Child’s Play – A Short Film

Matt Firpo, a senior at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts is creating an interesting film for his thesis project and sent me information to share with you. Matt decided to make a film titled “Child’s Play” , a coming-of-age tale about bullies, revenge, and growing up in what he calls Generation Rx. His site describes his film as:

“It tells the story of Nicolas, a quiet kid pushed to the limit by a pair of older bullies. One part adolescent love-story and one part cautionary tale, the film is a look at the cruelty of children and the cost of revenge. The film is a short, incredibly visual take on pre-teen bullying, and a stark reminder of the dangers of emotional abuse. Child’s Play is starring Tony Award-Winning actor David Alvarez as our lead, Nicolas—and is shooting on location at a NYC Public School in Morningside Heights that is supporting our film.”

Matt shared with me one of the reasons why he is making this film. He is the son of a lesbian couple and, due to that, experienced first-hand the intolerance and cruelty that kids in school and the community at large had to him. Matt wrote the film to explore and address these issues in contemporary America. He has a Tony award-winning actor playing the lead role and is working to hopefully secure rights to one of Lady Gaga’s songs. Matt plans to take the short film to the film festival circuit in 2012. He created a short video with information about the film that you can watch below. As Matt says, he hopes the film will serve as a reminder of the tragedy of teens taking their own lives and hopes the message of “it does get better” is also received through the film.

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