest year of Primary school I was teased everyday still and was also still alone. The insults that I was getting now were really mean they got to me so much I would get insults about being jewish I would get them about being black and since I looked nothing like the rest of my family I got insults about being adopted. it was killing me. on weekends I used to go out to actually find that little enjoyment but the kids around my area were so cruel to me I would come home crying cause I had been beaten up and bruised up, im not even joking every time I went out. Throughout that year the Hurt built up more and more inside me untill one day someone pushed me over the line. I grabbed a Stanley knife and held it to the kids throat and threatened to kill him. This ended Bad as I got my first ever suspension and was not able to attend my rottenest camp.

From that day i built a reputation of being a psycho aggressive little kid that had temperament issues people from all around the western suburbs knew me for that one incident. i got hate emails and death threats from kids i used to hide away in my house just so i thought i was safe. It was a reputation that was going to stay with me for a long time.

After i graduated From primary school i moved to Scotch College. when i got there i had my reputation for what i did in primary school and started my first year off being bullied and teased and again being alone. rumors had spread about me and no one trusted me or wanted to associate with me it hurt.

In my second year at Scotch i made a group of friends it felt pretty good to be accepted into the community for the first time ever. But it didn’t last long as i had to give into peer pressure and i got caught stealing from the canteen. This incident gave me another reputation at scotch people wouldn’t trust me and I was again seen as a bad influence. My grades were going down and I was becoming very depressed and anxious.

At the end of Yr 9 i left scotch college because of bullying and being mentally tortured by other kids. at this stage My parents had separated and i was blaming myself for it because of the stress that i caused for my family. It was time to start at Shelton college.

My First Couple of weeks at shenton were really good I settled in easy mad friends quick untill one day this one kid pushed me too far again. i beat the living shit out of him after school one day and the next day and the rest of the term i had the whole school after me i was lead to hiding in the school nurses room.

Time passed and i began to build back a good reputation gained some amazing friends and joined a community in Fremantle. I became amazing friends with kids there and it felt amazing I felt like I belonged there.

throughout the year i was accepted into a family and built an amazing relationship with everyone had some amazing girlfriends but they all ended up cheating on me this all was untill my grandfather died. when he died my depression really kicked in i started smoking weed and taking drugs and smoking this led to such as my self harming i cut my wrists arms legs and stomach every single night.

To present day now and i sit in my room alone typing this story about my life hoping that the ridicule and hurt will stop hoping that people will see this and understand what i have been through i am still depressed i have been through drugs such as LSD, Weed, Dexamphetamines, Ecstasy and Cocaine and i have tried to commit suicide many times all i want is for people to respect me now to see what i live with and what i have been through and hope that you all realise that i may seem happy but inside im slowly dying.

I love you all and even when i don’t show it i will never stop loving people who respect me i respect back people who don’t i will pray that what is coming for you is rightfully deserved. as i sit in my room contemplating what happens next with my life just remember im human i hurt i cry i feel pain but Aside from that you can also lead me to feeling happiness.

This is a quick Biography of me and has not been put in great detail but it outlines key points that i have been through to give you a view on what people go through life hurts and you need people to help you make it better.


24 thoughts on “My Bullying Life (A Personal Story)

  1. Andrew, I remember going through the same sort of thing, in grades 3 through 9 (I too was the smallest in the class, and was poor at sports–a crucial issue for girls in our school). I well remember how awful it was, being alone on the playground at recess and lunchtime, being sometimes beat up, often called names, and that no one did anything to help, and how one blames oneself.
    One of the best helps, for me, later, was to get into political activity against the many many injustices, none of them so different, really, from bullying, and this way one may find people who’ve “been there,” been bullied, and are doing something about it. Obviously, you are doing this now in writing what you have here–as is aisenbe in doing this blog; I think there are real ways to climb out from the effects of bullying and other hurts that people do one another–hope you can help even more people to escape.

  2. I don’t know who you are and why would someone put you in so much pain. Did you ever think about telling a grown up, like a teacher or someone. I think all you need is some counselling and a way to talk to god.

  3. Andrew, I have never went though the being bullied in school but I had to watch people get hurt… I think it’s horrible that those kids bullied you… There was no reason to. Though my question is why did they do it to you? It sure would make me mad if they didn’t cuz it was funny…X( it’s wrong in many ways… I read your story and it touched my hurt knowing that you had to go through all that! But what it shows me is yes you will have lots of pain by this but it shows me you a very strong will… So keep up the work and you will have ups and downs but god has many great plans for you:)

  4. Im a freshman in highschool
    just about to start cutting again but your story changed me and now i respect myself alittle more and i respect you so thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey i no wat uv bn thru. I was treated lyk a scumbag and was an outcast. I wz suicidal becoz i blved satans lies that i wasnt worth it. But now i know that Jesus luvs me and haz a plan for my life. I eventually had to forgive n i feel freer. I just wnt u 2 no that God LOVES you. Evn if pple dont . He wants to hlp u. If u arnt a bornagain christian im inviting u to exprience His luv. U cn email me at With luv.

  6. Hey Andrew, I read your story and it touched my heart. I’ve been bullied too I am no t gonna lie about that, but seriously the best way to prevent bullying is by standing up. I’m sure you thought if you told an adult you were going to be bullied more, yes, it does happen, but you know what? those bullies are just trying to make someone’s life miserable just like they have theirs. I am sure if those bullies were bullied by someone they would understand the pain you’ve had. And in my opinion, a bully doesn’t grow out of nowhere… there has to be something going on in his house or his mind to react this way.

    All I can say, and I’m sure you’ve heard this, but it will get better. I’ve gone through a lot too, I lost a couple of family members in a short of time (a year and a half) and I’ve been bullied too, and well, I almost committed suicide. I realized given your time to those who hurt you isn’t worth it. You are already hurt by the death of your grandfather and the divorce of your parents, don’t let someone who doesn’t know about your background hurt you. Those people have no right to hurt or judge you just cause they want to, they are no one to judge, not even God judges.

    I hope this somewhat helps ๐Ÿ™‚
    Take care of yourself, we need you.

  7. I lnow how u feel about bullying I’m on seventh grade and eery day i have to fake smile and on the inside I’m dieying from rumors threats and beaten and just wensday we had a guest and he talked about bulies and a started to cry and my friend grabed me and said its ok shelby u don’t have to smile any
    More u can show how u feel and now u feel much netter about knowing I’m not alone u gave me hope alex ever since the aecond grade I’ve been bullied

  8. hey andrew remember one thing life is challenging people have to fight for what they want other people who dont fight for it are actually weak. but you, you are strong i have been going through problems since the first grade but the biggest impact was in third remember “in the beggining bad things will happen but if you go through it with a smile good things will come forth” and i know since i followed this advice. stay strong

  9. Dear Andrew,
    I’m so sorry for the heartache you’ve endured at the hands of people who are unkind. You don’t deserve any of that.

    I have no words to express my admiration for your honesty…the way you’ve taken responsibility for your own actions. I’ve been known to over-analyze things on occassion…but Andrew…we’ve all got a breaking point. It sounds like you reached yours in the worst of times. Don’t beat yourself up over those moments.

    Don’t let those things define you. As for others who choose to define you by a few minutes in the course of a lifetime…I pity them. How shallow, uncaring, judgemental they must be.

    I am not going to justify the words or actions of those who have bullied you. There are so many people who have experienced great heartache and pain at the hands of others who have *chosen* to be kind rather than unkind. At the end of the day, it all comes down to *choice*. We get to *choose* our behavior. God has given us all the gift of free will.

    As you sit alone with those drugs through which you seek escape…please know that I wish you wouldn’t. With my whole heart, I wish you wouldn’t. I would rather you talk to someone who listens. I would rather you seek the help of a professional who might prescribe something that would block the neurotransmitters from receiving the message that you are hurting and stressed. That is not a sign of weakness. That is simply a person doing whatever it takes to survive one moment to the next.

    As you sit alone with those thoughts of pain and rejection and heartache or even thoughts of suicide…please know that I wish you wouldn’t. I see 12 people ahead of me who wish you wouldn’t. There countless others who have read your bio and are heart-sick to know what you’ve lived through. They are pulling for you from all directions.

    I’m sorry for everything you’ve suffered. I respect you for for surviving. I respect you for each breath you take. I respect you because you are Andrew…and I’d give anything to be able to take you in my arms and give you a hug so you could know that I mean everything I say.

    Someone, somewhere needs what you have to offer. You will probably save their sanity.

  10. Andrew, some of these other comments might not be helpful, but I’ll give you some advice. Theres something strange about bystanders these days, and its that nobody will stick up for you until they see you sticking up for yourself. Bullies dont bully you because they think your fat, stupid, or ugly. they bully you because they want to see you cry and run away or something. If you see a bully glare at you at a close distance and approach you, Dont keep your eyes away from them, orelse they will see that you are being indimidated and will want to pick on you. If they hit you, and other people nearby arent doing anything about it, then you can hit them back. but only use the same force that they used to hit you. This is how you should stick up for youself. If they call you names. Just glare at them, and remember that whatever they are saying is not true. If a bully demands something valuable such as money, do NOT give it to them. Hold on tight to your belongings, just incase they try to snatch something from you. If they DO snatch something from you, run after them. And tell the bully that you would rather get beat up than to give him money. If the bully starts fighting you, protect you self and try to grab the bully’s arms and wait for them to calm down, or help to arrive. Be careful if the bully does something gross, such as spit on you. DO NOT let them get away with this, orelse you will be bullied more often. Instead of spitting back, try to push them hard. And then the bully will want to fight you so prepare for anyway the bully tries to hurt you. Even if you fight the bully and lose, bystanders will see that you were brave enough to challenge the bully and will want to be your friends. so remember to stand up for yourself.

  11. This really sucks but remember that there is always someone out there who has it worse. trust me. it will get better people bully and tease because they are scared of people who are different instead of giving them a chance. Dont give up hang in there your a tough cookie. ๐Ÿ™‚
    they can call you what ever they want but they can never break your spirit. what you wrote is so touching and beautiful and people should know how wrong this is. im so sorry that you were put through all of this. but i have faith in you i know you can make it past all of this and rise to the challenge be the better person and screw those ass holes. thats all they are. and your worth so much more. feel better.

  12. Andrew. Your story breaks my heart. I DO NOT understand why people are so mean to other people. Please please know that not everyone is and that you will find your way. You DESERVE TO BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT because you are made in the image of the Living God.

    I am sorry for all you have been through.

  13. Hey Andrew,
    I’m a freshman in high school. It’s nice being at a school where some people respect you. In 6th-8th grade, I was bullied to the point where I would go home and cry my eyes out. It was terrible. People would pick on me for the most ridiculous things. This one person actually made a website about me. Some people might think that It’s great that someone made one about me…..but they don’t know what was on it. It said soooo many hurtful things, that weren’t true. So all of these people that are writing to you, to help you, and that are giving you advice….all respect you and really truly care about you. I respect you so much cause i know what you have been through. Times get better though. I never thought they would, but friends, family, and YOURSELF will ALWAYS help you!

  14. Hi andrew i am very sorry for ur lost i was crying whwen i read this ๐Ÿ˜ฅ i think it’s wrong for people 2 bully another person, u should try 2 stop drugs, smoking nd cutting ur self u got a whole life ahead of u go for ur dreams nd don’t hold back ………. I RESPECT YOU with Love xoxox Martha u can email me at โค

  15. dear andrew ๐Ÿ™‚
    i know how u feel i been bullied several times in school and sometimes out ,but im sure that cutting myself would only get me worst so i jjust ignored them even tho they were to mean to me anw i respect yu and i will allways thank u for giving out attention to those ppl who bully
    with love and if u need more support add me on my email ๐Ÿ™‚ have a nice day

    • Hey Andrew,
      I can identify to your story because I was bullied from 7th grade to 12th grade. It wasn’t as bad as your bullying though, I mean I was called ugly and fat every single day. And you know what’s the funniest part.. I’m 5 ft3 and weigh 110 pounds! And when I was bullied I would weigh like 108 pounds..but it got so bad that I spent like half a year with a psychologist and got a nose job. Well the thing is that throughout all of this bullying I reconnected with God and somehow everything got better. I’m 22 right now and am in my last semester of law school. I don’t live in the US right now but I plan to apply for law school next year. But my point is that IT DOES GET BETTER the individuals that bullied me for years are now broke, pregnant, fat, ugly, etc I mean karma does exist! But you have to hang in there and trust me find God. Even if you don’t believe that there’s a God, there is and he will help you. Don’t do anything you’ll regret… I promise it does get it better. Right now I’m one of the hottest, smartest, nicest girls in law school and have a great future ahead of me. But changed my additude and starting having faith in God and somehow my life changed. Just reach out to him, let him know that you’re in pain, I know that this sounds weird but just do it. And one last thing Andrew you are not alone! A lot of people go through this.

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