The Drowning of Stephan Jones

Bette Greene, Author of the classic “Summer of My German Soldier” has written a book on bullying titled “The Drowning of Stephan Jones”. First released in 1999, Ms. Greene has re-released it recently as an ebook and it is a very powerful story indeed. Based on true events, this story has been consistently challenged or banned by people who, as Bette says, “think in little boxes.” In other words, by bullies. In addition to writing, Bette’s lifelong passion has been the fight against bullying. Her books’ subject matter and her life’s work teach people to stand up, fight back, and not accept bullying.

The story of Stephan Jones is one based in hate and prejudice. As described on Publishers Weekly, the story synopsis is:

“Greene tackles the subject of prejudice in a small Southern town as she explores the sentiments of a social outcast who dares to stand up for her beliefs. This book, however, is set in present times and features an older heroine, 16-year-old Carla Wayland. The daughter of a liberal-minded librarian, Carla is disturbed when her all-American boyfriend begins harassing two homosexual men who have recently moved to her community. Blinded by love and fearful of losing Andy’s respect, Carla hides her compassion for the victims until Andy’s bigotry leads to murder. It is only during the aftermath of tragedy that Carla finds the strength to speak her mind and fight for justice.”

The new ebook, which is distributed by “Open Road Integrated Media“, offers a new way to gain access to this story. You can learn more about this story and Bette Green by at this link. Below is a video about Ms. Greene and her reason for sharing this story.

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