A Powerful Bullying Video

There’s a new trend on YouTube where young people use word cards to convey their message. This is not very new as Bob Dylan did it in the 60’s for a music video and later INXS also did the same technique. It is quite effective.

But none of them could have probably pictured it’s use in the video below by a young man who has dealt with some bullying. Be warned, there is a little bad language, but he is making a point worth seeing.

Check out my new YouTube Bullying Stories companion channel to this website at: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bullyinglte

5 thoughts on “A Powerful Bullying Video

  1. If this doesn’t convince us that there is a huge problem and that we have to get busy, nothing will. Although I am a retired teacher, I am committed to continuing to help the students at my school. WE need a collective action plan. We must get to children at a very young age and teach them about compassion and empathy.

  2. I am a student i am 13 years old and in middle school i am the bullied in most situations any high school or middle school bullying cliche from having my locker vandalized or being tripped to having lunch trays dumped on me or being beaten. i have used this experience to help others in turn i started an anti bullying program called stay alive.
    stay alive link ——-> http://www.wix.com/meghanmoran18/stayalive#!
    thank you and hope we can save a life.

  3. I have just watched your video. I’m shocked that people have treated you this way and may well still be. Please, dont keep it to yourself. Tell your parents if you can! If not speak to a teacher. Dont punish yourself for there mistakes. I know it may feel like its your fault. You need to be reminded it’s NOT. The school has a duty to protect you. Break the cycle, man, tell someone if you haven’t. Thank you for sharing your feelings, you are very courageaous person.

  4. Jonah, I am so sorry this is happening to you. My heart breaks for you. As a parent of two teenagers, I know both of them have been bullied at different times. My 13yr old daughter is experiencing it now. Please do tell an adult. You are a wonderful young man, and yes, there are a million reasons you must stay here. You DESERVE a life free from the awful remarks of others who were obviously never taught compassion for others. I am praying for you now and you are now in my daily prayers. God bless!

  5. Just seeing people in that much pain makes me cry too and I wish people that bully would wake up and realize that bullying kills. Every single person on earth does have a million reasons to live and I don’t want anyone to think anything else. So, when you are getting bullied just think too your self ” I HAVE A MILLION REASONS TO LIVE”

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