Attacked by Cyberbullies (A Personal Story)

Robin sent me the below story of how she had been the victim of cyber bullies. Her story of how these attacks take place and the repercussions of them is becoming an all too familiar one. What can we do to stop vicious impersonation attacks and the theft of our identities. It is a hijacking of our life through the internet and reputation is one thing we have that is very difficult to recover  ~ Alan Eisenberg.

It started back in 2004 I was talking to not one but three people who I thought were my friends at first but then they started bullying, harassing and spreading ugly rumors about me online that weren’t true.  One was a guy from Elgin,IL and the other two were a girl from Largo,FL and her Mom also from Largo, FL. Anyway they all three were making threats about my family and friends threatening to tell them ugly lies and rumors about me and my friends.

It got to the point where they almost destroyed everything I had work so hard to get in life, they started judging me for the way I dressed,what I was listening to and what I was into and how I live my life. They called me horrible things all over the internet the Mom started telling people that I was her real daughter, which was not true and the girl and the guy started telling others that they were my real brother and sister which they are not. They almost destroyed a relationship I was trying to start with a man I really liked a lot.

The girl was basically trying to turn herself into me even dyed her hair and cut it like mine and everything. This went on up until the beginning of 2011 when I finally decided to change all my online information I’m talking about e-mail address, passwords and all that. The bullying got so bad that I started to take the pain out on myself but cutting myself I cried almost every night because I was lost on how to stop these people from hurting me even more.

They ever hacked my old e-mail, Myspace and Facebook accounts to spread more lies and rumors and to turn my friends and family against me. I took a stand like I said I changed my e-mail,passwords and all my Facebook and Myspace pages and made new ones and set my privacy settings to where they can’t get in then I reported the three people that put me though all that pain and depression. I took back what those people had taken from me and got my esteem, life and reputation back again.

All I ask to others including children,parents,teens and adults be carefull who you become friends with online and do not give out any information or passwords to anyone you do not know What happened to me shouldn’t happen to anyone. I am 32 years old now and have been a victim of cyberbullying and it hurts when people do it. I was suicidal once because of the three that had done it to me and its time to put a stop to bullying and help to keep it from happening to others.

Thanks for listening.


3 thoughts on “Attacked by Cyberbullies (A Personal Story)

  1. Aren’t there laws against this? YOu said it went on up until this year..have you kept all their emails & printed off all the Facebook activity? Have you talked to a lawyer? I was also a victim..I am an adult.. and it wa by who what I thought was a frind of many years! She went psycho on me and kept sending degrading and threatening emails and threatened to post horrible stuf on my fb wall. Strange how some adults will act if they don’t get what they want..and she was jealous.I did call an atty..the told me to block her on email, fb and anywhere else she may get in contact with me and if she contacts me again to call them back..I also blocked my phone number..I have privacy settings on my internet accts as well.. I have not heard from her since I did all of that..I would NEVER give personal information & passwords to anyone!! You can’t trust anyone with that info even if you think they are you r closest friend! I was afraid she would retaliate in person becasue she was making such horrible threats online.. but it never happened.. I am glad it is over. And I am sorry you had to go through that! Live and learn!

  2. Thanks Robin for sharing your story.

    I liken social media, cell phones, and other communication tools to chain saws. Without the proper education and guidance people can really hurt themselves and others!

    These “tools” do offer something never seen before in older generations. They come into our homes and the typical “safe” and comfortable spots that used to exist.

    Your story is important and helps to educate others in the use and non-use of these chainsaws!

  3. Hi,

    I’m a writing intern for and we have a writing contest going on for the month of July under our high school stage on being bullied. Would you be willing to feature our contest on your site to try and help get teens to open up about being bullied?

    The link to the site is

    If you have any questions, please email me at Thanks.

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