9-11: 11 Years Later – A Bullying We Don’t Foget

9-11 We RememberEvery year on this day, we are destined to remember some of the biggest bullies in the world on 9/11. Eleven years ago today, those bullies chose to hurt more innocent lives that did not deserve what they received. Much like the lone victim of bullies, they did not ask nor did they want someone to attack them. It was a sad day that many of us will never forget. I, myself, experienced the bullying firsthand. My office shook when the Pentagon was hit only a few miles away.

I went onto the roof of my building to see what was formerly a beautiful sun-filled sky turn dark with the smoke from the Pentagon, while on TV, the World Trade Centers were collapsing. I wanted to run and hide, like I did when I was bullied during my younger years, but there was nowhere to go. I knew it was the end of innocence for the United States. All because someone else wanted to hurt us. It is a bullying story, unfortunately and today I remember the real victims and also the heroes of 9-11.

5 thoughts on “9-11: 11 Years Later – A Bullying We Don’t Foget

  1. Why we fight… freedom isn’t free and much better than the alternative, something folk who advocate “all violence is wrong” and punish self-defense will never understand.

  2. There is a rabbi named Jonathan Cahn, he is a christian Jewish man out there that has been sharing what God has given him regarding the 9/11 tragedy that happened and what he shares is really big. He was on tv last Fri. Nov. 9, 2012 and he will be back on today Nov.12 both of these 2 days he talks about 9/11 then he moves on to other things that God gave him. If anyone out there sees this and wants to watch him he will be on Directv channel 376 today at 2pm.Ct and again today on channel 377 at 3pm and 11 pm. Ct. After today he will be on for a few more days. I have watched him alot, I like watching him.

  3. this does not belong here. this does not
    if you want to look at the real bullies, they are the United States government. Please do some research before you post.

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