Singer Lexz Pryde Shares Anti-Bullying Message

New young singer/artist Lexz Pryde has recorded a song (“Perfect Creation”) and created a message sharing her anti-bullying message. This is the second of several young singer/artists that I have received messages from who are writing songs and sharing their message about the bullying problem.

I wish them all luck in both getting their message out and success in their careers. I am happy to help spread their songs and messages and ask that, if you like, you can share as well. Below is Lexz’s message and then below that is her video.


Are you aware of the seriousness in verbal abuse? A.k.a bullying at its best! Sometimes hurtful words can cause more pain than physical abuse and In this case it can lead to suicide! Nowadays bullying can happen anywhere and because the internet is becoming a main source of communication it is also becoming a main cause of bullying! It saddens me to think that above all the pressures of being a young student and learning to adjust to the overwhelming pressures of everyday life such as school work, finding a source of income, applying to collages, peer pressure, and to top it off trying to fit in the stereotype of “cool”. To me being “cool” consists of being different, unique and having the potential of standing up for what is right and not settling for what may be “cool” at that moment In a young mind it is very common to do things on impulse unaware that serious consequences can accrue down the road. For me it was always very important to consider other peoples feelings and when being a witness to bullying never allowing it to reach its full potential. During high school I witnessed many bullying incidents and made it clear that these victims have feelings and different intentions and we need to learn to accept people for who they are because America was built on diversity and freedom of expressing oneself so who are “you” to speak upon someone else’s looks, clothes, friends, personality, or love interest? Like a snowflake NO two people are alike so lets learn to embrace the beauty in being different!

If anyone is being a victim of bullying please know there is help! Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem! and remember “10 years from now it wont matter the shoes you wore or the friends you had what will matter is the person you become!”

2 thoughts on “Singer Lexz Pryde Shares Anti-Bullying Message

  1. Lexz, I am the managing editor of the above website. Our first part of a 4part series is on BULLYing. I am pleased you are reaching out to make a difference. It is important for people who are known by others to use their voice for those who have no VOICE. I would like to talk to you and see if you would be willing to work on a project with us. or 972-948-7657 and thank you a million times Alan!! for all you have done, do, and will do.

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