9 Signs of Workplace Bullying

According to the website onlinemba.com, there are nine signs that workplace bullying might be a problem at your office. According to a Washington State Department of Labor & Industries report, 47 million American workers or about 46% of them, say they have had to deal with bullying at work this year and about 15 million U.S. workers or about 13% of the workforce had it happen to them at least once during a week’s time.

These are staggering numbers, but is it surprising? I hear often from folks saying they deal with bullying at work. The nine signs as stated from the onlinemba.com website are:

  1. Nobody feels as if their accomplishments amount to much of anything
  2. You’re all sick
  3. Turnover rates and absences increase
  4. Withdrawal
  5. Retaliation
  6. It’s chronic
  7. Obsessiveness
  8. Criticism comes without evidence
  9. The overarching office culture rewards it

I won’t go through at the details of these, you can visit their site to see more information. They have more details on each and links to other information about workplace bullying.

It is important to remember that bullying doesn’t just happen at schools. It is a systemic problem that we need to address at all levels.

One thought on “9 Signs of Workplace Bullying

  1. I am currently dealing with a bad bully boss. I can literally see it coming. I will certainly be the scapegoat when none of the magazines are done because of bully and bully’s girlfriend ENDLESS round of changes they have been doing for the last 6 months. Come crunch time, I see it is setting up to all be blamed on me.

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