My friend Karen Mueller Coombs and I have been talking to Doug Ratner, lead singer of the rock band, Doug Ratner and the Watchmen. Doug writes lyrics dealing with the issue of bullying and is very dedicated to making a difference through his music. I am reblogging his story on Karen’s site here to share the news with you.



On Monday I posted a blog called Down and Dirty Rockers Take On Bullying by my guest Doug Ratner, lead singer of the rock band Doug Ratner and the Watchmen. Yesterday, I received an email from Doug with the following:

“. . today we played “Bomb in the Backseat” on a popular morning show and … the management was not pleased. They kicked us off the show, and told us we’re not allowed back. … a lot of uptight people don’t seem to understand the message of that song and the current state of society. Talk about ‘bullying’ and ‘not accepting.’… It’s going to shine light into the fact that our music is serving a purpose and in no way are we condoning violence or terrorism.”

The goal of Doug Ratner and the Watchmen is to address issues such as bullying, depression, teen suicide, gender roles, and greed. “Bomb…

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  1. its good to talk about bullying instead of keeping quiet. once your bully knows that you are dealing with it he/she will get bothered and stop it. we need to know that most people who are bullies are people with huge problems they take it out on other people in the form of bullying so when you talk about it and reveal your bully you not only help yourself you help others.

  2. I have been bullied in high school right now. Actually…in drawing in painting some girls make fun of me because I have autism, and they think i’m strange and not one of them. It’s mean. And teachers in learning support do nothing about it. they are abusive.

  3. Using rock n’ roll as a means to combat bullying is very powerful. It can often be said that rockers were at once outsiders and made fun of by their peers. It’s often when my band is on the road we get looks and stares and laughed at for our weird clothes and personalities. But without the outsider mentality of a rocker, there would be no Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, or Nirvana.

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