Like I have discussed before, a group called “Peace First” believes the end of bullying comes with teaching empathy. This article discusses what this group is doing.


A great deal of thought goes into trying to come up with ways to prevent bullying. Some people believe charging perpetrators with a crime and holding them accountable in the courts might work. Others believe children should be taught to fight back and stand up to a bully. Others, that it’s safer to ignore the abuse and walk away.

Eric Dawson, leader of Peace First, believes the best way to end bullying is to build empathy in all children, to teach them how to be peacemakers and to also give educators the ability to integrate this type of learning into the school curriculum and social culture. As a fellow of Ashoka, an organization that envisions a world in which everyone can create change, Dawson hopes to do just that with students: to enable them to feel and act on empathy for one another and those around them…

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