The 8th Grade Speech (A Personal Story)

Imagine going through a year of terrible bullying, where both student and teachers bullied you when you were in 7th grade. Now imagine transferring to a new school in 8th grade, simply to get away and feel safe again. Now imagine being brave enough that when asked to give a speech about something that affected you to your new classmates, that you give that speech on the bullying that happened to you in the previous year. That’s exactly what Hannah did. Not only did she do that, but she sent it to me and asked me to share it with the world.  I am happy to do that for her. Thank you, Hannah, for this gift of your story and your bravery in the face of bullying. ~Alan Eisenberg

The 8th Grade Speech

Last year I went to Reynolds middle school. When I was there, I was scared to walk through the doors in the morning. People were threatening me, for no reason, and I was often being bullied.

While all these things were going on in my life, I was pushed to the point of believing no one cared. I was even too embarrassed to tell my own family. My teacher’s and those who I thought were my friends didn’t care that my life was horrible. The same people who I called my friends didn’t help the situation at all because they seemed to be supporting the people who bullied me; I believe they did this for the benefit of looking cool. The teachers didn’t do a thing when they saw the bullying happen and when they heard about what was happening.

After a certain point, I gave up.

I started what people were saying. I thought of myself as fat, stupid, ugly and so much more, because those were the things I heard. I then came to Corbett hating myself. I came here thinking nothing was going to change, but I was wrong.I came to realize that people really do care, even the teachers. Another plus is that I don’t hate myself anymore. I think that when people bully others and call others names it is because they want to make themselves look and feel better. I personally don’t think that bullies understand the effect they leave on their victims. I have realized that words can hurt, and the hurtful names people call you are never true. Coming to Corbett has made me a totally new person, in a good way!

I know it may sound weird and all, but I can now say that I found something positive from being bullied. I feel that I am a stronger person. I know that I can have someone call me a name, because I know what the truth is and they don’t. I am now able to catch what people throw at me. I guess I’m trying to get it in your mind that when people bully you and call you names it’s not true. If you have people around that care about you, know that they will always be there for you, it will make the hard times in life a lot easier.

So stay strong and hold on.


One thought on “The 8th Grade Speech (A Personal Story)

  1. Hannah- It is great that you found the beauty in the bullying disasters you were put through. It would be great if you could delve on the positives bullying provided for you, since it ended up making you a stronger person.

    Please visit or

    I am using these outlets as a place for people to come together, tell, and discuss real-life stories. I would really love to hear more about your story!

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