The Verdict is in for Parents of Phoebe Prince

CNN reported that the settlement for the parents of Phoebe Prince has been released and made public. The verdict in the case of the 15-year old Phoebe Prince, who committed suicide after relentless bullying by her classmates was completed in November of 2010, but the records were sealed until recently.

A reporter successfully sued to have the documents released recently and they show just how much the bullying can cost the perpetrators and schools that do not take action.

CNN reported that Phoebe Prince’s parents, Anne O’Brien and Jeremy Prince, received the $225,000 settlement sum after filing a complaint with the state’s Commission Against Discrimination in 2010, arguing that South Hadley Public Schools failed to address hazing that preceded their daughter’s death.

The local government didn’t want the settlement reported, but could not keep it confidential. This is a major amount won in a case of bullying leading to a suicide and certainly sets a precedent that schools and districts need to be vigilant to now allow rampant bullying in their schools and communities.

While money can never replace the life of a human being, the price of ignoring bullying needs to have some value in the courts. Hopefully this can lead to some good in the future for this area.

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