Bully Documentary In Theaters March 30th

A new documentary movie called “Bully” is being released. The movie is set to premiere on March 30th in theaters around the country. This powerful film takes an in-depth look at the bullying crisis taking place in this country. This movie looks to be a no holds barred view of the problem taking place in our schools and communities and looks to be  a must viewing for our schools and kids.

The only issue looks to be that the MPAA wants to give the film an “R” rating, basically making it a movie that will be unavailable to be viewed by those under 17. This would effectively ban the movie from being viewed in schools. Currently, the filmmaker, which is the The Weinstein Company, is trying to have that changed. You can learn more about the petition to change the rating at the Care2 site.

Again, the movie will be released to theaters on March 30th. Here’s the preview of the movie:

2 thoughts on “Bully Documentary In Theaters March 30th

  1. I can’t put into words how upset I am about the rating. Now I understand it might even be changed to NC-17 which would mean no child under 17 could see it at a theatre even WITH an adult. This movie and message must get out and be available for all to see. Yet again, we have people in positions of power and authority getting in the way.

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