Bully Victim’s Facebook Poem Moves her Classmates 25 Years Later

Lynda Frederick did not forget the bullying that happened to her 25 years ago in High School, so when her high school reunion group created a Facebook page to announce it, she used the opportunity to share with all her classmates how they treated her.

Lynda posted a poem on her Orange Glen High School class Facebook page. On it she wrote:

The little girl who had to walk to school while others rode the bus
Instead of asking why… you picked on her
The little girl who had bruises and was dirty
Instead of asking why … you picked on her

After this was posted, she didn’t expect the reaction from her former classmates. Some were brought to tears and then they created a scholarship fund in her name and raised $800 to fly her back to California for the reunion.

“I got an outpour of calls and messages, people stepping forward that I don’t even remember that said ‘I know I was one of those that picked on you and I’m so sorry,'” Lynda Frederick said Friday. “It was overwhelming.”

Lynda explained how during her time at school the other children would throw rocks and things at her and would spit on her. Frederick graduated from school early and then moved to New York and had three children, but the days being bullied in high school never left her.

Former classmate Shawn Gordon, of Escondido, said he got tears in his eyes when he thanked her for the anti-bullying message and showed it to his teenage daughters.

His memories included a time when he saw Frederick being bullied.

“One bully tried to keep tripping her,” he said. “I could have said something; never did.”

Lynda Frederick has now been able to connect again and find forgiveness from those children who have now grown up to be adults. “We can’t fix yesterday but we can try to fix today,” Frederick said. “That’s my new motto.”

Information for this article comes from: KNSD-TV, http://www.nbcsandiego.com/index.html and the Associated Press.

5 thoughts on “Bully Victim’s Facebook Poem Moves her Classmates 25 Years Later

  1. Bulling is stupid, but if they know they had act stupid and feel guilty, that means they grow; if they know they had act stupid, but try to use more lies to cover their bulling behavior, that means they totally lost their heart and soul. I believe there is a destiny, people will be punished by their behavior eventually, and there are many different ways of punishment for sure.

  2. Bulling is stupid, it twists people’s soul and heart. Not all bulliers will live in trouble immediately, but there always a tragedy destiny waiting for them, a punishment for all ugly behavior from the God.

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  4. This is sad stop bullying you might not like it if someone bullies you and makes fun of you calling you a jerk WHO DOES THOSE STUPID DUMB STUFF STOP BULLYING THAT IS ALL I GOTTA SAY IT IS STUPID TO BULLY!!!………………………………..

  5. If people are going to act stupid and bully don’t join be the smart one tell anyone like a parent who is going to do something or the cops!
    FAST it is not to late to quit bullying!

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