The Teacher Who Bullied

I know there are many great teachers and administrators out there that care very much about the bullying issue. That is why it is so shocking that, in this day and age, a teacher was actually caught on video bullying a child. The teacher, from Washington state was put on administrative leave. The video was shot last February, but is just being released. It was the parents of the student that had the video released, because they were upset that the teacher didn’t lose his job over the incident.

Frank sent me the link to this video, which shows the bullying and discusses whether the punishment of the teacher was enough.

2 thoughts on “The Teacher Who Bullied

  1. First of all, nothing was funny about that video. The people who are on it. laughed about a serious issue! that child could of been severely hurt and they teacher was involved in it!!! He should of been fired!

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