Stop Bullying Video Contest – SPEAK UP is inviting U.S. students 13 to 21 years of age to enter “Speak up” the anti-bullying video contest. Their mission is to contribute to the changing the culture of bullying in schools by engaging young people in the efforts against bullying.

Nigel Ryan, founder of,when asked about the contest said, “We can’t expect that adults talking about bullying and making documentaries alone, is enough to make a difference. We need to engage the young people who are part of that culture, to activate them.

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Upload your video to @speakup by midnight July 15th
  2. All competing videos will appear on the leaderboard on the contest page,
  3. The public will continue to vote on the videos until midnight August 19th to determine the finalists
  4. Assigned judges will review the finalists to select winners.
  5. The winners will be announced on August 31st. (Participants and supporters may also follow the contest on

The press release for this contest also explains why decided to do this contest:

Bearing this in mind, we at decided to confront the problem by going beyond simply providing information to students about bullying. By asking students to create short documentary style videos that address bullying we are inviting them to think critically about the causes and the effects of, and the possible solutions to bullying. We believe this kind of personal reflection, followed by concrete action by the students themselves, is essential to bringing the culture of bullying to a halt. It will inform them in their day to day choices, and in their response to cruelty. Furthermore, the contest inadvertently teaches young people to make positive contributions to society through responsible use of social media. Finally, the public judging of videos amplifies the messages arising from the contest. is a new start up website created to give a space where individuals and organizations can share news videos or relevant and serious videos. They believe in positive contributions to society through the use of responsible social media.


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