Lady Gaga says “Bullying Is For Losers”

You may or may not like Lady Gaga, but you can’t deny that she is currently one of the most watched and influential artists to our younger generation today. This weekend, Lady Gaga dedicated here song, Hair, to Jeremy Rodemeyer, the young man who killed himself after being bullied relentlessly. This is her dedication and song during the iHeart Music Festival this weekend. Thank you, Lady Gaga, for taking a stand against bullying and helping.


4 thoughts on “Lady Gaga says “Bullying Is For Losers”

  1. Those who claim that bullies a part of life and that victims should suck bullying up are liars. How would they like it they get bullied and are told to suck it up?

    To all bullies and their supporters:

    “Why don’t you suck it up, you pieces of sh%$?! Who the f$#k are you to tell anti-bully folks how to live?! If you support bullying so much and think that it’s a part of life, why don’t you bully the crap out of yourselves?”

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