Make A Stand (A Personal Story)

This story from Nathan tells a good lesson in looking at the long road and seeing recovery and learning. Nathan covers a long history in his short story and ends on a positive note that we can all learn by. Unfortunately it still takes many years to get to the point of looking back and seeing the best way to move ahead. ~Alan Eisenberg

Hello my name is Nathan and I have been bullied for about 6 years now. It all started when I was ten and just started figuring out who I was.

It started when I started becoming into the so-called “emo” scene. I got into long hair, dark colors, being a lot more quiet that I was before. At that time my depression began surfacing, due to my parents splitting up, getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I got beat by my parents, my sisters where always depressed and gone.

Well kids started out casting me. Then came the verbal attacking along with physical. They would punch, kick, throw things and beat me up. Well it got really bad when I hit high school, I started getting cyber bullied, people would get my cell number and prank call me, send hate texts about me, and put my number in porn sites and I would call and texts from them causing me to get my number changed many times.

Then kids started pushing me in lockers. Mind you I hide it from everyone.

One day someone took it to far. This kid pushed me into my gym locker over and over, causing my insulin pump to break. Well I did not tell anyone but luckily I had a great friend that told the school officer, and he called me down and asked me about it and I told him the truth. Well to cut the story I asked for help and this kid got expelled from school and they pressed charges on him (the school did).

If he was sixteen he would had got charged with attempted murder because of a medical device being broken. After all that happened his friends threatened me and beat up all the time to the point where I had to get pulled out school and I get home schooled now. Now people are attacking me by attacking my girlfriend because she’s with me. For years I have been cutting and suicidal and did not want to get help. What I’m trying to say about that is I have reached the point to where I am getting help and realized that hurting myself over people’s ignorance is pointless.

We shouldn’t let people affect us, we should let it make us stronger. We need to make a stand and end this for generations to come. I have lost friends to suicide because of bullying and we don’t need to see our kids to dealing with the hurt we deal with. So please people get help, you’re not alone!


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