Bullying and Learning Differences

I’ve been introduced to a new term by the “Friends of Quinn” organization. The term is “Learning Differences” instead of learning disabilities. We all know that people with learning differences are targeted by bullies often. This group has taken the cause of those with learning differences to try to make a difference themselves, particularly in the area of bullying.

You can learn more about this organization and their cause at http://www.friendsofquinn.com/. Their organization offers help and tips for people dealing with these learning differences and also in the area of handling bullying.

2 thoughts on “Bullying and Learning Differences

  1. It’s great to see stories of groups like this getting together. Support systems like this are really important for individuals in general, not just people (myself included) with learning differences.

    If your interested in more groups, there is a young singer/songwriter named Becca Levy who has started a music based anti bullying group called Right Now.
    Here’s a link to her video for a cover of “Right Now” by Van Halen. The purpose of the video is to promote awareness to kids using both music and the Internet. The video begins with a public service announcement and is full of statistics that people of all ages need to see.

    Becca lives in Washington, D.C. and just turned sixteen years old.


  2. Yeah its really great to see people trying to make a difference. Bullying is no laughing matter, kids can seriously get demoralized and hurt. These MMA fighters and boxers are also standing up for the cause:


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