How Schools Can Deal with Bullying has published a list of “20 innovative ways that school are combating bullying”. The list is quite interesting and has some good information. The list includes concepts such as:

  1. Incorporating babies into the classroom
  2. Comic Books with bullying issues in them
  3. Films about bullying
  4. Have students teach each other
  5. Bulletin Boards with information
  6. Apps for smartphone technology
  7. Puppet shows
  8. Peer intervention
  9. Therapy
  10. Coordinating with sexual assault awareness, prevention, and crisis organizations
  11. Adult intervention
  12. Involve students in policymaking
  13. “Character education”
  14. Encouraging journal keeping
  15. Partnering with popular entertainment
  16. Implementing arts programs
  17. Assemblies
  18. Mentoring younger students
  19. Music
  20. Empathy education

Their website goes into more detail on each of these programs and some of the ideas behind them. If interested, I encourage you to take a look at the information on their website at:

3 thoughts on “How Schools Can Deal with Bullying

  1. Another tool that can be used in schools in by reading the book Strike One! by Andrea Prostko, and then using the teacher curriculum that accompanies it. It is appropriate for grades 3-6 and is available on as both a hard copy and ebook. (Ebook is retailing for only $.99 – including the curriculum). It is changing lives!

  2. Thank you! Another perfect tool that helps prevents bullying! The good thing is it involves the everyone from teachers to students to their families! Jerry Ackerman, also shares the same advocacy, He’s an anti-bullying student speaker which focuses mainly on bullying prevention. Check his site to know more about Jerry at Thanks!

  3. We all know that bullying is a serious problem, and it’s hard to deal with that situation, especially when it’s your children because we want to protect them, and you don’t want to see them hurt. We do the best we can as parents but aren’t responsible for other’s actions. Your doing everything you can for your kids, and that’s all we can do. For further knowledge about a service on how you can protect your family. Check out this link, it’s interesting:

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