Have You Talked To Your Child About Bullying Lately?

I am happy to have Kathryn Rinaldi offer to guest blog on the Bullying Stories website. The subject of why kids bully other kids is one touched on a lot here and Kathryn shares some insights in her article below. I thank Kathryn for sharing here. ~Alan Eisenberg

With the issue of bullying becoming a serious problem nationwide, it’s a
good idea for parents to ask their children questions and be an active
part of their child’s life. Not only do parents need to be concerned about
their child becoming a bully, but they also need to be concerned with
their child being bullied themselves. There are no identifying factors
that determine the make-up of a bully. Bullying is not specific to any one
religion, race, income level, family structure, etc. Bullies come in all
shapes and sizes and have all different intelligence levels.

In an article titled, Not My Kid: What to Do if Your Child is a Bully,
Jill Perter lists the steps according to Olweus, an international program
that offers an approach to bullying prevention, that parents need to take
to prevent their child from bullying others. There are five key steps,
which include acknowledging that there is a problem, being a hands-on
parent, decreasing violence at home, teaching positive behaviors and
seeking professional help if it comes down to it. Most importantly,
parents cannot ignore the problem, or they’re putting their child in
danger, as well as the other children attending the school. By taking
these precautions, parents can terminate their children from ever
developing into a serious problem.

Bullying affects schools across the United States, and it is the
responsibility of the parents to be involved and aware of what’s going on
in their child’s academic and social lives. In the same article as above,
Jill Perter writes, “There are many reasons why children bully. For some,
it’s power and control. For others, it’s a reaction to being bullied
elsewhere.” By talking to their children, parents can sense signs of
bullying, and put an end to it immediately!

About the author

Kathryn Rinaldi writes for the Plus Plus Tutoring education blog. Plus
Plus Tutoring
is a private K-12 in-home tutoring service in the
United States.

2 thoughts on “Have You Talked To Your Child About Bullying Lately?

  1. As parents we want to help our children to avoid this seemingly senseless situation, or to at least facilitate their understanding as to why kids pick on others. We want to protect our children from all harms as possible we have to pay attention to what’s happening with our kids if ever they are being bullied, and we need to figure out how to interact with their peers. I would like to share this link, about a service on how to protect your children. Check this link, i’ts interesting: http://safetrec.com/

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