Featured on Safe Start Center

Safe Start Center, a federal program that focuses on helping children who are exposed to violence recently interviewed me for an article that they have now posted titled “Bullying Victims Use Stories for Advocacy”. In the article, we discuss this site and why I decided to share my stories. You can read the article and see what Safe Start Center is all about at: http://www.safestartcenter.org/resources/bullying-week-4.php.

One thought on “Featured on Safe Start Center

  1. As a senior in high school, 36 years ago, I was a cheerleader. At one of the basketball games I was cheering at, a group of boys from my circle of supposed friends starting chanting some insults at me. I knew they were directed at me, but I pretended to not hear them, the whole while wanting to vomit right there. To this day, I’ve never told anyone that specific story because I still feel the embarrassment when I think about it. That’s what made me decide that when I became a high school teacher to do everything in my powers to stop bullying. If nothing else, I didn’t allow it in my room, and students knew it! I am retired but continue to work in this area. That’s why I started my blog and still work in the high school I taught at for 31 years.

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