A New Anti-Bullying Group – CiviliNation

There’s a new anti-bullying group and website started called “CiviliNation”. Their mission is to foster a safe and civil online culture where folks can fully engage and contribute without fear or threat of abuse. In other words, to stop online bullying.

With cyberbullying continuing to make Front Page News, it’s more important than ever that we work together on this issue and I hope that groups like CiviliNation make some real change in the country and world. Below is a short video from the founder of CiviliNation.

You can visit CiviliNation at their website at http://civilinationnews.org/.

2 thoughts on “A New Anti-Bullying Group – CiviliNation

  1. As the founder of CiviliNation, I really appreciate your post and your help in getting the word out about the seriousness of online attacks.

    There are several excellent groups helping children deal with the epidemic of bullying, but unfortunately there isn’t enough attention focused on adult targets and victims – many of whom are afraid to speak up, in part because of fear of ridicule. That’s where CiviliNation comes in – we’re here to speak out on their behalf and to take a stand against the egregious behavior found on social networking sites, message boards, online forums and many other places. The negative and frequently long-lasting effects on targets are serious and deep, as you’ve written about on your excellent post-traumatic stress disorder posts.

    Thanks again for your support – together I know we can make a positive impact!

    Best regards,

    Andrea Weckerle

    • Andrea – Thank you for taking your time and starting a group such as CiviliNation. To decide to make a career out of helping stop bullying and cyberbullying is both noble and worthwhile. I commend you for the undertaking. Good luck.

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