The Sun

Shayna sent me the following poem she wrote for a school class on the subject of bullying. I am certainly happy to share her beautiful poem with you here. ~Alan Eisenberg


I walk to school smelling the fresh air.
Then as I sit down,
the Suns powerful and harmful rays hit like a stream of lighting during a storm.
They hit quicker and quicker,
calling me names,
insulting me like I was a star,
weak, puny, helpless.

But I, a helpless star,
am a very important part of our solar system.
I am larger than you see me to be.
I’m a bright shining ball of plasma,
and I shine stronger than any.

You are the sun.
You are big and powerful and try to get me to do as you want.
You are bulkier,
you burn in a fiery ball, waiting to mimic more helpless stars.
But we burst out in flames.
We defend ourselves from you`re insulting, and strong rays.

We grab our shields and block ourselves from being hit.
We won`t take pain.
We are stronger and better than you.
You just don`t belive it


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