“Mark” by Tony Rutt

Tony Rutt contacted me to ask me to share his web story called “Mark“.  Tony has done a wonderful job capturing the fear and helplessness of a young boy dealing with bullying.  His story is and accompanying website deserved to be seen and so I am sharing them here with you.  I hope you will read the full story at his website at: http://mymarkstory.com/?page_id=44.

Here’s an excerpt from his story:

“I’m gonna get you.”

There’s no arguing with him. He just keeps on repeating that he’s going to get me after school and I slink back to my desk, worried and trapped.

At playtime no one, especially Mark, comes near me. I can see him talking to the other boys in our class as they stand around him on the playground. Sometimes they turn round and stare at me.
When we are back in the classroom I see the other boys looking at me and whispering to one another. Mark’s told them all he’s going to get me which means he’s not going to get any of them, so it’s safe for them to be friendly with him and side against me.

Lunchtime is from noon to one-thirty. I’m one of the few in our class who doesn’t stay at school for lunch and has to go home. I think it’s because most of the parents are out at work all day and not at home for lunch. Lots of parents work at Kodak, or BP or at the paper-mill John Dickenson’s. But I have to walk all the way up Green Lane again, behind the White Horse, past the shops, across the main road, up the hill and past the markers on our road to home. That takes 20-25 minutes; I have lunch and then almost at once have to turn around and re-trace my path.

I also miss out on what happens at Lunchtime on the playground. School lunch finishes by 12:30, so everyone else has an hour together on the playground, another hour for Mark and the rest of the boys to plan on how they are gonna get me.

A very powerful part of a powerful story. I hope you will visit Tony’s website to read the rest.-

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